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Catholic Education in America: Homeschooling is Not the Problem Comments

The "Catholic schools vs. Homeschool" attitude is tragic. Those who insist that Catholic parents have an obligation to send their children to Catholic schools need to stop guilt-tripping parents and impugning their motives and deal with reality. We're not the enemy of Catholic schools - we are Catholic schools. Continue Reading

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  1. Troy
    3 years ago

    Jen, you said, "In my opinion, this is an abysmal failure on the part of the Church." I have problems when you are at odds with some Priests and a Bishop without having talked to them personally. I do not have a problem with Catholic homeschooling, but bashing Priests and a Bishop.

  2. Theresa
    3 years ago

    Can the Home School Groups not ask to meet with their local Bishops? Seems to me at least some Bishops would listen....My impression has been that most Catholic Home-schools are the better alternative to Public Schools in many parishes where there are no Catholic Schools. I imagine it is also much less expensive to home-school these days.... In many places, Home-schooling brings together several families and parents--which is even better. No doubt, and unfortunately, also, some home-school parents are also concerned (from experience) that their children would get a watered-down version of Catholic Catechesis, as well as in other subjects, etc..., at least in some of the Catholic Schools still in operation.... Also, from what I have heard, children in home-schooling excel in their studies, over and above most traditional schools. After all is said and done, the Catholic Home-schooling "experiment" is working well; why not recognize that and support it? Why not everyone read the "signs of the times?"

  3. autoprt
    3 years ago

    If the Catholic schools are so "concerned" about the students maybe they should offer reduced or no tuition. Members who attend the schools are usually church members who also have to pay for tuition.

    The only reason there is a problem is because reduced enrollment means less $$$$.

  4. faithful2christ
    3 years ago

    I personally support whatever type of education the parent selects for their chid(ren)... be it Government School that is of quality; Private/Parochial School or Home School.. as long as the child(ren) is/are in an enviornment that is condusive to learning and fosters good citizenship (Love of God and Country) and Service. As we know these days are Government Schools aren't the very best in most areas of this nations, most Catholic Schools in the United States are only "Catholic" because it's in the name of the school but Jesus Christ and faithfulness to magisterium is far to be found as well as "religion" is watered down 'cause they can't offend the non Catholics (who in some diocese can 'opt' out of Catholic Studies) so why actually go and finally Catholic Schools are financially too expensive especially when they are inferior in academics and over rated most the time. And in conculsion, Home Schooling still needs to be studied and developed...

  5. Donna Carter
    3 years ago

    I'm BLOWN away!!!! parents not the primary teachers ??? since when,,that has been constantly banged into our heads,, even if your kids are in Catholic school the "home" must still be the primary and consistent source of teaching.....Our parish has a very good school but also a rather large Roman Catholic home school group,, these kids attend daily Mass and often attend all school Masses. Our pastor publicly acknowledges these home schoolers. He included them in the end of the year closing school Mass. So I'm mortified by the diocese of Austin..I live in a very conservative & our Pastor is very "by the book!"

    on the other hand we have had more than enough of the $$$$....Our parish school is a preschool-7th gr school. 8-12 kids move to high school where tuition is double plus.... what the grade school tuition is. We chose to send our oldest to public school for 8th grade. (& he wanted to go) the grief we got and the eye brow raising we still get is sad, I consider myself lucky to have chosen public high school. the teen years are a parents LAST and very important years for a parent to take hands on roll in faith formation, is also a time when many schools start teaching some very specific topics on morality. I consider those to be critically important topics that "parents"should take the lead... and the HOME should be the primary source! I am much more involved than ever in my 8th graders spiritual formation and daily religious education now that he is in public school... We plan to do the same w/ our 2nd child at the end of 7th.
    My hat is off to you for home schooling your 3 children. it is no small task!

  6. Dirtdartwife
    3 years ago

    Excellent article Jen! One of the reasons we homeschool here is because the local Catholic school openly affiliates itself with homosexual organizations that are out to ruin the sanctity of marriage. Therefore it's not only the religious aspect of the school, but the non-Catholics that are teaching in the classrooms.

  7. Rita Biesemans
    3 years ago

    Rita Biesemans 2011-30-5
    September 22nd 1990 we visited Medjugorje for the 2nd time. Ivan Dragicevic one of the seers was answering questions posed by a group of pilgrims. A question was what about the schools nowadays. He said : "Our Lady says about that : that not a single school is able to educate, teach and rear children as the parents can AT HOME. In Schools, colleges, at universities they ruin and break down everything the parents thought them". And I say Our lady is right. I have been to a Catholic University (which doesn't deserve the title "Catholic"), I have been to a freemason College, it was a total attack of every Christian principle. But I am a fighter, and it only made me stronger in my faith and my love for the Lord. Mi ca el = Who is as God !!!!!!! Rita Biesemans

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