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New York Legislature Undermines True Marriage, Family, Society and the Common Good Comments

This issue has been framed as upholding marriage equality. This is not the case since one of the principal purposes of marriage is to bring new life into the world. This cannot happen in same-sex marriage. It is not a civil rights issue, but rather a human rights issue upholding the age-old understanding of marriage.Republicans and Democrats equally share responsibility for this ruinous legislation and we as Catholics should hold all accountable ... Continue Reading

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  1. Esher Vetura Ferencz
    3 years ago

    @ TIM. HOW dare you call yourself a PRIEST! JESUS was the first PRIEST and NOW you subject the readers of this piece to such immoral and sodomy trash as BEING a GOOD, and the CHURCH, her priests and BISHOPS alike condemming said perverson and YOU admonish them and US?? And we MAKE an issues as from the BISHOPS to destroy Father Corapi who has SPOKEN the LOUDEST against these abominations!

    I am at a TOTAL LOSS as to CESAR CUOMO and his signature, and he is CATHOLIC? AND he is NOT NOW to be excommunicated? IF nothing is done via the BISHOPS I will take up my maternal grandparents faith RUSSIAN ORTHODOX bypssing the Byzantine they later became! I will NOT stay within a CHURCH that acts as IT DOES as TO UNSPEAKABLE ACTS of EVIL.....dare I SAY NOTRE DAME or GEORGETOWN? AMONGST the many lack of speak OUTS. AND NACTIONS. YAY we had 70 or 90 BISHOPS sign the NOtre Dame bishops petition where pray GOD were the other 100? NARY a POLITICAN has been tossed OUT of the FAITH for the FILTH of voting for baby killings! I am over heartbroken, I am ENRAGED and will NOT STAND BY and WATCH as the church shepherds ALLOW HELL TO INVADE MOST HOLY CHURCH! Again I say and they GO AFTER FATHER CORAPI yet child molesters via Bshops who hid these sick perverts and have been shielded!
    THIS is the final HIT .....the BISHOPS better as a GROUP stand UP as ONE BODY, do a late 1950s smackdown of the evildoers or many faithfull will LEAVE!

  2. nelson
    3 years ago

    It is really sad to know this since it means that New York will become the image of modern Soddom and Gomorrah which in the Bible experienced a punishment by fire from heaven..How horrific it will be if such laws made by unchristian politician and possibly atheist.

  3. angelfish
    3 years ago

    I am not being ornery or facetious, but as a long-married Catholic heterosexual female, I can't see how same-sex marriage undermines my own marriage. I don't understand this stance, and I've yet to hear an argument that explains it or makes sense. Could ANYONE please explain it to me?

  4. Mary
    3 years ago

    Ed Burke, MH and Nick Marie, you are right on!
    Max, no one will ever lament speaking the truth. Your words speak darkness. You also commented how the author of story was not visible (it looks to be a webpage glitch), but if you don’t think the gays don’t already have a foothold in society, that comment surely says it. Yes, the polls may indicate (which I have never believed) that our society accepts the gay lifestyle, but where did they get their data? Perhaps they were mostly Lady Gaga fans. This decision is a very sad one and I feel if it does not get turned, will get worse and have an irreversible downward pull on our society. We were foretold that these events would be coming down the pike. All believers must definitely stand strong now and speak the word of truth, despite these setbacks. I am proud Roman Catholic and won’t be "shaped" by any elite who would rather have me his robot. The precise socialization of the masses has to be in place for the satanic agenda (not just for our country) but for the world, to unfold. The rich get richer and they do not care about anyone below them. It’s really not even about “platforms” anymore (even though it is made to appear so). If you look at the billions going into the Neurosciences (R&D) and Electronic Warfare, you would be alarmed. In fact, I happen to be a victim of nonconsensual Neurological Weapons experimentation and torture and have been for over 8 years now. I live in the good ole USA.

    Our Catholic faith does teach loving everyone, but the word of God is sacred, pure and to be FOLLOWED. The only one next to Him who may better interpret is the Pope himself. Our day and age is so hedonistic and greed driven, that everything imaginable is unfolding, most of which is out of sight from the public eye. To instill gay marriage, is teaching our children that decadent living is also a "normal" consideration. It is giving fresh, malleable young minds taboo choices now, which I feel is really deviancy. The world is filled with far too much of it already and much more so then 30 years ago. I have read that being gay is due to a genetic difference (two of the same gene) versus one of each in a heterosexual. No one wants to cast off gay people, but to change the word from the Bible - the Book of Life - to fit our "modern" mindset, does not make it right. Mankind is weak and prone to error - GOD IS NOT. Everyone absolutely needs love, but I believe a gay couple should find togetherness under a civil union. Make laws under this so they may subsist as everyone else. God Bless the Catholic Church for being the one and only true beacon of moral code in our sad, desperately needed world!

  5. Larry
    3 years ago

    @ Tim--our first commentor. Your no priest, just another gay activist pushing propoaganda. It's interesting all the gay activist that are here, I guess rubbing the vote in our noses. It's as if to say, this is only the beginning. But we'll have to see what happens. This is going to court, and it is not a done deal. God will intervene. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but he will. God put a stop to hitler and his crowd, and these people are made from the same mold. Unfortunately this time, it will be on our own soil.

  6. Rose
    3 years ago

    WOW! The liberals have come out of the closet in droves to comment to this article. God said, "a man shall not lay with another man." Enough said. Read the Bible. So New York knows better than God? You can't make what is wrong to be right. You can't make what is evil to be good. You can pretend, you have the free will to do that. But in reality, you are just fooling yourself and confirming others in their sin. Excommunicate Cuomo.

  7. Garret
    3 years ago

    Marriage has been a central part of society since time immemorial and it goes to the centuries before the introduction of Christianity. It was extant in ancient Roman and Greek society. But the common denominator concerning the marital union across all societies and centuries was that it was only between one man and one woman and open to the possibility of new life being created. Certain cultures even have fertility rites integrated into the marriage ceremony to emphasize the procreative aspect. The cases involving elderly couples who marry when the bride is well beyond child-bearing age does not undermine the pro-life aspect of marriage. The Catholic or Christian view on marriage is firmly based on the belief that God created man and woman to be of 'one flesh' as in the case of Adam and Eve in Genesis. The creation story in Genesis is not taken literally by most biblical scholars but the underlying complementariness between one man and one woman is quite clear.

  8. Ben
    3 years ago

    I love how all the pro-gay marriage people have come on here to complain. Do any of you even know that both the French Supreme Court and French National Assembly both recently voted down gay marriage. And that is in a country that is socialist and secular.

  9. JohnDoe
    3 years ago

    Isn't it interesting that "Gay Marriage" has only been legalized by court and legislative acts.
    Every time gay marriage is put up for a popular vote, it fails and fails miserably. Despite the best efforts of a complicit media the public does not support this perversion of marriage.
    And every time the people vote it down, militant progressives run back to the courts to block the will of the people.
    But then of course, we know what militant progressives think of real people.

  10. philly
    3 years ago

    Yet another nail in the coffin of the healthy, balanced, family. Countless self-professed "intelligent" journalists, psychiatrists, doctors, professors, etc... are baffled why there are so many problems in today's society, yet they aren't intelligent enough to see that corrupting the Family - 1 Mother, and 1 Father - is at the very core of all these problems. Kids need a Father and a Mother - not 2 Mothers, or 2 Fathers - in order to help guide them through their youth into adult-hood. Obviously just because a family consists of a husband+wife team doesn't automatically make them the best parents and a perfect family, but legalizing countefeit marriage is just another swipe at the already fragile family-unit. How sad.
    New York will reap what they sow.

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