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Campaign 2012, South Carolina, Rick Santorum and the Kentucky Derby Comments

His stalwart defense of life has only improved with age. So too have his skills as a communicator. His defense of marriage - and the family and society founded upon it - has been coherent and consistent. His unapologetic defense of the moral basis of a truly free society has been refreshing. Clearly, Senator Rick Santorum "gets it". He emerged the victor in this first Presidential debate and a South Carolina straw poll. Continue Reading

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  1. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    I agree Curt but I do have a problem with the politicians because they are the one's who got this going and I dont feel sorrow for the church in this instance because Dr. Nathanson came out and actually said that the church was asleep during this good fight.

    He and NARAL and others got abortion going.

    Like I was saying if you get the chance see Priests for Life and do a little surfing and search out what they have on Norma McKorvey and others like Dr. Nathanson.

    Interesting. Brought me to Pro-Life.

  2. Curt
    3 years ago

    JeanCatherine, I am against abortion, have always been.
    But unlike most people, I do not blame the politicians/president first
    and foremost.

    God will not allow a person to be tempted beyond what they can
    bear. 1 Corinthians 10:13

    I was a teenager once. I know what temptation is.

    Most of these women are getting abortions
    because they choose to (an choice I do not agree with).

    The focus should be faith in Jesus Christ, true and real conversion.

  3. Hayley
    3 years ago

    I have been a Ron Paul supporter for years, and he is constantly being ridiculed. He is saying it’s not any of his business as president to stick his nose in others people’s non-violent personal choices. He doesn't believe the President should have all this power, only protect the rights of Americans. Non-believers get married all the time outside of the church not believing it was instituted by God, in being fruitful, etc.. It is difficult to get an Athesist say to agree with you that God made marriage. Ron Paul just said get the “Federal Government out of it”, and the issue should be left to the churches and states. The Church makes sure that as Catholics we are married in the Church, not by the government. Marriage in the Church is so much more! Don’t mistake Ron Paul’s response as a belief that same sex marriage is good, or right, or acceptable to God, because that’s not what he said. Only that it doesn’t infringe on his liberties, and he is not going to force his beliefs on non-violent people just as he wouldn’t want someone to infringe on his Christian beliefs. Whether or not you agree, I think it is a respectable point and he has remained consistent and honest for the past... 30 years or so.

  4. vance
    3 years ago

    Rick Santorum is a great guy. I loved his peformance and answers during the debate. I have not made up my mind yet on who I will vote for. I give Herman Cain credit for his performance and answers. I had thumbs down on the Liberal-terians and their "Let's legalize Heroin, Cocain, Meth, Pot, Gay Marriage, and prostituion" under the deceiptful mask of "Government should be out of our lives". I too thought that Herman Cain won the debate.

  5. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago


    I dont have control over God and I dont have control over a women have an abortion but I can understand why Susan B. Anthony who fought for our rights didnt support abortion either. I used to Pro-Choice but after studying the issue and watching Miss Norma McKorvey (Who was Jane Roe by the way.) say she made a big mistake supporting this law I will help women if I can to make a better choice other than abortion if possible. We have free will.

    I have also thought this lately until were all at Peace in ourselves there will be no period of Peace as our Lady said at Fatima. Im for peace and I hope we achieve it someday. The Lord said, No one knows the when the end of the world will be. I do not support fast paced coming of the end but there is nothing wrong with looking for the signs the Lord mentioned. It is said under certain circumstance Anti-Christ will show, which I dont hasten but I have no control over this but God does. After all He is the author of LIfe as stated in the Bible.

    If you get a chance read about Norma McKorvey. Also puruse Priests for Life and check out what Dr. Nathanson said about abortion. He was head of NARAL and an Atheist who eventually became a supporter of Right to Life Movement. Now that is interesting dont you think? So why did this man change his mind and why did Norma McKorvey. Im not arguing with you here and I can protest abortion it is my right.

  6. Pete Brady
    3 years ago

    yve: take a breath. You're apoplectic 'cause everyone else is not like you. And in that you will continue to be disappointed.

  7. yve
    3 years ago

    I just back home from church and see that you didn't have the guts to show what I printed. One reason, it went against your vierwpoint, second is that I backed it up with facts. Tfhe bible talks about several antiChrists before the one true one comes back to us and I guess by your action you have showed that you are a wolf in sheeps clothing. What are you so scared about that you won't show what I originally stated? By the way since this website is for profit what do you do with the profits? I am sure that Jesus and the original apostles did not profit from promoting the teachings of Christ. I know that you will not show this either but at least I have stood up for what Jesus taught and the saints who were examples of his teachings. If I remember correctly some of the hierarchy of the church did not take to kindly to St Francis either. He is my confirmation saint, who I admire greatly, too bad you don't.

  8. Curt
    3 years ago

    Jean Catherine, I do not think we control over God concerning
    Israel. In my comment, I did include "certain Evangelical beliefs".

    Do you speak against abortion? Then I could ask why do you
    think you have control over God concerning women that choose
    to have an abortion. But I do not want to that.

    Would you criticize the Iranian Guard or other Islamists that are waiting
    for the 10th or 12th Iman to appear? (I can not remember their belief).
    Would you notify the government if I were donating money to the Iranian
    Guard for the Iman to appear?

    Then why not challenge Christians that are (ACCORDING TO THEIR
    BELIEF) trying to hasten the end of the world?

    Pope Paul VI Day of Peace, 1972. If you want peace, work for
    justice. Certain Evangelicals only want Israel to rebuild the temple.

    And because Israel does not listen, just quit?
    Might as not speak against abortion, after all, nobody wants to listen
    to you? See, it does not make sense. take care

  9. Yve
    3 years ago

    Can someone explain to me, how someone can be pro-life but deny health insurance benefits and social security to the poor, sick, seniors and disabled, etc...? Or cut funds to public schools so that all children can have an equal opportunity to better themselves and the world? When the Catholic missionaries go to underdeveloped countries do they start out preaching about Christ? No they first work at meeting the physical needs of the people. They start out by giving them food and water and then teaching them how to obtain it for themselves. We are not doing that in the U.S.,, we are taking away from the very people that Christ showed us how to take care of. We are giving to the rich and taking away from the poor. Isn't that the opposite of Jesus? Until I see politicians doing that I will not vote for them. I believe Obama has tried that with what some people call Obama care! I have experienced through family members what big business & big health insurance companies really care about. Many of these business worship the dollar while I worship Jesus. For example my daughter works in the fast food industry in order to keep her job, she must work at times off the clock (not getting paid for the all the hours she is working. I have worked for all size of companies, and many of them asked me to do illegal & unethical practices. I worked in the accounting area of these firms. We deserve the freedom to be treated fairly by all which includes business, politicans and others. I am always going to vote on the side of social justice, Jesus's way. I am always going to vote for whoever has the best interest for those less fortunate. I personally don't mind paying higher taxes if its for humane reasons. If we can't take care of our own how dare we meddle in other countries business until we get our backyard clean! I vote for whoever appears to be practicing the greatest commandment of all. I would be surprised if my comments are shown on this website. I have worked on parish councils, taught catechism, been highly involved in the Catholic church for 35 years and at times been very shocked by the behavior of "Catholics" I don't claim to be perfect, but when I see politics even at the parish level and narrow mindedness and heartlessness it makes me so sad. We are to serve others, especially the less fortunate. Those Catholics that want to cut social programs so they can pay less taxes and not have to fund others so that they may have good health, read about what the saints did and stood for. How many of you who cry about your liberties being lost have worked in a soup kitchen, food bank or tutored at a title 1 school! Or volunteered at a hospital or prison,etc... If you had you would understand what I mean. I also think this world would be a better place. Please don't tell me what it means to be Catholic, I have been harassed in the workplace for being Catholic, for having values, integrity, for having clothing drives and shoe drives at work, etc., for teaching catechism, (I would review my catechism books during my lunch hour at my desk).etc..I gotta go now, have to get ready for church to lector. Also when I lector I read with emotion, because the Holy Spirit takes over for me, of course if I let him, which I usually do. Try it sometime its an awesome feeling!

  10. Pete Brady
    3 years ago

    I still haven't gotten an answer as to the "absurdity" and " built in problems" of Ron Paul' s answers at the debate. But, oh, Cain and Pawlenty (who?) acquitted themselves well. Who's been on the national scene longer, who was it that raised millions through an internet grassroots effort to prove he had a substantial base? Right, Ron Paul. The article tries to minimize him. Just like the liberal media that pick their favorites to back or run down. So, lacking a response to back up the disparagement of him I will simply state that Ron Paul stands for "LIBERTY" and the "strict limit" of the Constitution as against the other candidates, Santorum included, who variously stand for either "American exceptionalism" or BIG government in direct contravention to the Constitution. Ron Paul, Liberty and Catholic go together VERY WELL!

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