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Michele Bachmann Should Not 'Get a Pass' on Past Membership in Anti-Catholic Church Comments

During the last election, a question was raised about then candidate Barack Obama concerning his membership in a Church body which espoused Anti-Americanism. Will some of those same people ask this candidate, whom they seem to agree with on issues, about her affiliation with a Church body which espoused overt Anti-Catholicism? Continue Reading

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  1. Mark G.
    3 years ago

    To say that Michelle Bachmann's small denomination can't do as much harm as our own Catholic Politician's who are anything but catholic is naive. For if she hold's or no longer hold's ( for ploitical expedience) these views and was elected President, now we have a completely new issue when she dealt with the Vatican and issues of Catholic's rights in our nation and around the world. I think that Miss Bachmannn must not be given a pass on this issue but must explain herself.

  2. James Howard
    3 years ago

    One of the replies was correct. The first reply said that she seemed more Catholic than many of the (political) officials. That is true. The Bishops have been afraid to ex-communicate such apostates as Ted Kennedy and Gray Davis as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ted was the worst with his Affairs, Death of Mary Jo Kopecne at Chappaquiddick and his promotion of abortion. In reality many "protestant" Christian Politicians make better Christians or Catholic Christians than so-called liberal Catholic politicians. When you consider that approx 54% of "catholics" voted for Obama we need to realize and stop lying that many people call themselves "catholic" and they are not. A real committed practicing Catholic would not vote knowingly for pro-abortion Obama (I heard of a priest who feels this way too) and would not be a corrupt politician like Ted Kennedy was. We need to have Bishops and laity who are obedient to Jesus and to the Pope instead of just pretending and going to mass only on holidays. This problem is a huge scandal in the church and has caused many to leave the faith and this almost caused me to leave as well. Catholics must have a renewed relationship with Jesus as well as the Blessed Mother otherwise they are just phoney hypocrites and this only serves to stoke the fires of critical liberal anti-catholic atheist bigots. Our faith must be real or we need to confess our duplicity to Our Lord and repent. Bachmann is a wonderful and loving and intelligent real conservative christian who lives her walk and has had 5 children and over 20 foster children. Not many people can compare to her. In my book she is a saint. The truth is the truth and it is not politically correct. Our faith is real just as Our Lord is real and it is high time for us to clean house and ex-communicate many pro-abortion politicians who call themselves catholic as they are not real catholics. The bishops and many laity have let us down. We have a real crisis in the church and it is serious. Michael Voris talks about it in Real Catholic I suggest that any who read this see their website and look for the video. We need to be obedient to Jesus and not our liberal narcissism. Our call now is to courage and obedience to Our Lord. As far as her church is concerned that anti-catholic prejudice is wrong, but our sinful politicians are far worse as they have helped cause the death of many unborn babies.


  3. eren
    3 years ago

    You can't be serious, Rob, telling people not to judge Wright on the basis of sound bites when that's exactly what you do with Bachmann. Are you a misogynist or just selective in how you apply the Eighth Commandment??

  4. John D
    3 years ago

    Rob, does 50 million abortions since 1973 give you cold chills, too? Do you realize that in 1936 when social security first came out, there were 30 workers supporting 1 retiree? Do you know what it is today, Rob? Three. That's right, there's only three young workers supporting each retiree and even that number is expected to decrease once the 2010 census numbers are released. Do you suppose killing 50 million Americans might have an impact on our social systems? Plus, that's 50 million fewer people to buy our homes when we want retire and move to Florida. Not only did we lose those 50 million, we also lost the children they would have had. Untold millions more citizens have been lost. All of this has a terrible impact on our economy. The argument could be made that people who do not understand this are "dumb as a bag of rocks". But, I would prefer to say that they simply haven't thought things out from every angle. Michele Bachmann seems to understand this. I don't think I can say the same for our president. I will pray for you.

  5. dennis
    3 years ago

    Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. Please judge Michelle Bachman on her stands and beliefs as expressed by her. If there is one thing I know about my freinds who are Lutheran it is that they don't really know what their own theologians believe, nor what they are really supposed to believe themselves. To me, she seems more Catholic than many of our professed Catholic officials.

  6. Jim Shoe
    3 years ago

    Can't get any worst than the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago that Obama belonged to for 20 years. Yeah, he said he didn't support any of their "Black Value System". However, strip away his nice looks, the big smile and smooth talk and what do you get?Certainly a racist, as plainly defined by the stated position of his church! And possibly a covert worshiper of the "extreme" Muslim faith, even today. This guy desires to rule over America while his loyalty is totally vested in a Black Africa! Is BarryO a lair, you be the judge. I know I don't believe anything he says.

    So, for Ms. Bachmann who has mentioned that though she used to belong but now doesn't and never bought into hating Catholics. Hmmm......? You know, people will say anything today, especially politicians, in order to get people to support their agenda or to get what they want. What else mystifies me is when someone already has a job and working at it and being paid for it and at the same time is working on getting another job. What's up with that? I'm sure my employer wouldn't be happy with me doing that! You be the judge,

  7. Dave
    3 years ago

    Here's an article for you to ponder as to why she left her church.

    Bachmann was asked to end ties with church
    Jul 16, 2011

    ST. PAUL, Minn. (UPI) -- Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann left her conservative church at the pastor's request, officials say.

    Although she had stopped attending services at Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church two years ago, she formally ended her membership there on June 21, which came at the request of the Rev. Marcus Birkholz, The Washington Post reported Saturday.

    "The impetus came from the church. For the pastor's sake, he wanted to know where he stood with the family," said Joel Hochmuth, a spokesman for the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, the denominational organization that includes the Bachmann's former church.

    The Minnesota congresswoman's announced she had left the church right before she kicked off her campaign tour in Iowa, raising questions as the conservative church holds several controversial stances.

    The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod has about 390,000 adherents across the country and is criticized because it believes homosexuality is a sin and can be cured. They also believe the Catholic pope is the Antichrist, a belief Bachmann has said she does not hold.

    Copyright 2011 by United Press International

  8. Rob
    3 years ago

    While I know that Catholic want a pro life person in office everywhere at the expence of all else, I will tell you, this woman is as dumb as a bag of rocks, plays stupid, on something, does not study subjects well, or just flat out stupid when it comes to what comes out of her mouth. She makes Joe Biden look like Einstein. I have seen tapes of her speaking, and just flat out give wrong facts when trying to accuse the democrats with something or another. In the house, or on the campane trail. And it gives me cold chils thinking of her, or Palin in any kind of diolog with the Russans, or the Chinese, or for that fat those in the middle east. She scares me to death.
    Look, she light say what you like to hear on a subject, but PLEASE look at the over all picture. She is a danger to our security. Find another candidate that you like, that had your values. AND that knows the facts! And will tell the truth about them, and not what you, or the Bishops want to here.
    And as far as Wright goes. Stop listening to sound bites. Much, not all, but MUCH of what he says is based in truth, but could have been said better. Like when he says that "the chickens have come home to roost", he could not have said it any better.

  9. John D
    3 years ago

    Thank-you Deacon for pointing this out to everyone. I did not know anything about this before reading your article. Now, let Michele Bachmann speak for herself. Many people attend churches because of family religious traditions. She may have sat in the pews never knowing or never suporting the synod's official position just the way many Catholics sit in the pews, don't agree with basic church teachings, and then gleefully vote for candidates who consistently oppose our Catholic values. There are many Protestants who, whether they know it or not, are more in agreement with the Catechism of the Catholic Church then Catholics. Please keep us informed as this story develops further.

  10. Harold Olsen
    3 years ago

    This article states Bachmann is no longer a member of that church. It also does not state why or when she terminated her association with it. Was it recently or years ago? Perhaps, she terminated her association with it because of its anti-Catholic stance. Basically, it seems she is being labeled guilty by association. This situation is not quite the same as Obama's. He terminated his association with Jeremiah Wright ONLY when Wright's hateful speech was brought to light during the 2008 campaign. It seems that Bachmann ended her association long ago. Until I see proof to the contrary, I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. If I truly believed she was anti-Catholic, there is no way on earth I would ever vote for her, or any other anti-Catholic. But, there is no such proof. Innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent.

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