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Michele Bachmann Should Not 'Get a Pass' on Past Membership in Anti-Catholic Church Comments

During the last election, a question was raised about then candidate Barack Obama concerning his membership in a Church body which espoused Anti-Americanism. Will some of those same people ask this candidate, whom they seem to agree with on issues, about her affiliation with a Church body which espoused overt Anti-Catholicism? Continue Reading

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  1. Rob
    3 years ago

    JoAnn, I didn't vote for Obama for two main reasons. The primary reason is I didn't believe he had any experience for this job. The other was his stance on abortion. But I know many people who did vote for him and during their prayer and discernment just decided that while his opinions on abortion are tragic, it is the law of the land and given the lack of any real attempts to legislate against Roe v. Wade, the abortion issue really isn't a "real" issue. They had no cofidence that McCain was going to pick up pro-life issues as his number one policity initiative. Thus why on earth should it be their number one consideration when voting. Honestly, I can't wrap my brain around that position, but I understand how someone get's there. If you really believe that our politicians really will not do anything to change the laws on abortion, then I see how many can set that issue aside. Maybe it falls into the category of moral relativism, but again, unfortunately we have a case decided in the early 70s that little to no movement has been made to legislate against it at the federal level. If we as voters are expected to make the life issue the #1 priority when voting, shouldn't those we vote for do the same? They clearly have not and that is the only plausible explanation for abortion being allowed to persist for almost 40 years. When you have a record like that, it's hard to argue with someone that our pro-life politicians are serious. I can't even imagine them spending as much time on this issue as they do on issues surrounding money. Given the circus we have going on today, it's pretty clear what job#1 is. Pro-life issues, not sure where that falls. And this lack of focus is costing us dearly. Someday we will realize that a politicians number one job is to get elected and re-elected. They will say and do anything to accomplish that. And it's our fault for letting them.

  2. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Kathryn: Refer to my post below. You CANNOT be a Catholic and vote for a candidate that does not uphold the sanctity of life. Obama is the biggest offender of this issue. He has no regard for the most innocent. Why do you think he cares about you? He is purposely overwhelming the U. S economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos--thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within. A little homework on Obama would be very helpful to you. Read Obama's own books. You will find out where Obama really stands regarding our country. I will pray to the Holy Spirit for you that He will open you eyes and your heart. God Bless.

  3. vance
    3 years ago

    According to this article, Catholics should not vote for a protestant candidate. We all should vote for any candidate who "demonstrates" support for the sanctity of life, sanctity of marriage, and the sanctity of Christian faith and values.

  4. Kathryn
    3 years ago

    In regard to the U.S .Presidency, I vote for the individual who I believe to be the best candidate, not for “best Christian.” I want a President who will defend our country and aid our citizens. No one is perfect, however I support President Obama because I believe him to be that best candidate. He may never win a contest for being “best Christian,” and that is OK. Should Michele Bachmann, or another candidate, demonstrate superior skills in defending our country and aiding our citizens, then I will vote for her (or him), but I am not voting for their Christianity, which may or may not be sincere. While I am pro-life and Catholic, I look at the candidate’s total suitability for being President, not one issue. Their religion, whether it is real and deep or false and shallow, is between them and God.

  5. Rob
    3 years ago

    Different from the Rob below by the way....I think Stephen ask the most relevant question. Why did she seperate? As many commentators have suggested, the is always going to be some sort of anti-papal sentiment when it comes to protestants. I just hope that as we examine the faith and records of all of these candidates that we are looking for actual disciples verus a name tag, whether it be catholic, protestant, etc. As Bishop Chaput put it, the majority of catholics live as functional atheist. These questions of faith are really only relevant to a small majority.

  6. Eric
    3 years ago

    Is Bachmann's church worse than the Mormon church? If so, how? If not, then should Romney also not get a pass? And what other non-Catholics should not get passes? Which doctrines to they have to agree with Catholicism on in order to be acceptable candidates?

  7. JoAnn
    3 years ago

    Back when JFK was running for the presidency, non-Catholics were afraid that if he were elected, he would take orders from the Pope. Which of course, was utter nonsense. Fellow Catholics out there only need to worry about 5 things. Those 5 things are NON-NEGOTIABLE teachings of the Catholic Church. We MUST vote for a candidate that is pro-life, against EMBRYONIC stem research, against gay marriage, against euthanasia and against cloning. To not do so, is a grave sin. I dont care if she were an atheist. As long as she is in agreement with the Church's teachings regarding those issues, she's good enought for me. Michelle being a conservative, small government, God-fearing Christian is just a bonus.

  8. Stephen E Dalton
    3 years ago

    Deacon Fournier, I'm a former member of the WELS, now a Catholic. As a former member, I can testify that I was taught the Pope was antichrist in my cathesis. If Bachmann was raised in the WELS, there's no way she could have been ignorant of this . doctrine.
    As a political realist, I find the shedding of her WELS membership right before her run for the presidency just a little too convienant. We need to hear the real story of why a lifelong Lutheran split from her church of birth. Did someone tell her that her WELS membership wold be an embarassment if she ran for president? I'd like to know!

  9. mgm.
    3 years ago

    RonLCatholics today in the public light are expected to know understand and explain everything their Church has taught or done or what Catholics have done ,not done or failed to oppose in the name of Christ from the third-century to the Third-Reich! as a Jew are you going to give us Catholics a pass on the then medieval -Church's teaching for the necessity of the Inquisition somehow I think not.

  10. RonL
    3 years ago

    It's only a valid argument if Bachmann knew they position of her church (she didn't), espouses it (she doesn't), or if her former pastor does (he doesn't).

    It seems some Catholics want to refight the 30 Years war here rather than look at the facts.

    I'm Jewish and understand identity politics and knee jerk hysteria when I see it. Either facts matter of they don't.

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