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New York Legislature Undermines True Marriage, Family, Society and the Common Good Comments

This issue has been framed as upholding marriage equality. This is not the case since one of the principal purposes of marriage is to bring new life into the world. This cannot happen in same-sex marriage. It is not a civil rights issue, but rather a human rights issue upholding the age-old understanding of marriage.Republicans and Democrats equally share responsibility for this ruinous legislation and we as Catholics should hold all accountable ... Continue Reading

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  1. Raised Cathoic, and Still Encouraged to Think
    3 years ago

    I was raised Catholic, always attended Catholic school, and my French/Irish family is full of clergy. However, not once in my Catholic education do I recall an instance in which I was taught that Jesus was intolerant, discriminatory, or hateful. To the contrary - he embraced lepars, prostitutes, and vagrants of all sorts. He never judged others for their choices, and CERTAINLY never forced his beliefs upon them. Instead, he welcomed them with love and compassion. If Jesus were on this Earth today, there is no doubt in my mind that he would welcome families of any and every composition into his arms. If you have a moral opposition to marriage equality, then that is your cross to bear. Please, take to heart the true message of unconditional love, and reconsider your position. If you are in the position to use your vote to make a family stronger, to make a couple happier, to add joy to lives by allowing people to legally unite and provide structure to their definition of "family" - please, think of what Jesus would actually do, not what you are TOLD he would do by a heart-breakingly out-of-touch organization that at its heart, could do so much good.

  2. CHW
    3 years ago

    It's time that the Bishops join the majority of US Catholics in realizing that:
    A) Marriage has always been a fluid institution that has changed with the social understandings of the time (how many wives did Jacob have, and what did he buy them for?)
    B) There can never be too much love in the world, and the church should not be in the business of legislating against it.

    Congratulations, NY! Next stop, California, where this Catholic will be working hard to repeal Prop 8.

  3. Louis
    3 years ago

    Okay, so let someone who actually understands the philosophical underpinnings of this issue (and the actual facts) set all of you straight. Firstly, Diane, this isn't an issue of "fringe crazies" influencing the government--60% of New Yorkers support gay marriage, and over 50% of Americans now support gay marriage, so anyone who says that public opinion is against the issue should get out of their radical Catholic clique. Second, to the asinine writer of this article, procreation isn't a prerequisite for marriage, or sterile couples wouldn't really be "married," because they would be unable to produce children. Marriage is a bond that strengthens and signifies love, and since two rational human beings are capable of loving one another, marriage can be between any two human beings. Humans created the institution of marriage; heck, humans created the institution of religion, and humans can at any time alter either institution to conform with an ever-evolving understanding of human nature.

  4. Manny
    3 years ago

    Yeah, it's not fair to say that "Republicans and Democrats equally share responsibility" for this, the emphasized word being "equal". Democrats pushed this and overwhelmingly voted for it while Republicans dragged their feet, hoped it would go away, and overwhelmingly voted against it. Hold those who voted for this accountable. I personally will never support any politician, but especially a Republican (I'm a Conservative) who voted for this. Any republican who voted for this should be challenged in a primary, and if he should still win his primary a voter should sit out that vote. This is a disgrace. One can only hope that a Federal law can over turn this nonsense. But unfortunately I doubt it. Notice how obama is playing a really slick game with this issue. His stance against it is not credible at all.

  5. MH
    3 years ago

    The exact behaviors - pederasty and homosexual activity (
    you condemn (rightly) where committed by priests and then express glee over its advance in the secular world. On grounds of
    pure reason you are inconsistent. In your rage, you are lost in the dark. May you be touched by God's grace and truth.

  6. Matt
    3 years ago


    It has been proven that homosexuality is not a psychological disorder. It has roots in basic genetic differences, much like eye color, hair color, and right- or left-handedness. If you were gay, you would rejoice at this news because you are finally granted freedom like every other human being in the United States, and yet you would still be saddened because you realize that people are still looking down at you as if you are subhuman. Homosexuality is not a choice, it is a natural occurrence. Attempting to use "therapy" on homosexuals has been done before, with drastic results leading to psychological distress, suicide, depression, etc. I am a Catholic and a psychologist and it disgusts me how people are so adamant in misunderstanding the nature of homosexuality when simple educated, UNBIASED research shows its actual state. Please do some research and rethink your statements.

    - Matt

  7. Dawn in Kansas
    3 years ago

    I hope that all people of good will take action, repeal this law, and allow the people to vote! Citizens need to take action. This is a depraved law and should not be implemented against the will of the people! It is especially troubling that the only reason why many gay activists wanted marriage was only so they can adopt children!!!! For far too long we have allowed our minds to be assaulted with "openess" toward accepting homosexuality; this includes our children being conditioned to, accepting, and having explained graphic homosexual sexual practices. We had continuous programming with the help of movies and TV shows. Then we were assaulted with being "homophobic" and bullied if we did not accept it. Now they want to steal marriage so that they can "play house" and adopt children. I'm tired of being bullied and I know that there are plenty of LGBT's that know they've been in bullying relationships!!!! You need to also stand up for what you know is right. I know that there is not a single LGBT that really believes that they would not want both a father and a mother (male and female) for their parents! GET REAL!

  8. Joseph R Yungk
    3 years ago

    "we always treat our homosexual brothers and sisters with respect, dignity and love."

    Can someone please tell me when this happens? I grew up catholic and never encountered this and I've been reading about same-sex marriage for about a year from all the catholic publications. Throughout my childhood and this more recent experience, all I've ever encountered is taunts, slurs and exclusions.

  9. Greg
    3 years ago

    This a day of victory of a lie. Those who are left alone in their struggle to find happiness and not finding it in sex (for it is not there) looked into marriage. But it is an other lie the world delivered them to keep them where they are at. For they already had a right to marry but the world told them that it is not what they look for. And the world stripped whatever was left of sanctity from the word 'marriage', and gave this redefined word to them. These people so much looking for the truth and happiness which only God can give, did not reach the top of the mountain. The mountain was blown up and the top was being put at their feet. Here is the eagle - dead and bleeding at your feet. "Well, it does not fly any more but you don't care about it, right? You wanted the bird, not to soar, right?" An other lie. All started from redefinition of marriage by allowing divorce. Marriage stopped being commitment. Then contraception became moral and self giving became redefined. Then abortion which changed the meaning of life. And now change of marriage which told God - we don't care of your image. We will change it in our image. How hurtful is that to know how much God loves us and how much we don't care about Him. Oh, God, please, remember that it still time for mercy and not justice. Look not at our sins but the blood you shed on the Cross. Mother Mary, pray for us. Saint Catherine of Siena, pray for us. Blessings, Greg.

  10. Mike
    3 years ago

    Diane, I hate to brake this to you, but the fascists of whom you speak, were, like yourself, hate-mongers and bigots, not proponents of equality and inclusiveness. The more rights held by individuals of all races, religions and sexual-orientation, the more freedom truly reins in this country. Are your rights affected by this decision? I just don't understand how a Christian can reconcile the the loving teachings of Jesus, while holding so much hate and resentment in their hearts for people who just want to live a free and open life in a manner most comfortable to them, whether gay or straight, black or white, red or green. I guess, unfortunately, the same freedoms apply to people who choose to live a life filled with hate, but this is NOT Christian way.

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