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In a New York Minute: Coming Persecution of Christians over True Marriage? Comments

The leaders of the homosexual equivalency movement are dedicated to building a society where the positive law of the Nation forces us all to call to be a marriage what can never be a marriage - or face the police power of the State. They scored what they believe was a decisive "victory" for their brave new world in New York last week. History will prove them wrong. However, with the tragic act of the legislature in New ... Continue Reading

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  1. Michelle
    3 years ago

    1.) There is nothing new under the sun, so here we go again with the persecutions by the "tolerant" ones. Remember that these persecutions, which have occurred from time to time in our history, have made the Church stronger. 2.) The disorder of the homosexual way of life is made visible with the photo above of the two women dressed in wedding attire. One is dressed like a woman and the other is dressed like a man. We see this over and over with homosexual "weddings"....two people of the same sex dressing as two people of the opposite sex. Clearly, even the homosexuals realize the TRUTH of marriage as being between a man and a woman as they dress the part for their "weddings"...even though they deny it. It's quite absurd. 3.) So, we Christians are going to be persecuted by homosexuals full of "love and tolerance" who play "dress up" to get "married" by trying to look like a true male husband and female wife because we will not "play along"? Well, bring it on because we who love Christ will not play such a depraved game as this. It is confusion, chaos, and pure evil.

  2. K C Thomas
    3 years ago

    Tom Diorio is correct that Catholics should be made aware of the dangers. But when educated catholic legislators work for or side with such organisations as Homosexual equvilance people who are gullible are likely to go with them. I feel ultimately the western civilization will perish. Something new will come up from the ashes. Faith in God, faith in Jesus, faith in Church , all has faded or got wiped off. Materialism has seized human thoughts and only eating and mating are found important. May the good Lord who sees all help us. He has given freedom to the humans and they misuse it and prefer to eat the forbidden fruit.

  3. Samuel Hopper
    3 years ago

    I'm reminded of an anecdote that Abraham Lincoln used to share. He would ask, "How many legs does a cow have." "Four" would come the answer. Then Abe would continue, "Let's say a cow has five legs." He'd pause to give his audience a moment to ruminate. Then he'd ask, "Now how many legs does a cow have?" "Five," would come the answer. Then Honest Abe would set the record straight. "No. The cow would still have four legs. You can say a cow has as many legs as you want but, in fact, a cow has only four legs." And so it is with marriage. People can call any type of relationship whatever they want, but they can never change marriage from what it really is. Unfortunately we have too many people who have the "five" mentality. What our society needs is another Honest Abe to set the record straight.

  4. elcid
    3 years ago

    You gay and liberal catholics (false catholics I should say), you would have won nothing in the end, the sad fact is you will die in your sins and God will judge you, your immorality along with others in cases of abortions, adultery, pornography, etc, will just reap God’s judgment upon our country, in the end we will all lose.
    I think the battle lines have been drawn in this spiritual battle, it’s time to take sides, I think the first counteroffensive is the public excommunication of the governor and any other Catholics in the legislature, it’s time for our Bishops to really take a stand and counter these anti-christs, as Bishop Sheen once said the issue is not intolerance but tolerance, we Christians who live the faith have allowed the evil doers to set social precedence for years and we have paid the price, we fell into the lie of political correctness, the second counteroffensive would be the push this election season for a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one women.
    I placed some of this blame on the filth that is in the church, for leading people astray, for other priests not preaching the truth, I guess they don't want to offend anyone, they treat homosexuality as a disorder instead of an evil sin that's destructive for society, for too long society has taken out sin and replaced it with all kinds of psychosis and we fell for the lie.
    The battle has just begun.

  5. vance
    3 years ago

    Tom, Great questions! I've asked these same questions for years. Why in the world do we NOT hear anything from the pulpit on Marriage, Abortion, Euthanasia, and Homosexuality? After having the occassion to speak to a few priests, reading Sunday bulletins and Letters, I came to the conclusion that the Majority of Bishops and Priests silently AGREE with what is happening in our society. There have been a few clergy who have made themselves abundantly clear that they are anti-Catholic and are cheering what happened in New York. Does Fr Mike Pflegar, Sr Carol Keehan, Fr Jenklns just to name a few ring a bell??

  6. Brian D.
    3 years ago

    Unfortunately Andrew Cuomo is just another CINO (Catholic In Name Only) politician following in the steps of Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy I am beginning to believe that “public” Catholics can do more harm to the Church than any outsider can.

  7. Tom Diorio
    3 years ago

    How are we as Pope Benedict says to "defend..."

    Just how are we to "defend" without resorting to the violent, disgusting, perverse, many times violent and divisive ways of the proponents of this sexuality based deviance.

    And I must ask, WHY has this not been a homily topic throughout the nation to keep the faithful aware of the threat they face. It will continue to spread if it is left in the shadows.

    Archbishop Dolan, as the leader of the USCCB I beg you to have this become a norm of defensive teaching at mass or in bulletins. People are woefully ignorant and need to be encouraged to educated themselves about the destructive nature of this assault.

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