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Archbishop Gomez Addresses Immigration with Prophetic Insight and Clarity Comments

'We are called to live our faith in our businesses, homes and communities, and in our participation in public life.That means we have to bring a Catholic faith perspective to this debate about immigration. We cannot just think about this issue as Democrats or Republicans or as liberals or conservatives.' Continue Reading

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  1. Alex
    3 years ago


    My ancestors came here legally through Ellis Island. That was a legal, legitimate, government sanctioned and approved way of immigrating. It was not illegal. We are not against immigration, we are against lawlessness. I have no problem letting my Meixcan brothers and sisters come to this great country, I only ask that they do it lawfully, pay taxes like the rest of us, and make a sincere effort to learn our language. That's all we ask my friend.

  2. Alex
    3 years ago

    "Why don't you, and others like you, leave this country instead so that the rest of us who truly wish to live the Gospel message can do so with no distraction or hindrance from those of you who are more interested in your political ideology and your bigotry than the Gospel message?"

    This makes absolutely no sense Jeffrey. It is a contradictory statement. If you truly wish to live the Gospel message that you are trying to preach here, you wouldn't suggest for somebody to leave this country just because his political views are different from yours! Talk about being more interested in your political ideology.

  3. Robert Burford
    3 years ago

    Illegal = Why are they illegal ? The good archbishop answered the question. We need to change the law so that they can be assimilated them legally. They are only commiting an illegal act because our laws allow Europeans into the country in a greater number than those from South and Central America. We make them illegal by not allowing them into the country and it to our benefit that they are allowed. They produce our food and fight our wars and do all the things that we do. Now lets address the idea that we can not let a non-christian into the country. God made everyone with a soul. How can we " be a witness" unless we can show them that we have a superior faith and that as Catholics we have God's plan as the basis of our faith. Today's reading Daniel 7:9-14 talks about the Son of Man having Kingship.Of what are we affraid that we can not " be a witness " to non-christians also.
    No, I believe we have nothing to fear because of the Kingship of Christ.

  4. ANNE 2
    3 years ago

    The "Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition" clearly states that immigrants must OBEY the laws of the host Country. CCC - 2241.
    Reading the CCC - can make each of us certain that we are getting the entire truth with no bias on the part of any other human being.
    To be credible, the Archbishop needs to actively discourage the continued lawlessness of ILLEGAL immigration into this Country.
    We should treat all our adjacent Countries the same without discrimination. Canadians must show their passport prior to entering the USA. Our southern neighbors should be treated the same.
    The Bible is full of children paying for the sins of their Parents, including but not limited to Adam and Eve.

  5. Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Both Sides agree? The Church does not represent sides, it represents truth

  6. Ray
    3 years ago


    You might want to ask how your ancestors came over? By boat. Maybe illegally entering the country through Ellis Island. You might also consider praying more and consider going to confesion because of your uncharitable statements. May the Lord heal your despicable, low life, uncouth, and un-Catholic soul. I will be praying for your hardened Anglo heart.

  7. David
    3 years ago

    He certainly does speak with clarity and conviction! Thank God for this wonderful bishop!

  8. Jan
    3 years ago

    Jeffrey, when, as you suggest, Dottie and other similar-minded folks leave this country, how are you planning to live the Gospel message? Who are you going to love?

    Didn't Jesus say: "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?"

    Don't you have a better opportunity to live the Gospel message to its fullest when Dottie, me, and others that you might not agree with are around? You see, distraction or hindrance comes from the heart, not from your neighbors...

  9. Susan Doyal
    3 years ago

    I too am concerned with illegal aliens in the US today. There are estimates (no one knows for sure because of the very nature of the issue) upwards of 23,000,000 - right, 23 MILLION - illegal aliens here today. I believe if they put as much effort into demonstrating in their own country as they do here, maybe things would start to change in Mexico. I am uncomfortable with the way illegals use the Church to further their cause. As a country we have let the issue be put on the back burner and now we are beginning to come to loggerheads with it.
    I live in Oregon. The amount of crime commited by illegal aliens is astonishing. This is not the "kindness and welcoming" reasoning we as Americans have held for centuries. This is an ugly forcefulness that encroached on the very existance of the American life as we know it.
    I would hope that I hold forever next to my heart compassion because to not do so would be, for me, a sin. However we as Catholics and we as Americans need to have a realistic, business, and compassionate discussion on the very sorry state of affairs that we now face regarding the illegal aliens in this country.

  10. Fred
    3 years ago

    All due respect to the Abp's opinion, but he gives short shrift to Catechism teaching that people are obliged to obey a country's immigration laws. Just because the US has been lax in enforcing them does not justify illegals coming here. Nor does it require that we give them a path to citizenship as a reward for breaking our laws.

    Dottie is exactly right.

    The good Abp Gomez is avoiding the issue.

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