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Michele Bachmann Should Not 'Get a Pass' on Past Membership in Anti-Catholic Church Comments

During the last election, a question was raised about then candidate Barack Obama concerning his membership in a Church body which espoused Anti-Americanism. Will some of those same people ask this candidate, whom they seem to agree with on issues, about her affiliation with a Church body which espoused overt Anti-Catholicism? Continue Reading

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  1. hoosiertoo
    3 years ago

    Bachmann gets a pass. All Prots are anti-catholic; it goes with the territory. I doubt it would even occur to most of them that their churches are anti-catholic. Most denominations are anti-some other denomination. It's the nature of the beast. If Bachmann wins the nomination I'd vote for her as the best, most Catholic vote vote I could cast ina general election against Obama. I'd vote for her over a host of Demonrat pols who are at least nominal Catholics.

    Heck, I'd vote for a pro-abort libertarian over Obama, as long as he was likely to get the federal government out of the abortion business and it still be the more Catholic choice over any Demonrat I could name off the top of my head.

    That said, we should all be Ron Paul supporters he at least is vocally pro-life and pro-small government. I'm not holding my breath..

  2. John C
    3 years ago

    Deacon Keith, I always enjoy your articles; they are solid, insightful + informative. While I agree that belonging to an anti-Catholic group is a bad prognostic sign (witness the past associations of the guy living in our White House), I also agree with others who point out that so many "catholic" politicians are more anti-Catholic than most anti-Catholics. What we ABSOLUTELY cannot afford is to allow Satan and his media to poison our attitudes toward so many good, moral, conservative candidates that the godless ones get re-elected. God help us !!!!

  3. Chuck Hawkins
    3 years ago

    Martin Luther also referred to Muhammed as "a devil and first-born child of Satan". So if you believe that, I guess one would be anti-Islam? But even to believe that Muhammed is not "God's messenger" is considered blasphemy by Muslims. Anti-Islam? Shia's believe, as an article of faith, that Muhammed was sinless. Anti-Shia? I don't believe that Muhammed was God's messenger and I don't believe he was sinless.

    My litmus test for a political candidate is not anti-this or anti-that. My litmus test is "Does the candidate believe that humankind was created in the image of God?" From a lack of this ethic has flowed all the 20th century genocides. Once this belief is entrenched in a candidate, almost everything else reverts to the political.

  4. Stephen
    3 years ago

    Don't know where you found churches that where not anti-Catholic. I attended before converting a Baptist School, 2 Pentecostal churches and 2 assembly of God and 1 "nondenominational" church. They seemed to accept everyone except Lutheran, Methodist and Episcopal oh and Unitarians

    At the Baptist school we where "taught" about the Churches evil on a daily basis.

  5. Dan
    3 years ago

    Tim, first of all, in spite of her religion, I like Bachmann. I would vote for her. However, a few points deserve correction. First of all, you will not find a papal document anywhere that supports separation of Church and State, and you will find many that condemn it. The Catechism calls for religious freedom "within due limits," but formal separation of Church and State in a Catholic country (unlike this one) is moral hypocracy. It's saying that we acknowledge Christ and His Church privately, but not publically, and it was condemned by several Popes. Read Pope Pius IX's Syllabus of Errors. It's old, but so is the Bible. And, it's every bit as much a Papal Encyclical as anything produced by Pope John Paull II or Benedict XVI. Additionally, it is most definately a sin to vote for a pro-abortion politician knowingly and without a valid reason. A valid reason would be that the anti-abortion candidate supports something equally as horrific as abortion, which would essentially mean the murder of 50 million innocent people. I doubt you will find a pro-life candidate who advocates such a thing. And no, the war in Iraq or Afghanistan wouldn't qualify as a reason to vote for a pro-abortion candidate, because the death toll hasn't been close to the abortion death toll and because the Just War doctrine requires subjective judgement of facts and circumstances that reasonable people can disagree on, while abortion is intrinsically evil. To vote for a pro-abortion candidate because they support unions or something to that effect is morally irresponsible, because the outcome of the vote leads to the establishment or defense of a moral evil for a disproportionate reason. Not good.

  6. Bob
    3 years ago

    Having heard Rep. Bachman speak before I would find it hard to believe if she was sold out for the idea that the Pope is the anti-Christ. I would say she is probably more evangelical in her approach than Lutheran. I am a convert to Catholicism and at the heart of every form of Protestantism is the belief that anyone who does not preach the Gospel as a particular denomination thinks it should be preached is an anti-Christ. I know Rep. Bachman is VERY Pro life, VERY Pro family, VERY Pro Jesus, VERY Pro small govt. I as a Catholic would in a heart beat vote for her even if she did still belong to a Church that believed the Pope was the Anti-Christ. What I find amazing is how so many Catholics voted for a man that is so pro-abortion it is amazing, is a best a Marxist and worst an Atheist who believes in Gay marriage, is a socialist and has friends that planted bombs at the Pentagon, said G*D damn America and known anti-Semites.
    So I will take Bachman over Kennedy...any of them dead or alive, Biden, Pelosi, Kerry etc.

  7. Andrew
    3 years ago

    You know why she should not get a pass... Because President Obama didn't get a pass. He was caught in a very similar situation during his candidacy and Conservatives went wild. Michele Bachmann should face the same challenges that the President faced. And another point; so many people here side with the Conservative candidate over the Catholic Church... Reevaluate your dogma... Are you really going to put earthly matters before our Church?

  8. Deacon Keith Fournier
    3 years ago

    To Harry: Thanks for your technical correction on Latin. However, that is the form of the expression as it is used in jurisprudence. In fact, it forms the basis of many of the legal arguments in American Tort Law and other areas. Feel free to "google it" as they say.

  9. ctd
    3 years ago

    As a convert I am surprised by Fournier's position. Whether they realize it or not, all Protestants are anti-Catholic/Orthodox. Unless they were, they would be not Protestants. The issue is not whether someone is theologically anti-Catholic, but whether they are bigots. Protestantism, in its usual form, is not bigotry, but it is anti-Catholic.

  10. From the pew
    3 years ago

    KM writes: "If she spent a decade in that anti-Catholic church, there is reason to believe that she has been, herself, indoctrinated. She doesn't deserve our support."

    Really? KM? The pastor of my Catholic parish regularly disparages Republicans, Rush, Hannity, Laura Ingram and openly advocates open immigration for illegals which my bishop also supports and I do not. By your enlightened logic are we then to assume all Catholics are likewise brainwashed by what is preached from the pulpit? If you don't like Bachmann, fine. However, you judging her without having any direct personal knowledge. Unlike the Bachmann's, how many foster children have you raised?

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