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Pushing Back the Darkness in New York: Archbishop Dolan Defends True Marriage Comments

Our country's founding principles speak of rights given by God, not invented by government, and certain noble values - life, home, family, marriage, children, faith - that are protected, not re-defined, by a state presuming omnipotence. We cherish true freedom, not as the license to do whatever we want, but the liberty to do what we ought.  Continue Reading

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  1. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    Joseph R Yungk

    Have you checked out the Courage Apostolate Website? Just thought it was an interesting sight from the Catholic Church.

  2. Ninov
    3 years ago

    As an orthodox Catholic, this whole issue is troubling. I have been reading and listening to all that I can to formulate an arguement for this. I've listened to hours of Ruth Institute stuff and many others (great) but, I fear it's too far down the path. Why, because people have bought into church seperated from state or church v. state really. Natural Law arguements don't work. Many folks don't accept that there is any. Just look at Descartes, Nitche, etc. Funny how clearly Plato and Aristotle saw things in order and saw form to things and a greater good or god who must be putting it together but we zap forward to today and we are all parts explained by math according to many. Church law doesn't work as most Catholics dont even follow their own church. Saying the gay lifestyle takes you out at an early age has some legs as you can correlate this to saying you don't drink yourself to death or get really fat, because we know what happens. We know what happens in the gay culture too. But the arguement back is, well, if we'd make it more accepting, they wouldn't have these problems. I think what will happen is this will all pass through all the state or at the federal level, then 40 years from now, just like abortion, the children of these so called couples that were IV or who knows created by some other means, will be speaking out about how their family life was choosen for them, how they didn't have a Dad. I think the Dad will be the one to loose the most. Dad's will be gone, relegated to a sperm donor, until of course, they figure out a way to genetically make sperm, then we won't be needed at all. Why bother with a dad when I can just buy this stuff and inject myself. I just wonder what the kids of these relationships will think in 40 years. Will they be like the youth of today, who seem to overwhelmling be against abortion, and realize they are missing many of their brothers and sisters?

  3. anne
    3 years ago


  4. Johnny
    3 years ago

    Let us pray all our bishops can push back the darkness in every major city throughout the world.We must help our bishops and priest in order for us to be victorious!

  5. Joseph R Yungk
    3 years ago

    So God didn't give me the same rights when four times as many Deists signed the declaration of independence and catholics?

    Why is it that Catholics feel they can define me and my relationships in the first place?

  6. John D
    3 years ago

    Someone with a Brain, the average life span for a male homosexual is only 38 years, even when they live in communities that openly accept that life style. Even before AIDS it was only 48. There are many reasons for this, but one is not Christian persecution. People engaging in the homosexual life style have higher rates of anxiety, depression, suicide, substance abuse, and physical diseases not found in heterosexuals (including anal cancer). Now, understanding these facts, which are conveniently ignored by the homosexual agenda, would you encourage someone to indulge themselves in a lifestyle that cuts their life expectancy in half? Encouraging people with same sex attractions to engage in such relationships is tantamount to giving beer to an alcoholic. The Catholic Church is clear: it is not a sin to be conflicted with a same sex attraction, it is a sin to act it out. Also, people with same sex attractions should not be discriminated against. They are called to chastity and prayer (CCC 2357-9). I encourage everyone to read this article, which backs up my comments above: I will pray for you, my friend.

  7. Christian
    3 years ago

    Dear Brain, Gee I wish I was as smart as you, then I could have answers for everything and have the whole world and all its problems figured out. Since I'm not, I think I will lean on the wisdom that has been revealed by Christ in His Church and which continues to be preached today by such persons as Bishop Dolan. You have gall to think you know more than God and what He as revealed. You are dust and unto dust you shall return and be heard of no more. Don't over exaggerate your intellectual acumen; you are no match for what has been revealed by God in our scriptures and tradition. I suspect you are probably gay or harbor some other sin of which you are a slave to. Not wanting to be rid of such a sin you rail against the Church that could free you from such an attachment. If you really are as smart as you claim to be you would do well to repent, get yourself to a confessional and take advantage of the remedy that is continually being offered to repentant sinners.

  8. DLL
    3 years ago

    Homophobic? Try heterophobic! Marriage is "Traditional". Men and Women get married to procreate and to raise a traditional family. Homosexual people are relative thinkers. They only see a world as it would suit them. They are incapble of accepting any sense of common sense and tradition. Anyone who can't see their viewpoint are homophobic and against them as human beings as a whole. They are wrong about marriage between same sex people as it doesn't work and tradition hasn't proved it to be acceptable. Same sex marriage hasn't survived the test of time. To have sex in a relationship is not love it is sex. Men and women can reproduce,same sex couples can not. Men and women can compliment each other in a marriage because their sex makes them different from each other and children need the influence of a loving couple as man and woman. The love of all people,country,respect for our ancestors,those of different nations,tolerance for one another,respect for core values and belief systems,and love of God is to be traditional and to respect tradition. Relative thinkers of the live and let live mindset,can't accept any thinking that doesn't meet with their own personal viewpoint. Traditional thinkers consider other people,other than themselves with respect,relative thinkers accuse others with their own concocted terminology such as "homophobic",when they sense that there are those who can't agree with them.

  9. Troy
    3 years ago

    (1) Human extinction is a bad thing. What if every human was gay or chose that lifestyle? There would be no more babies and thus, we would be extinct. (2) Natural things are good. What is natural about homosexuality? I do not know of other species that are homosexual. (I know that some animals, dogs for example, that hump each other for dominance, but that is not homosexuality.) One of the reasons marriage was created was for the pro-creation of children. Gay "marriage" can never experience this naturally. Denying gay "marriage" is not bigotted, just keeping what is true.

  10. Esther Ventura Ferencz
    3 years ago

    Thanks Archbishop Dolan on a REFRESHNG read on this important subject,homosexual 'marriages. I am never at a loss of stunned horror at EVIL being called a Good, as well opposite. The UTTER GALL and lack of clarity of thought on issues that may in fact be a causeative affect on the survival of AMERICA leaves me breathless. Calling a man and a man as being married and woman and woman as married is a SLAP to GODS FACE, even if one is not a believer in God, we haveThe Natural Law which is in ALL human beings souls....The State HAS NO POWERS in this area of its peoples. In FACT it has the responsibiliy to UPHOLD 'ALL' that the founding fathers so declared to be 'TRUTHS'. They gave over this country to GOD to Bless and enlighten its people. Surely ALL these good and God fearing men are doing cartwheels in their graves as to the degree of perversion being called a GOOD! " I CALL on all people of GOD to speak TRUTH as Archbishop Dolan has, it is imperative to be witness to TRUTH and BOLDLY BE UNAFRAID! Our very survival as a NATION is at stake. WOE to the Catholic who PROFESSES HOMOSEXUAL 'marriage' a GOOD.

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