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In a New York Minute: Coming Persecution of Christians over True Marriage? Comments

The leaders of the homosexual equivalency movement are dedicated to building a society where the positive law of the Nation forces us all to call to be a marriage what can never be a marriage - or face the police power of the State. They scored what they believe was a decisive "victory" for their brave new world in New York last week. History will prove them wrong. However, with the tragic act of the legislature in New ... Continue Reading

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  1. john
    3 years ago

    New York has just handed over it's children to the homosexual agenda.Now this perversion will be taught to our children in the school systems...perhaps a tax revolt can change this in a hurry...if everyone who is against this refused to pay taxes they could never prosecute such great numbers and would be forced to capitulate.The gay extremists are a small but loud minority...the squeaky wheel got the oil...if people claim to be religious and moral..why do we keep allowing the same old corrupt unethical and immoral godless people into office.Cuomo is as awful as his corrupt father..the apple does'nt fall far from the tree...and by it's fruits you will know it..this tree is rotten and it's fruits are death.Death culture is now the norm..abortion and homosexuality...two things which can never sustain a civilization.I ask you this...if homosexuality is normal...then why are there no gay animals...a male lion never seeks out another male lion to mate.The laws of nature can never be redefined just to please some selfish people who want to force their perversion onto everyone else.Now children in need of adoption will be handed over more easily to them and sibjected to their lifestyles.Did anyone witness the freakshows openly celebrated in the streets after this was passed.We shall soon either witness Gods open wrath...or He will simply let us reap the fruits of this evil that we just allowed to become law of the land.Romans 1:16-32 and Romans it and pray pray pray.

  2. ed Nestor
    3 years ago

    Liz your right on the northeast is almost all catholics, Another fact over ninety percent of catholic women practice birth control. So basically the Church has no authority at all. Look at Europe, in fact look at Italy there's more none believers there than the church would want to admit. Church is on fire without a ladder.

  3. vance
    3 years ago

    Rob, the homily isn't much time BUT it is long enough to drive home the point that marriage is a Sacred Sacrament of the Catholic Church and Homosexual marriage or unions are completely off the table. It is long enough to remind the faithful that Abortion and Euthanasia are murder and should be outlawed. It only takes a couple of minutes to say that Pre-Marital sex is wrong and no one should have sex outside marriage. Instead, they waste precious time mumbling about NOTHING. When the priests do say something of political substance, it's always a plug for Liberalism. It will take God to flush all the Liberals out of the ranks of the Bishops and priesthood. Until then, we can expect the same old, same old.

  4. Rita
    3 years ago

    "Sadly, even some Catholic legislators sold out. They did not understand what their Church proclaims about true marriage." Why defend these 'Catholic legislators' and presume they 'do not understand'. In this day and age, really no one has an excuse, if you do not hear it from the pulpit or catechsim class, there is volumes of learning tools and information on the internet, not to be informed and know the truth of what the Catholic Church teaches. Yet, Andrew Cuomo will go to his parish and receive Holy Communion, because he does not understand what the Church teaches on marriage between a man and a woman only?

  5. Robert
    3 years ago

    40+ years of being buddy buddy with the Democratic Party has gotten Catholics in a real stink hole. Gay marriage, abortion, illegal immigration(future democrat votes), is what the Democratic party stands for and yet the Catholic hierarchy stills lines itself up with these anti-chrisitian politicians. Maybe Reverend Wright was correct, maybe the chickens have come home to roost. i don't believe it but it does make you wonder. I pray that catholics across the world see the Obama admininstration for what it is. I pray that catholics around the world realize that they had better change the democratic agenda or leave the party and vote conservative!
    I don't care if they vote Republican but it is time to vote conservative.

  6. Liz
    3 years ago

    The northeast is approximast4ely 82% Catholic. Having stated this i will ask "What has happened here?" It is apparent that our priests and bishops have dropped the ball ... and our bishops neee to find their voices and excommunicate some of these In Name Only Catholics who choose to disobey. What would Jesus do? Well, for startes He did take a whip to the mneychangers in the Temple.

  7. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago


    Yes it is the ideal family because Mary didnt concieve out of law perse by wedlock and the Lord God made sure she was protected because she carried the "ark of the covenant" the law in her womb. Technically she got a proxy from an Angel sent by God just like they did in the old historic times. God couldnt come to the "party" so He invited Joseph to be foster Father by proxy on his behalf (hence the dreams.) The Lord instructed Mary and Joseph from the beginning. Proxy is an old institution even among the Kings and Queens when they couldnt show up for the wedding they sent a proxy to do the wedding etc. God got it right and made His ideal family.

    No Jesus belongs to God as do we all. So I would say were in a very good family. Having God the Father is no slouch to any of us.

    Mary was asked by God the Father and she accepted and I would say she was "married and betrothed" the day she gave her fiat (yes) to God the Father.

    You going to say that God the Father isnt the ideal parent to the human race including his only begotten Son. God is Lord of everything including us. You going to argue with God when He sends an angel on His behalf to do His work and make His proxy for the whole human race?

    Im not.

  8. Rob
    3 years ago

    vance and tom, you are both hitting on something that is woefully absent in today's preaching. We should all get to that point in our relationship with Christ to realize that to follow Christ is going to cost something. In fact, it costs us everything. No one said it would be easy being a disciple of Christ. But I would say this guys, before the church can teach this in mass, people first need to know Christ. They need to understand scripture and in this context, they need to understand the sanctity of marriage on it's own, without the backdrop of the homosexual marriage debate. I think a lot of well meaning people who just lack basic formation in their faith believe they are doing something good. We all know they are not, but until they receive the proper formation nothing will change. And think about it, in your own parishes, is there anywhere to get this kind of instruction? I can't think of anywhere in my whole city that is teaching on the sanctity of marriage for it's own sake. I can't think of any parish that is teaching about virture, faith and morals. 15 minute homilies aren't going to do it, especially when that homily is the extent of the practice of faith for so many catholics.

  9. Curious
    3 years ago

    The Catholic Church usually points to the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph) as the ideal family.

    Ideal? Mary and Joseph never had sex, and Jesus isn't even Joseph's.

  10. DLL
    3 years ago

    It is simple. The federal government wants to become god. It wants you to bow down and to do it homage. it is now redesigning itself by law,to redefine the very meaning of what is right or what is wrong. Big government,Big Lies,as it will tell us all how we are to act,think and live and ultimately even,how we can spend our money and what we can buy,even what we can eat,as well as how we can we can heat our homes as well as what kind of home that we can even have. These government,hot button, manipulations of the moral codes that allow for things such as same sex marriage,abortion,euthanasia,assisted suicide,re-distributation of wealth are simply mind control issues. One day we will have thought police that will impose punishment on those that do not accept government applied legal agendas. Secular humanism will destroy all traditional religion. Freedom to worship will go the way of traditional marriage,as well as conventional conservative thinking,as these will become crimes. Rejoice and be happy the next world war will end all civilization as we had known it,as by the hand of man will it end. A world that openly rejects God and His Divine Laws respects no man,woman,child and is intolerant of any one who is religious,as no religion ultimately will be tolerated at all. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE! GOD BLESS! Whats to look forward to? NOTHING! FREEDOM? FORGET IT!

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