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New York Legislature Undermines True Marriage, Family, Society and the Common Good Comments

This issue has been framed as upholding marriage equality. This is not the case since one of the principal purposes of marriage is to bring new life into the world. This cannot happen in same-sex marriage. It is not a civil rights issue, but rather a human rights issue upholding the age-old understanding of marriage.Republicans and Democrats equally share responsibility for this ruinous legislation and we as Catholics should hold all accountable ... Continue Reading

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  1. Christian
    3 years ago

    "Father" Tim, I said it before and I'll say it again. Jesus Christ did not die on the cross to confirm and embrace us in our sinfulness but to set us free from our slavery to sin. And with regards to praying to the Holy Spirit that he might free us from our blindness, you would do well to remember that the Holy Spirit would not contradict what the Church teaches since He teaches through her, infallibly. You would do well to remember that if you are teaching anything contrary to what the Church teaches you are in fact teaching against what the Holy Spirit teaches. That puts you in a precarious situation, close to the sin against the Holy Spirit. In rejecting what the Church teaches and supplanting your own ideas you are rejecting the grace that comes from the Holy Spirit, refusing forgivess of sin and thereby condemning yourself. This false compassion you speak of embracing a life of concupiscence is a trap. You would do well to see any disordered selfish sexual desire as sinful and get yourself into a confessional and fess up. Don't sin against the Holy Spirit; don't refuse His grace. You know what to do. The remedy is the same for all sins. Acknowledge your sins, repent from them, confess them, be forgiven, receive Jesus in the Eucharist, live a life of holiness, and last but not least, Go, and Sin no more! In this way Jesus embraces all sinners. He calls us to repentance. We are not to wallow in filth of any kind. We must wash our robes clean. No sin enters heaven; they must all be purged away. Stop fighting grace and come to your senses before your sins totally take you over. It is so easy to be saved but you must love God more than your sins. You have to let them go.

  2. Frank Tomi - Owner of Bible Study Space Network
    3 years ago

    My name is Frank Tomi, owner of Bible Study Space Network over 10.000 members. Many Catholics on my site are leaving the Catholic Church because of Cuomo and what happened in New York. Cuomo and others receive Holy Communion today. Shame on the Cathoilc Church, Cuomo is living opening in sin with his women, and truning New York into Soddom and Gomorrah. And what do the Leaders in your church do about this evil, ( Give Cuomo Holy Communion today,).I have been praying about comeing home to the Catholic Church, but now many of my Catholic Brothers and sisters in Christ are leaving the Church now, and I don't blame them. No other Christian Church would let Cuomo in the doors, and Shame on Cathoilc Church Leaders and I will not call it a Christian Church anymore! There is a God and He is the God of Justice, and the Catholics on Bible Study Space knows that this is the final death blow for the Catholic Church in NY. But the Catholics on Bible Study Space Network are standing up and taking action. And I don't blame them for leaving the Catholic Church in shame. We will stand alone a, and pray for the leaders who will not stand up for the Word of God and give these evil men Holy Communion

    The National Same-Sex Gay Marriage Boycott Pledge)

    This Boycott is dedicated to crushing New York State economically, Boycott the State of New York by vowing not to spend your vacation dollars in that state. Governor Cuomo, New York Assembly and New York Senator, New York Chamber of Commerce and Industry, New York Office of Tourism. By not doing business within the state, or by not buying anything that comes from New York, until such a time that this law is overturned or ruled unconstitutional.

  3. MH
    3 years ago

    @anglican - The Apostles did not confine their preaching to the safety of the catacombs. They stood in the public square. Peter returned to Rome and was crucified for preaching Christ's gospel to the Roman people. The early Christians were publicly tortured and martyred, as Nero (the state and semi-deity) and his crowd orgied it up, cheered, got drunk, and hooted at the Circus of these ridiculous, raining-on-my-parade Christians.

    @angelfish: The redefinition of marriage in the law re-shapes a social institution. It can not succeed ultimately since marriage comes from God and exists for a purpose. What it does is create absurdity and greater moral incoherence in society. Now marriage can be between any parties. In society, marriage is now supremely malleable and subject to an individual's immediate whims and impulses. Sure you are still married in God' eyes - all that matters - it is what is happening around you that is trying to redefine objective reality and this affects our relationships with others, including in our own marriages and households.

    Marriage is now a subjectively defined arrangement in the law. What about this request: "I want to marry two people because I'm bisexual and being bisexual has a biological basis. You can't discriminate against us. We are freely choosing adults." There's absolutely no reason to stop with marriage between two men or two women. On what reasoning? It has been raised that incest could still be considered taboo because it could lead to children with defects. What if those seeking an incestuous marriage were elderly, infertile or gay?. What if a brother wanted to marry his brother? Why should this be taboo? Who are we to judge after all? Let the infallible Cuomo decide.

    As I've stated in other posts, this is a legal weapon not a final victory. The goal is to establish this as socially valid and force it upon all as acceptable regardless of your individual conscience (religion) or opinion (speech) . Look for more television that depicts gay families, gay marriage, gay sexual behavior. We can throw away our TVs - but the effect on everyone else is to open the bedroom door and show the world gay sexual lifestyles. Now see how that affects your relationships with your neighbors, friends, co-workers, parents at school. Your faith will be tested, mocked, and many individual Catholics will simply capitulate to the bullying and trolling in order to 'go along to get along" Many will deny Christ to avoid conflict and thus do damage to their faith and their souls.

    The next goal is to teach your kids their version of the birds and the bees without your consent. They say plainly the Church is their enemy. Read the comments. Some are salivating over the prospect of the demise of the Church. Look for public schools to require children to learn this stuff - with no 'religious excuses accepted'. Look for gay couples to ask the parish priest to marry them. There will be a lawsuit and that religious exemption clause will be interpreted any way the judge likes.

  4. jds
    3 years ago

    This is to answer the poster, Tim, who asked...
    "If elderly heterosexuals may marry, then why not God's gay and lesbian children, who also are called by their Creator into loving relationships of mutual self-giving and lifelong commitment?"
    ...first of all, God doesn't have any "gay or lesbian" children. God created males and females and He gave us free will to choose our behavior. Homosexuality is a behavior, a sinful, deviant behavior and those who choose it don't want to get married, ie. the definition of marriage is a union between one man and one woman. So Tim, that's "why not?". Now those same homosexuals could enter into a civil union, which could confer all the same rights as heterosexual marriage, but the militant homosexual movement won't accept this because they want homosexuality to be considered as equal to heterosexuality. But it's not and never will be....the proof is easy, let's just all try homosexuality for just one generation and see what happens to our world!

  5. mary
    3 years ago

    Open the gates of HELL and look what happens! So many LGBT group members following Catholic online. Wow!!!

  6. DLL
    3 years ago

    In the end the most amusing aspect of this whole issue,is how " gay people" get on a Catholic website to spew their continuous hatred for a people of faith,that in good conscience,can not support their "agenda" . Society can damn it self with it's own hideous legislation. The Catholic Church is right and I will stand by it. Gay parishioners,Priests,selfish politicians and people of sin,remain in the Church,as all of us as sinners,can pray for each other,but never try to manipulate the Church to be as openly disobedient to God,as our society has become. The teachings of the Church are sacred. GBLT people,whatever that really means,and their supporting politicians,leave the people of our Catholic Church alone. Do not try to convert us to this hideous world of sin and degradation. Catholic people are devoted to God,as they are about achieving their eternal salvation. Traditional Marriage is a Holy Sacrament, one of 7 in the Catholic Church and Scripture maintains tradition,as it is between one man and one woman. Holy law is always and has always been above secular law. I won't believe in the gay lifestyle as I see it as a self destructive lifestyle. Sorry! Enjoy your life and let Catholics enjoy theirs. Be kind one to another. All must be tolerant,as well as respectful, both Holy and secular laws,at least,seem to require mutual tolerance. Go in piece or peace,whatever suits you,as I for one will stand by the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church,as in Christ,it is the only firm foundation for every society,as it exists within each society,as one of it's Religious institutions,firmly established through people who are one and firm in their shared values and
    faith in God.

  7. Robert Burford
    3 years ago

    When do we hold these politicians accountable? Will these politicians receive Holy Communion today? Shame on these people!
    There is a God and He is the God of Justice. We as a country will pay for this abomination.

  8. Colin
    3 years ago

    Please stay out of this Issue. As a NON-Catholic here ( Anglican Actually ) I think the Bishop should just preach from the poppet to Catholics and not to other religious beliefs. Does the Bishop take direction from Jewish or Muslim or other Christian faith leaders, NO. Please stop speaking on behalf of everyone and speak from the poppet to only your followers.

  9. Burke
    3 years ago

    Tim, get out of the Catholic priesthood. Or stop pretending to be a priest. Because of you homosexual priests there is a crisis in the Church. A sexual immoral crisis. Because of you holy priests are damaged. Because of your highly liberal views, you are destroying the Church. You do know what you are saying is contrary to Christ's teaching right? Read the bible, "father". You are a shame to the Church.
    But don't mistake this post as an attack against homosexuality. I love gays, I just don't love their disordered sexual acts that are a manifest sin. This is an attack against those who are gay priests. Shame on you. You should not have entered seminary if you know you are gay. You should not have continued studying for the Holy Priesthood if you discover you are gay. Who is your bishop? Expect a call tomorrow.

  10. Esther Ventura Ferencz
    3 years ago

    @ JULIE another sodomite who CALLS GOOD EVIL and EVIL GOOD! That is scriptuallly based madame AND you best be ready to face GOD as we all shall, and explain YOUR HATE for his LAWS regarding 2 men laying together or two women. LAY off the other commentators. WE ALL have a VOICE and this is a CATHOLIC SITE in case you havent NOTICED.
    ALWAYS interesting to see the HATE and BILE SATAN tosses in the mix of sites as these. GO TO CONFESSION LADY!
    The SPIRITUAL WARFARE HEAT just jumped 100 degrees hgher and the BATTLE ENSUES! Even w.out ALL the BISHOPS
    IF only FULTON SHEEN were here to see this spectacle of EVIL, GOD works in mysterious ways and WILL make sure this does NOT PASS without JUST PUNISHMENT!

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