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A Reflection on Beauty: God's Chosen Gift to Women Comments

Beauty is a cherished gift from God to this broken world.  It gives us a glimpse into the mind of the Creator and reveals His tenderness.  In a unique way, beauty belongs to women.  Is it a mistake to value beauty in a woman?  I say no!  In His affection for His daughters, God bestowed on women the gift of beauty and equipped us to perpetuate beauty. Continue Reading

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  1. RayR
    3 years ago

    My wife Pam and I recently went to Rome to celebrate our silver anniversary, albeit two years late. (Eight children can put you a bit behind schedule sometimes.) While there, we saw hundreds of works of art: buildings, mosaics, paintings, and statues, beautifully drawing attention to God and to His saints and angels. One morning during our stay, before Pam had awakened, I wondered silently about this profusion of beauty: “Why did the artists create these marvelous works of art?” I concluded that the artists wanted others to share in their love and admiration for who they depicted in their creations, bringing their prodigious skill to bear in this service. And then, happening to gaze upon Pam, it dawned on me that surely I was beholding a work of art borne of the Original Artist’s love and admiration for Pam as He conceived her, and who brought his own matchless skill to bear in her creation, that I might share in His love and admiration for her. And what I have the privilege to gaze upon is not merely lifelike, such as the human artists produced, but living; what they strove for but only the Lord could achieve. And I wept.

    It was only later in the day, after we had seen yet more works of art, that I struggled to share this with Pam, but even then, I choked back tears. I can truly say that the only work of art I saw in Rome that brought me to tears was my wife. To be fair to her, from the very beginning she said that being with me was the highlight of her trip, with Rome as a bonus. But I needed Rome to see clearly that one of the most beautiful creations presented to my eyes was always right beside me. May God allow all of us to see one another this way, and most particularly, for us men to see women in this way, because we are slower to appreciate the beauty our God has bestowed upon them, His daughters borne of His love and admiration.

  2. leclta
    3 years ago

    Wow, Jennifer. You really drank the cultural kool aid on this one. This article is offensive beyond measure, in a society that "values" the "beauty" of women and along the way denigrates them as merely consumers and the consumed. Now you're telling the girls that even God wants them to be beautiful? What about the disabled, the damaged, the sick, the (dare I say it?) unattractive? Guess they're just God's ugly little mistake, right? Or maybe it's their evil showing through?

    And please don't respond by saying you meant inner beauty. You didn't.

    And for the record, I call men beautiful all the time.

  3. Chris
    3 years ago

    It would be nice if this was true,(and maybe it is), however there are some facts that contradict this. Not that it is totally false, there are probably some benefits in physical pleasing appearance in procreating the universe ( and some men are called "beautiful" in appearance.) But some facts contradict this. 1: The Bible states "many are the man who suffer fire because of the "beauty of woman". Would God create something that would destroy men? 2: The shape of woman is not for beauty. It is a concept I learned in a college course called utilitarianism. The curves of woman are probably totally utilitarian. Big round breasts are not for men to drool over. They are to feed their children. Curvy pelvises aren't to cause men to burn. They are formed that way so children fit in their bodies better and can be delivered easier. Womans soft sensual bodies are for nurturing their babies in a most loving way. It is probably the enemy who stirs up putrid sensualities in men out to make them sin against God and the Angels. This is just what I think, I don't know if it is true totally or just partially. Also the Bible says beauty is fleeting, but a virtuous woman brings joy to your heart. Just some thoughts...

  4. anthonypadua
    3 years ago

    As a man, there is nothing we appreciate more in a woman than her modesty. If she is "baring it all," that's a complete turnoff, as it destroys the mystery of who she is as a human being. When she is modestly dressed, a man automatically thinks "Now there is a woman with self-respect and I should respect her as well." So Mikem's comment was spot on. The contemporary portrayal of what is female beauty is some advertiser trying to sell via a sexual image. It's degrading to portray women as half-naked a lot of the time in the media. Their natural dignity is so far beyond that...

  5. jh
    3 years ago

    A delightful and fascinating article, Jennifer. I do recognize that the virtuous beauty of women is God's gift, reflecting Him, Beauty, Truth, and Goodness. Virtuous, feminine beauty reminds us of gracefulness, care, tenderness, even the preciousness of life itself. Years ago I read a seventeenth-century French quotation, "La femme, c'est l'agrément de la terre." Translation: "Woman is the attractiveness of the earth." I liked this quotation because it indicated a special role, so to speak, for women. With all their talent and ability, their very self, they added something special to the world.

  6. mikem
    3 years ago

    The Bible says it so well: "How beautiful you are, my love, your eyes, behind your veil, are doves; your hair is like a flock of goats frisking down the slopes of Gilead. Your teeth are like a flock of shorn ewes, your neck is the tower of David built as a fortress. You are entirely beautiful, my love."- Song of Songs. The Pope has been giving some great teaching about Beauty during his Wednesday audiences. He says it must be aligned with truth. When I see the covers of magazines with the "beautiful women" selling fashion or make-up, I recall how vanity siphons the joy out of beauty, making it nothing but an endeavor, an escapade, in selfishness. They are like hollow empty IDOLS of a sick culture. I see beauty like a blind man. I listen for the gentleness and forthrightness in the voice, and feel the tenderness and generosity in the slightest touch of a caring hand. Mostly I am repulsed by contemporary images of female beauty. I kind of even appreciate how Arab/Muslim women cover up so much. Mother Mary dresses that way too.

  7. Judy Elliott
    3 years ago

    Beautifully thought out, beautifully written, beautifully presented -but then, trust always is. Keep up the good work.


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