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Opinion: We Are Living in 1984 Comments

I'm not going to belabor all the parallels we could find in current society regarding "Big Brother," the thought police, the various government agencies, revisionist history and language (which Orwell called "Newspeak"), not to mention sexuality gone out-of-control. Dwelling on all this could put some of us in the same place as the protagonist in the novel, Winston Smith, who at the end of the novel awaits what he expects will be his execution ... Continue Reading

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  1. Chris
    3 years ago

    Wow. I don't think that Christians who are democrats are the antichrist. I am new to the Catholic Church, but have been Christian all my life. It's clear to me as a Christian that "faith, hope, and love" is key. I have faith in God, so I don't have to be militant. I have hope that God will make sure that everything goes according to His plan, so I don't have to be afraid of society crumbling. And no matter what, I am safe in God's love, so the least I can do is give as much love as I can. I say all this to suggest that in political matters, I want to do the most good. If a proposal by Democrats results in laws that, for example, provide much needed preventative health care to those in need, I'm all for it. I don't mind paying a little more in taxes so that others suffer less. Is caring for others through broad social programs a symptom of the antichrist? I'm no expert, but I don't think so. And I really don't see how we can be effective evangelists by participating in politics anyway. By the time we start screaming about immoral laws, its too late, no? By practicing what we preach--namely faith, hope, and love--at the grassroots level, by getting to know people as friends without any expectation of anything in return, we will turn the tide. And if we don't, everything will be ok. That's God's promise.

  2. vance
    3 years ago

    Randy, another great article. I read Brave New World and saw the two movies on Orwell's 1984. I believe we have arrived big time. The technology is in place. All the Liberals are like dutiful Oceanic Epsilons who live for Soma, don't question their Marxist Dear Leaders, and have zero morality. The Liberal Establishment media speaks in one voice and one thought. None dare question this Marxist Newspeak. If you say the name Jesus or God, you will be punished. If you quote God in the Bible on what he says about Homosexuality, you will be punished for Hate Speech. Yes, we have arrived.

  3. Wendy
    3 years ago

    Randy - the book I read in high school was Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World". That's right up there with 1984! There were five classes of people: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Epsilons. The Epsilons were the workers. No one got pregnant - babies were born in test tubes. Children didn't have parents - they were raised by the state. Children who were less than an Epsilon were killed invitro. Soma made everything okay. No one thought for themselves; no one questioned. Everything was hunkie-dorie - until John the Savage. We can see both 1984 and Brave New World happening right now. There was no room for religion - Christian or otherwise because the state is the religion! Does anyone see what's happening? Our world is becoming a "Brave, New 1984 World"

  4. Johnny
    3 years ago

    80's were greed and 1984 is more powerful now than when it was 1984.Some of these baby boomers just seem to think they got it figured out with money issue.I pray the next few generations bring the Holy Spirit.And it will be known as the Holy Sprit generations not the money generations.

  5. Greg
    3 years ago

    Regarding JJ D comments. When Black people were forbidden to vote it was not because of moral issue. It was a civil rights issue. Nobody was telling that Black people voting would be immoral. I would suggest watching movie "The Courage to Love" with Vanessa Williams and you will see where the Catholic Church was at. Now, the marriage is not a civil right but a moral issue. The civil right issue we are facing now is an issue of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I, living in New York, am now forbidden to speak about immorality because Albany claimed authority to say what is moral and what is not. So now I will say it openly - all sexual activities outside of marriage, and marriage is defined by God not by Albany, is immoral and people doing it - no matter Catholics, Christians, or atheists, are in danger of hell for using other people for their private benefit. For lack of love. Changing the meaning of the word marriage does not change bad to good. Even, if 99.9% people would say that this is good, but God says it is wrong, it is wrong. I am no one to tell people that they have no right to have sex outside of marriage, kill other people, or in general condemn their lives. If God, out of His love gave you free will, who am I not to give it to you as well. But I am, and I will be always telling, out of love for Christ who loves you ALL that it is immoral because God calls it this way. If you don't believe in God then you claim that the word "immoral" makes no value to you. I could say 'don't be upset then'. But it would make no sense for you are upset not because of me but because of what you feel at the bottom of your hearts. The desire to be happy, and happiness is not sex with whomever you want or even to kill the bird calling 'marriage' and stumping on it. You want to soar and this is only in the hands of God. You need to come to Him, and He will take you there for He is the true happiness. He is love. And He loves you more than you could love anyone else, so don't tell other people that you can love them more than God because you cannot.

  6. Greg
    3 years ago

    I would like to thank you SO MUCH for this quote --- "Be the kind of Catholic men and women who, when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says, "Oh, no, they're up!!" --- you made my day!

  7. serviamvertias
    3 years ago

    @elcid: well-stated. Catholicism is not a social club we attend on Sunday. The Apostles preached the Gospel to bring souls to Christ and in doing so transformed the world; and in doing so were persecuted by a world that worshiped the stuff of creation, instead of the Creator.

    JFK's famous two-step in which he claimed his private religion wouldn't affect his decisions in the public square paved the way for Catholic cognitive dissonance to the point where Catholics proudly vote Democrat and thus endorse partial birth abortion, assisted suicide, gay marriage; then without a second thought receive the Body of Christ at Mass.

    It's easy to want to run away from unpleasant social issues for fear of being called names. Libertarians have given people a specious argument that sounds morally superior and has been adopted by people of all political leanings "I don't care what anyone does. Government has no right to stop anyone from marrying....." They stop there. Showing neither intellectual vigor, depth, nor consistency with any set of principles either than the ultimate admittance that, " Well, I don't believe in God, and the Church needs to go away".It's a power struggle within themselves that they project onto the rest of society.

    As you can see, I am especially disgusted with the intellectual libertarian crowd. Do they not realize they have effectively made the state the regulator of religion and speech with the entire bureuacrcay and regulatory state ready to implement the SSM anti-Christianity, anti-free speech, freedom-of-association, agenda? What's been achieved is a true inversion of the intent of the separation of Church and State.

  8. elcid
    3 years ago

    JJ: base on your premise I guess Hitler had every right to do what he believed, the nazis were prosecuted base on a natural law argument, it's natural law that needs to prevail or we don't have a society, marriage is the basis of society, I don't think you have a clue of the disastrous effects of same sex marriage, not to mention the effects abortion will have on our economics, look at russia...the EU would be in bad shape if not for muslim immigration.

    mikem: Mario Cuomo is an antichrist, so is he's son, don't know why you would give him any credibility, heck I will take it a step further, christians who are democrats are antichrist, why would they support a political party that radically promotes abortion, gay marriage, etc, you christian democrats put your faith in man instead of God, 50% of catholics voted for the main antichrist obama, to refute cuomo's argument, not only America but western civilization was founded on judeo/christian principles, the moral foundations were embedded from the 10 commandments, church canon law was the model for the secular legal systems, I would recommend you read "How the Catholic Church built western civilization" by Thomas Woods.

    Christianity started to suffer in Europe because of the enlightenment, man's reason being his own god, but man's reason is imperfect and we have seen the effects over history, so you evil people go ahead and put your faith in man and in yourselves, I will put mine in God, the gates of hell will not defeat the Catholic Church.

  9. Graeme
    3 years ago

    Mikem - I agree with you. I think Christians should do more to help themselves and spend less time trying to protest about unfair laws etc. If there are any sins worth protesting about, it would surely have to be the USURY of the big banking corporations who extort so much of our livelihoods that each family is forced to have both parents working and thus be forced to allow our children to be brainwashed by the secular mentality. We need to pray and work for as much self-sufficiency as possible. 1984 will ALWAYS be there; it always has been, only hidden. We need to realise that Christ truly does call us to be DIFFERENT, to LOVE the cross. We have tried to be too comfortable for too long. The time for sacrifice and separation, long overdue, is now.

  10. mikem
    3 years ago

    I must say that I feel as though there is tremendous confusion in the Church as well as in secular society about how Christian values should be promoted in a civilization. By law? We see in Muslim societies how repressive that can be, especially when those laws are ENFORCED by fundamentalist mentalities. Secular society - and this was the main point of Mario Cuomo speaking at Notre Dame University back in the 1980's - should make laws for all the people, and not force Christian values on people of no, or other, faith. The Catholic Church has been trying to communicate a satisfactory rebuttal to the Cuomo argument, but it just doesn't seem to be registering very effectively. When the enlightened Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius began a vicious persecution of the Church, he accused the Church of crimes against humanity, i.e. against inclusive society, because the Church refused to sacrifice to the pluralism of idols embraced by Rome. This is almost exactly where things are at now. These modern hedonistic pagans are afraid the Church will succeed in making their profligate indulgences illegal again. Cuomo's argument only serves their purpose. We are seeing laws made that explicitly defy Christian conventions. Archbishop Chaput's current article about Catholic Institutions losing their Catholic identity reflects the Church's failure - or rather the failure of the Church's Apologists and Evangelists - to carry the day in the heat of the debate. For so long have Catholics tried to be assimilated and succeed in this society, that we have lost our reason-d'etre: the baby is gone with the bath water. So what to do? Sit around and watch the rest of the water go down the drain? Speak Truth to Power, and suffer crushing persecution? Or, I would like to suggest, we circle the wagons, incorporate the Laity into a huge Third Order Monastic corporation, and start taking care of ourselves the way we want society to really be like. Then the world can stew in its own perversity, while we shine as light on a mountaintop. I think that's the answer.

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