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Campaign 2012, South Carolina, Rick Santorum and the Kentucky Derby Comments

His stalwart defense of life has only improved with age. So too have his skills as a communicator. His defense of marriage - and the family and society founded upon it - has been coherent and consistent. His unapologetic defense of the moral basis of a truly free society has been refreshing. Clearly, Senator Rick Santorum "gets it". He emerged the victor in this first Presidential debate and a South Carolina straw poll. Continue Reading

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  1. Bill Snyder
    3 years ago

    I have a shirt with the message: "Let no man ever claim to be a true American who wants to remove religion from politics"; George Washington!".

    No matter how powerful our armed forces (thank God, my Marine Corps is so Catholic!) are; and how efficient the FBI & CIA are, if we disregard Psalm 127, we are doomed! "Unless the Lord watch over us, all these are to no avail" I have used words which are relevant to today, but ring as true as when written centuries ago.

  2. Nick Leavens
    3 years ago

    @TJ, Is Sen. Santorum against Infanticide? Yes, I agree that he is, and has always been one of the strongest supporters of protecting life when it comes to babies. For that, I thank him. However, I'm of the opinion that a person who votes for an unnecessary war that ends up killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians cannot be considered 'pro-life or pro-family'.

    And besides, how can you support a man who endorsed Arlen Specter? "Arlen is with us on the votes that matter, to move our agenda forward for this President and for the Country." That shows his true colors. Watching out for himself, just like any good politician.

  3. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago


    What makes you think we have control over God regarding Israel at this time? No one is hastening anything because I still believe that God is in control and even in control of what evangelicals and Catholics are doing even in these times?

    Do you really think Israel will listen to the Catholic Church? I dont think so because Ive been following a lot of this and I noticed when Holy Father has spoken the Israel community in the world has criticized Holy Father and our church? As well as the Protestant community.

    You know I dont propose to know God's business but I would say that God knows what God is doing more than we mere humans.

  4. Theresa
    3 years ago

    I don't agree with those who say a person must not bring his/her "personal beliefs" to the public office he/she is running for; a person shouldn't have one stance "personally" and promote the opposite "publicly." (That was what John Kennedy affirmed: he started a precedent that Catholics fell for "hook, line and sinker!") That isn't to say that people in public office don't have to settle for less, sometimes, when they actually vote, but it should only be the case when the other options on the table are worse. Our Foundation is "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness"--in that order--This is what the government of the USA is supposed to uphold. This accords with the Natural Law, with "why" God made us.... Government/politics is something of a minefield; it takes courage to run for office. Rick Santorum thought and prayed, long and hard, before making his decision to run. Let us pray that the best man/woman, before God and man, "wins!" Given the direction we are going in now, there is a lot at stake if we are to survive as "one nation, under God...!" (In any case, “a house that is divided will fall….”) I would suggest that those who have a disagreement with Rick Santorum call-in on the Bill Bennett Morning in America Show on Fridays (every Friday: Talk Radio, 6am-9am) and respectfully express their thoughts to him. Let's hear his own response!

  5. Curt
    3 years ago

    In order to appeal to conservatives, Mr Santorum will have to go along with
    the "Israel does no wrong policy".

    Mr Fournier want to be pro life?

    What about all the Evangelicals that send money for Jews to
    return to Israel, to rebuild the temple, to hasten the end of the world?
    All why seeing the Catholic Church as the "whore of Babylon".

    How come all of those that want to promote life never say
    anything on this subject?

    People are trying to hasten the rapid return of Christ, turn the
    world into a hell (certain Evangelical beliefs) and Catholics
    say nothing about this?

    This is not to say Palestinians are benign either.
    But American has not been a fair broker.

  6. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago


    Liberty is not freedom to do what you want but what you aught to do. Bill Donohue defined it, liberty and freedom pretty much the way the founding fathers said at:

    Freedom and Liberty pretty much mean one thing for we Americans but not the freedom per se to do what you want to do. Its about doing what aught to be done in society.

    Are you going to go out and kill somebody pretty much because you think through freedom it gives you the right to do so? Poor example but the best one I have for now.

    I would say Rick Santorum could be forgiven under the circumstances that were just beginning to wake up America to what is happening with our country? Rick has just as much right as any American to run for office in this country so lets give them all a shot respectfully and in my humble opinion. May the best person win (Hopefully by the right of God. Chuckle, Chuckle).

  7. TJ
    3 years ago

    @Nick Leavens: Again, just because cases where capital punishment would be justifiable are "rare or practically non-existant", does not bind us to completely take away the option by outlawing the practice. We can still support having the option of capial punishment available just in case, while fully agreeing with the Church's teaching that it should be rarely if ever used, as I'm sure Sen. Santorum does. As for the war, while personally I tend to play it safe and side with the Pope on that, his pronouncements on it were not infallibly binding on all the faithful as are the teachings against abortion, so to try to use that against Sen. Santorum as supposed proof that he is NOT pro-life or pro-family is absurd and intellectually dishonest. What is your REAL agenda against the Senator?

  8. Walt
    3 years ago

    As a Republican, Catholic, and resident of Pennsylvania... Rick Santorum has no chance and has no idea what liberty is. If he did, he wouldn't be as insistent on forcing his beliefs onto others as liberals are in trying to force their godless beliefs onto others in the same way. Liberty is liberty... Liberty is not me forcing you to conform to my vision of liberty.

    To that end... Ron Paul is the answer. The idea that he doesn't defend families is dishonest. He doesn't support freedom at the expense of values. He defends you and your family making their own choices at the expense of gov't making them for you. Senator Santorum supports the gov't forcing his values onto others, but rejects the idea that gov't should force ideas he doesn't support onto others.

    Santorum's position is wildly inconsistent when it comes to defining liberty. As a Republican resident of PA... I feel good knowing that both him and Arlen Specter no longer represent me.

  9. Roland Mayer
    3 years ago

    I like Santorum's pro-life stance, but until he apologizes for backing pro-abortion Arlen Specter against a pro-life Republican in the 2004 Pennsylvania primary, I won't be voting for him.

  10. Duff
    3 years ago

    I live in Santorums district. Please, he could not even win in his own back yard. He was punished for shunning Pat Toomey and backing Arlen Specter years ago. He is nothing but a big government politician who wants to police the world. I happen to agree with his pro life stances, but Mr. Santorum should go and run some charity if he wants to promote his ideas.

    Ron Paul clearly is the life and liberty candidate.

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