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Huge Breakthroughs in ADULT Stem Cell Research! Have You Heard About Them? Comments

Among the worst examples of using language to deceive and hide the truth is the failure to differentiate between human EMBRYONIC stem cell research and ADULT stem cell research. Adult stem cell research is producing amazing results. We just aren't hearing about them.  Continue Reading

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  1. Andy Holland
    3 years ago

    Deacon so many things in this wicked world makes no sense and the suppression of Adult Stem Cell cures which do not require long term anti rejection mediciens in preference to embryonic that do is one of those things. Big Pharma will be out billions in business with adult stem cell cures, but will do well with Embryonic that requires life-long anti-rejection medicines - the most profitable line of medicines. Its time doctors got off their back sides and started curing diseases with adult stem cells, and if Big Pharma buys the patents go to court and point out the Constitution provides for patents for the advancement of useful sciences, not big profits for some.

  2. Michael
    3 years ago

    well ACTC Advanced Cell Technology Inc. has a market cap of 316 million and GERN Geron Corp has a market cap of 639 million, both are in or about to start phase 1 testing using embryonic stem cells. While ATHX Athersys Inc. has a market cap of 64 million and ATSM Aastrom Biosciences Inc has a market cap of 106 million Both are in late stages of trials using Adult stem cells.

    So what does this mean ? Well it means that it is time for you people to stop flapping your lips, and start to put your money where your mouth is and start investing into the Adult stem cells. Otherwise NOBODY IS GOING TO LISTEN TO YOU and adult stem cells will be replaced by EHSC 's

  3. jh
    3 years ago

    Praise God for a Catholic voice speaking the truth. Our general media is selective in what it wants the public to read, and believe.

    Continue to write your articles, Deacon. May God bless you in your vocation..

  4. vance
    3 years ago

    Deacon Fournier, another informative article. To answer the news title question, NO I have not heard of the Adult Stem Cell Research Breakthrough from the Marxist Liberal Establishment Media. Nor will I or anyone else. The Marxist Democrat Party and their Media puppets are so enamored with Death that they will never allow themselves to acknowledge the truth. Our Diabolic Dear Leader in the White House didn't waste any time when he was sworn into office to UNDO all of George Bushes restrictions of the use of Federal Funds to finance Abortions and Fetal Stem Cell Research. Another good question that needs to be asked, "When was the last time you heard anything from the pulpit on Fetal Stem Cell Research?"

  5. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    Jason White

    Keep an open mind and check out the Pope Paul IV Institute on Reproductive Information on Natural Family Planning and Napro-Technology.

  6. andrew
    3 years ago

    I tend to agree with Don Margolis. How many are aware of the success stories through ASC treatments? There comes a point when a change of course is imminent and channelising research resources towards successful road maps that are much more likely to be ethically and morally acceptable, by the end user. In this case, following that road map which Adult Stem Cell research is taking. Catholics must be made aware that:
    a. Benefiting from embryonic stem cell research is selfish, even coveting if not being an accomplice to murder.
    b. They have a choice in Adult Stem Cell treatments and demand it for the next generation.

  7. Jason White
    3 years ago

    Anyone ever heard of in-vetro fertilization. If you are at all familiar then check out Advanced Cell technologies with an open mind.

  8. Bob Keller
    3 years ago

    The New York Times article "Setback for New Stem Cell Treatment" suggests to me that this article might be a bit pre-mature in its conclusions.

  9. Don Margolis
    3 years ago

    This makes two of us, Deacon, trying to explain the embryonic hoax to a kept-ignorant public. Reuters published an article two weeks ago--a perfect example of what you described. Here was our response:
    Nice to see Reuters has finally joined the embryonic hoax with a typical hoax article, every one of which contains these pieces of misinformation:
    1-Embryonic stem cells come from days-old embryos and can produce any type of cell in the body.
    THAT has never been proven in any scientific paper, but since embryonics is science-fiction, you can get away with phony claims.
    2-Always mention ONLY the political/religious debate, NEVER mention the scientific truths, all of which add up to one fact: Embryonic stem cells will never help one patient with any disease this decade, and probably any decade.
    3--Mention only the money-grubbing non-trials by Geron, a long-proven hoax company which announced ten clinical trials 2004-2009 which never happened while stealing hundreds of millions from its sucker shareholders.
    4--Never put the word ADULT in front of the words "stem cells" since there are 10,000 once-hopeless patients in the world today walking around leading improved lives after ASC treatments. Big Medicine would never allow Americans to cut into their profits from selling us their useless pills, their murderous chemotherapy and radiation, and dangerous surgeries. which is why they are funding the embryonic hoax. "Don't let them know about the only stem cells which work!"
    Well done, Reuters! You have earned yourselves many millions of advertising dollars from PhRMA!
    Don Margolis, Chairman
    Repair Stem Cell Institute.

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