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Michele Bachmann Should Not 'Get a Pass' on Past Membership in Anti-Catholic Church Comments

During the last election, a question was raised about then candidate Barack Obama concerning his membership in a Church body which espoused Anti-Americanism. Will some of those same people ask this candidate, whom they seem to agree with on issues, about her affiliation with a Church body which espoused overt Anti-Catholicism? Continue Reading

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  1. Andrew
    3 years ago

    Dan, Jesus said, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." I see that as Jesus calling for the seperation of Church and state. I don't think he says that to defend the State from the Church, rather, the Church from being involved in earthly matters of money and war... Is Jesus' word good enough or do you need proof that comes from the writing of some human?

  2. Deacon John M. Bresnahan
    3 years ago

    I find it disgusting that a brother deacon fell for the mud dredged up from historical swamps to throw at Michelle Backman. I think any fair reader analyzing it would see it for what it clearly is:: a smear-attack . Isn't it funny how strong pro-life women politicians seem to be a favorite target of some people. Because she--and Sarah Palin--have "walked the pro-life walk" in their personal lives they have become MUST be defeated politicians for those who favor allowing the extermination of unborn children.
    The only things at issue should be where they have stood on political issues over their years in politics and where they stand today. I would vote for (and have repeatedly voted for) candidates who are Mormon, Baptist, Lutheran, etc. if I agreeed with their stands on issues--especially on vital life issues that can make or destroy a country or culture.
    Some of the worst candidates for public office--especially here in the Northeast--on social-family-life issues are Catholics who regularly trash traditional Christian morality on such issues.
    I suppose now all Catholic candidates should be quizzed on their attitude toward the Spanish Inquisition of 500 years ago. Or about some of the anti-Semitic attitudes of some medieval Catholics, including a few saints.
    And the mention about gaffes here in some comments is ridiculous. Sarah Palin isn't a big newspaper reader--caught by Katie Couric. But at least she isn't telling the world there are 57 states as did Obama. And she didn't ask a paralyzed man in a wheel-chair to stand up and take a bow as did Biden. It is just that the media biased against pro-life candidates repeats ad nauseum any gaffes by candidates they don't like while quickly dropping the gaffes of the favored pols. You see noone is perfect--so if the media sets out to destroy anyone they will have no shortage of negatives to plaster around. It is sad to see a Catholic deacon wallow in it also.

  3. vance
    3 years ago

    One point needs to be made, "Obama DID get a pass" from the Liberal Establishment Media and the Catholic Church as a whole. Yes,Obama did not get a pass from Sean Hannity and conservatives. Again ALL protestant churches are THEOLOGICALLY anti-Catholic. Hence the word 'Protestant'. Otherwise, there is no reason for them to exist. Obama's church with Rev Wright was not only anti-American but also anti-Catholic. The analogy of this article falls flat. Michelle Bachmann and Obama are like comparing apples and oranges. Their backgrounds and records are complete opposites. I will vote for Bachmann if she is the candidate opposing Obama because of her public support of the Holy Sacrament of Marriage and Pro-Life. I will vote for her because she has demonstrated her stand on fiscal responsibility.

  4. Rosalie Dancause
    3 years ago

    Keith, I haven't read the comments yet, but as a born-and-brought-up Protestant who had been a happy Catholic for almost 49 years, I think there is something you aren't aware of. Many, if not most, main-line Protestants don't know and don't care what theological positions are held by the church in which they were baptized and/or presently worship. None of my Protestant siblings -- or my parents, when they were alive -- felt it necessary to do research into the official beliefs of the churches in which they worshipped. If they liked the pastor, or the people, or both, they went to that church. My great-great grandfather, a German immigrant, started the Methodist line in my family of birth when a Methodist pastor in Edwardsville, IL, by an act of heroism, won over most of the town to his church. I realize this is nothing like the way Catholics see it, but for Protestants, it's not belief, it's either inheritance or the local church community in which they decide to worship. Doctrine is pretty much a dirty word (or at least a non-issue) to the average Protestant in the pew.
    And this, of course, is why you're comparing apples to oranges when you compare Mrs. Bachmann's church membership to Obama's. He chose a local church community because he felt at home there, he agreed with what the pastor was saying. That's totally different from a person who goes to a Lutheran church because she "inherited" that faith, and was slow to leave it because she also lived in what is arguably the most "Lutheran" state in the nation. We are usually slow to question what we're brought up with. (I would probably still be a Methodist if my father hadn't insisted, when I was 16, that we leave that church and go to his, which brought me face to face with the question of whether truth is relative or absolute.)
    Mrs. Bachmann is to be congratulated for having come as far as she has, from her church's positions. I don't think many of the Lutheran branches are pro-life, for instance. "Tiller the killer", the infamous late-term abortionist, was killed in a Lutheran church on Sunday morning as he prepared to serve as an usher, if I'm not mistaken.

  5. James Spadera
    3 years ago

    I grew up in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. I am now a practicing Catholic. I can tell you that it is a part of Lutheran doctrine (the Book of Concord) to believe the Pope is the Antichrist. No WELS, LCMS, or ELS theology student makes it through seminary believing otherwise.

    That said, let's look at it from the Lutheran perspective. We will happily and gleefully gloat that Luther was a heretic of the worst strain and is currently residing in the bowels of Hell. How is that so different from what the Lutherans think of us?

  6. Sea Help
    3 years ago

    Many years ago, I had a subscription to "Atlantic" magazine. The magazine over time became such a staunch liberal publication and the Atlantic writers wrote such biased articles pushing their liberal agenda that subscribers like myself found we could not trust what we read in the magazine, we stopped subscribing and their circulation plummeted.

    If the Atlantic writer of the Bachman story, Mr. Joshua Green wanted to inform his readers candidly and in a balanced way about Bachman, he would have taken 15 or 20 minutes and talked with Michelle Bachman about her views on Catholicism, the Pope and the Papcy. If he did this he may very well not have had a story to write. In my opinion he would never have written such a story on presidential candidate Obama when he was running for the presidency, but he did see fit to write what might be called a insinuating smear story on a conservative candidate.

    I must admit I do not know much about Micehlle Bachman and she is not my candidate for the presidency at this time. However since the senior editor of the "Atlantic" Mr Green saw fit to try to malign her, which could indicate she is a viable adversary,I shall now pay closer attention to her and may change my mind.

    Lord knows that I don't agree with some of ideas that are preached in my Catholic church, I would expect if someone wanted to know my thoughts and my beliefs, the person would not go to my pastor for this information, the person would come to me. I still respect my pastor but we don't always agree.

  7. Deo Gratias et Mariae
    3 years ago

    Where is the reference where Bachman has made any out right anti-papal comments?
    Furthermore, read the latest statement from the Catholic League -

    "The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights issued a statement Thursday about Bachmann's denomination, saying it's "regrettable that there are still strains of anti-Catholicism in some Protestant circles."

    "But we find no evidence of any bigotry on the part of Rep. Michele Bachmann," the statement continued. "Indeed, she has condemned anti-Catholicism. Just as President Barack Obama is not responsible for the views of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rep. Bachmann must be judged on the basis of her own record."

    Ave Maria

  8. John Paul
    3 years ago

    Praise God for Fr. Ralph Caley OSB/OHI and Mary (et al) who expressed it well.

    Fournier's article is divisive and an affront to Catholic sensibilities, as we want a candidate who reflects our CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC VALUES and not our "traditional" voting habits. To whom do we owe our allegiance: the Church or the Democrat Party? Would the BVM cast a vote for a culture that not only openly encourages abortion as a right and as a valid method of birth control, but also fosters the foreign notion of this as a mandated population control procedure?

    As far as Bachmann supports VALUES and moves away from the WELS church that appears to be confrontational, we should openly and powerfully support her work for US--as Catholics and as Americans!

  9. Charles E. Blythe
    3 years ago

    There are no anti-Catholics that very liberal Democrats, name one Dem that is pro-life,just one. There are not any. A lot of priests and bishops honor the Kennedys
    Bidens just name the top Dems, all of them are very sickening.
    Sarah Palins Mother took her out of Catholic Church she was 12..Her father did not
    like the Church, from his actions, he appears to be a mason. I have seen many of them married to Caholic go after her to get her out of the Church. I have ask them why just marry a non-Catholic woman instead and their answer because we want to destroy their faith

  10. hoosiertoo
    3 years ago

    Come to think of it, I'd probably vote for Lucifer himself over Obama. Better the devil you know than the stealh version.

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