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A Reflection on Beauty: God's Chosen Gift to Women Comments

Beauty is a cherished gift from God to this broken world.  It gives us a glimpse into the mind of the Creator and reveals His tenderness.  In a unique way, beauty belongs to women.  Is it a mistake to value beauty in a woman?  I say no!  In His affection for His daughters, God bestowed on women the gift of beauty and equipped us to perpetuate beauty. Continue Reading

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  1. Jennifer Hartline
    3 years ago

    lectla, honestly I debated whether or not to answer your very uncharitable comment. I'd like to spit out the words you attempted to put in my mouth. You seem to be confusing beauty with sex. Our sex-saturated culture does indeed denigrate women and reduce them to objects of pleasure to be used, and many women cooperate with that denigration. But sexual sin has nothing to do with beauty. I am speaking of feminine beauty; the gift of God in a unique way to every girl and woman, and the sick, disabled and "damaged" as you put it are no exception. It is you who suggest they cannot be beautiful, not I. Beauty depends on much more than the physical package, and I said as much. You must have missed those paragraphs.

  2. Jennifer Hartline
    3 years ago

    Dear RayR, your inspiring comments brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for taking the time to share such a wonderful personal experience with us. Congratulations on your anniversary, and I pray God blesses you and your beautiful wife with many more happy years.

  3. UGLY
    3 years ago

    Well, I am not so sure beauty was Gods gift to women. Ugly to all but my own mother, I am flat chested, big legged, and graying. Even my husband thinks I am ugly. No one has ever looked lovingly at me from aloft and pondered the beauty of the universe. So for the ugly who can only wonder how it must be to be thought of as beautiful, how is this a gift?

  4. Linda
    3 years ago

    Ray, what a beautiful story exemplifying the article. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Alex
    3 years ago

    To Chris: I've not taken courses on utilitarianism, but I'm currently a student and have taken many biology classes. Your are right that each phenotype you listed serves a physical purpose (i.e. large breasts for feeding children), but the prevailing evolutionary argument is that man has kind of had that knowledge built into his DNA. We've known since we've lived in caves that big breasts give rise to healthier children, THAT is PRECISELY why we find such a trait attractive. There is an innate desire in every organism to propagate the species as best as they possibly can. Attractiveness is the visual queue enabling all developed forms life to identify healthy mates that will give them the greatest yield of offspring. Curvy hips enable women to more easily deliver babies. And even primitive man knew that, and that is why it makes men drool. When we see curvy hips, we might say in our spoken language, "that's physically attractive," but what we're really saying in the deepest depths of our programming is "that will give abundant, physically healthy children." If there is anything that leads to an increase in litter size or an improvement in health of the litter, you can bet that an organism will recognize that trait as attractive. That's just the way God configured natural selection to work. MOST IMPORTANTLY there is a required distinguishing between these physical traits and beauty. Beauty is a specific type of desirable trait not limited to the physical. It's not characterized by breast size or hip curvature, those are their own independent traits. Men likewise have physically desirable traits. If anything, their traits make more of a difference in natural selection throughout the animal kingdom. But a female bird doesn't see brightly colored feathers on a male bird as "beautiful," nor does a female human see large muscles on a male human as "beautiful." In all of the physical life on earth, beauty is unique to the human perception. Only we perceive what is and is not beautiful, and that goes beyond physical traits. This is of course my scientific opinion, but I find it to be compatible with traditional teaching as well.

  6. Tom the Scotsman
    3 years ago

    Without a doubt women are Beautiful and as I'm getting older (42) they are becoming even more beautiful.
    I recently had a little conversation with the Lord as I was walking down the main street with a little smile on my face " Ah Lord I'm so sorry for looking and admiring all theses beautiful women especially me being a married man but I just cant help it you have made them all so beautiful." I was rather surprised when I felt his answer was as follows " Its not possible for me to say who is psychically beautiful because In my eyes you are all beautiful creations" So any way I'll have to take a wise priests advice the next time I walk down the street Father Jozo in Medjugorje advised " sometimes me must fast with our eyes"....

  7. Alex
    3 years ago

    I think some of you misunderstood. Jennifer is not referring to the same cultural beauty which gives rise to sexual promiscuity that our society perpetuates. She is referring to legitimate beauty. Even the physically deformed can be seen as beautiful by a loving man, and they don't have to put on a provocatively short skirt to do so.

    And she is absolutely right about men not being beautiful. I'm a man. And a straight one. I really liked this point as it reinforces our God given differences in gender. Of course our culture calls men beautiful, because it distorts our gender lines! I want my woman to think of me as handsome, strong, and tough. Not beautiful. I want her to hide behind me and trust that I can clear the path in front of us. I don't want her decorating me with flowers and putting metaphorical bows in my hair.

  8. Mary
    3 years ago

    Jennifer's got it right.

    Women may call men beautiful, but how many men have a heartfelt desire to be considered beautiful and delight in the compliment? Even with little girls, mama calling them beautiful is nice, but when daddy does it it lights up her world. Same with a little boy being called strong and handsome; when mama does it,it swells his heart. I've heard teenage moms call on their sons' strength, and the boys practically run to do their bidding. Beautiful won't get the same response,I'm guessing.

    The worldly response to beauty or anything of God leads to either exploitation, or becoming too entrapped in the external without realizing the deeper purpose of it.

    Speaking of beauty, have you ever noticed that very masculine and aggressive women are almost always very good looking? I think it's God's way of making sure that men find them attractive and remind them that they are women inspite of their ultra masculine airs.

  9. richard
    3 years ago

    Nature must attract not repel.

  10. Anna VanSant
    3 years ago

    I believe that God made men beautiful, too. And I DO go around calling the men in my life beautiful....Men's bodies are beautiful, too, but many in American culture are uncomfortable with that concept.

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