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Huge Breakthroughs in ADULT Stem Cell Research! Have You Heard About Them? Comments

Among the worst examples of using language to deceive and hide the truth is the failure to differentiate between human EMBRYONIC stem cell research and ADULT stem cell research. Adult stem cell research is producing amazing results. We just aren't hearing about them.  Continue Reading

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  1. Jan O'Connor
    3 years ago

    Message for Roger Nocera -
    As a NZ Registered nurse I have studied Regenerative Medicine since 2003 and have studied and worked in Regenerative Medicine in China in relation to burns, ulcers and wounds.

    I would be extremely interested to read your book - where can I purchase this and what is the ISBN number please.

    Perhaps we have a common interest - you may be interested in the China Burn website/forum in regenerative medicine using Burns Regenerative Therapy/Moist Exposed Treatment/Moist Exposed Burn Ointment.
    As a member of the Adult Stem Cell Foundation for Australia and New Zealand you may also be interested in Alpha Lipid Colostrum that is endorsed by this foundation.

    There is much evidence based literature that this colostrum helps in degenerative disease such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease, Arthrtis and othe Auto Immune Diseases.

    I am happy to share information and knowledge in regards to both areas should you wish. Jan O'Connor RGON

  2. Jan O'Connor
    3 years ago

    I would like to be able to contact Tom Brunick -
    As a NZ registered nurse and a member of the Adult Stem Cell Foundation of Australia and New Zealand I am very happy to assist and share my knowledge about Alpha Lipid Colostrum products, which are endorsed by the foundation,,that are known assist those who have degenerative disease such as Parkinsons Disease,Multiple Sclerosis Arthritis etc.
    If there may be others, who read this website, I am happy to assist them if they wish.

  3. Dr. John
    3 years ago

    I think I may have failed to make my position clear.
    I am FOR adult stem cell research. I think it is very promising. I think we should embrace it.
    I am AGAINST embryonic stem cell research. I think it is immoral.
    We should promote further research into adult stem cell therapies and not let the argument stray over into using embryonic stem cells. That should stay off limits for all time.
    Sorry if I let my words cloud my meaning.

  4. Roger Nocera, M.D.
    3 years ago

    The Catholics have the scientific truth on stem cells. I have been working with adult stem cell therapy overseas since 2006 and have written a book on the subject, CELLS THAT HEAL US FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE, A Quantum Leap In Medical Science. What has been suppressed by the world media is that a natural healing organ system has been discovered over the past decade, which those in power in medicine have refused to recognize because it would shift resources away from the medically illogical but financially profitable use of EMBRYONIC stem cells to the exciting new science of ADULT stem cells, the effector limb of natures healing system.
    Congrats to the Catholics for getting stem cells right!
    Roger Nocera, M.D.

  5. Theresa
    3 years ago

    I'm not understanding Doctor John's reasoning for objecting to adult human stem cell-research. To stop the adult research just because the "technology" can be/is abused by those who insist on trying to get something going with human embryos won't change these people's hearts. The Technology is out of the bag; it will never be reversed (especially at this point when there is so much success with adult stem cells); so why stop the work in adult stem cell research which is morally acceptable? It just doesn't make good common sense! The government can and should stop the funding for embryonic stem cell research; we must keep pressing our elected officials in Government to do so. Vote people out of office that are not pro-life, "from beginning to end!" Our country will not recover from all the trouble were in until we get our house in order on all the LiIFE issues--in accordance with the Teaching of the Magisterium of the Church.... "God is not mocked...."

  6. hariette banzon
    3 years ago

    thank you for the enlightening information.

  7. vance
    3 years ago

    Dr. John, Whenever I read or hear someone who indicts "Both Sides" it raises a huge red flag. This is a tired old tactic which is used commonly by Liberals to delute or mask the culpable Liberal perpetrator of his evil deeds. Sorry John, but your side is intellectually dishonest not 'Both'.

  8. Jan
    3 years ago

    Regenerative Medicine.
    Since 2003 I have been interested in and researched Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy using adult stem cells.

    My initial encounter was in treating a patient who had had chronic leg ulecers for 10 years. Using this treatment these ulcers were healed within 6 months.

    My personal research took me to China to study this treatment in which patients, who suffer from burns, wounds and ulcers, enjoy an improved quality of life.

    At least now there is differentiation between Adult Stem Cell and Embryonic Stem Cell research so that researcher can provide the many answers that enable doctors/specialists provide treatment for patients to enable them to have an improved quality of life. These people can return to the community in which they live and be active not dependant members of society.

  9. tom brunick
    3 years ago

    Deacon Keith, thank you for another great article on adult stem cells. There are many of us who suffer from diseases like Parkinson's, who want a cure. But, not at the expense of human life. Adult stem cells are the future.
    tom brunick

  10. Dr. John
    3 years ago

    Both sides of the debate are intellectually dishonest.
    The fantastic breakthroughs of adult stem cell research and even cord blood stem cell research are not touted by either side because those of us who oppose using embryonic stem cells recognize the slippery slope that we approach by admitting that stem cell research in general is promising and an amazing new field.
    Using God's own toolbox to repair our bodies is just a mind blowing idea however if we admit this then we "fear" that it will lead directly to destruction of human life to obtain more "raw materials" to work with.
    Leaving the donor alive and unharmed is an absolutely wonderful way to apply this technology.
    The other side does not want to acquiesce that we are getting promising results from adult stem cells, cord blood cells and post natal sources because they fear that to do so would limit the financial and other perceived benefits from harvesting fertilized human embryos, or, what the rest of the civilized and God fearing world calls, babies. These are concentrated sources of the stem cells mentioned in the article. They are cheap and tragically plentiful.
    Science without ethics and morality has no place in our world or in our faith.
    If we changed the argument to say that we should use human embronic material to make a high protien animal feed that would fatten animals and feed millions there would be no end to the outcry and the protests. But to kill a baby for profit and for selfish intent is acceptable and the right thing to do according to these people.
    Continue to pray for the misguided arguments on both sides of the issue and continue to tout the breakthroughs that leave the donor intact.

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