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Campaign 2012, South Carolina, Rick Santorum and the Kentucky Derby Comments

His stalwart defense of life has only improved with age. So too have his skills as a communicator. His defense of marriage - and the family and society founded upon it - has been coherent and consistent. His unapologetic defense of the moral basis of a truly free society has been refreshing. Clearly, Senator Rick Santorum "gets it". He emerged the victor in this first Presidential debate and a South Carolina straw poll. Continue Reading

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  1. Chris
    3 years ago

    As a Catholic I am sick and tired of hearing politicians like Rick Santorum state that they are pro-life and then support the death penalty.

  2. Diane
    3 years ago

    I'll vote for Santorum and I hope Gingrich is on the same ticket with him. The others might have a little charm but they have no real weight. I think Santorum and Gingrich would be a dream ticket for life and family, just what America needs. Since I don't know how these things work, I'll pray for it. I know they are both strong, intelligent, experienced and most of all good men. I'll be praying for them every day.

  3. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    Curt: Forgot! The Father should also be a protector of his children as well.

  4. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    Curt as for blaming anyone I dont blame the politicians as I have explained Dr. Nathanson gave us what happened. The politicians, judges and lawyers went with it. We the clergy and the layfaithful didnt fight hard enough in 1973 that is the answer. I blame sin as you do. Forgive us Father for we do not know what we do. Including the politicians sometimes either.

  5. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago


    I have no problems with the word G-R-A-C-E. I know were all sinners. Yes the mother should be the protector. Im sure the Lord will overcome abortion when we start realizing that we should respect the womb to the tomb but we dont. When we do have that conversion of hearts and we change as Priests for Life is encouraging in all of us and others of Pro-Life I dont doubt we will protect life in the womb to the tomb but we dont at this point.

    I love what the Pro-Life Community is doing in the country. The Politicians should be jabbed at and prayed for. Im glad we have Norma McKorvey on our side. Im glad we have Frank Pavone and Dr. Alveda King and so many others who were there in the beginning fighting to preserve the sanctity of life. Am I going to peacefully bug my politicians----yes I am. I wont take no for an answer anymore when it comes to the life issues as long as I can voice my opinion. I respect yours as well and Deacon Fourniers as well.

    Evil runs abortion there is not doubt about it. It uses the politicians and Planned Parenthood personnel to spin its agenda everyday. Look at Abby Johnson and her story and she will tell you this is so. Our politicians in my state have told me they will uphold Roe v. Wade because the women have the right to choose to kill their children in the womb. So again if Deacon want to peacefully protest the politcians he can have at it as long as it conforms to God and what He wants to.

  6. Curt
    3 years ago

    JeanCatherine, I do believe politics is a part of the solution to the abortion issue.
    But most people just live for the next election cycle. I have no problem with
    Christians being politically active, but Christians should be living joy filled,
    pure lives as an attractant to other people. This is what will change the
    world, living epistles. Not a candidate, this is not to say governments
    do not have a role.

    Deacon Fournier writes a lot about "natural law" and jabs at politicians
    about protecting the most helpless in the womb.
    Should not the mother be the primary protector of the womb?

    JeanCatherine, suppose we were married and we went to Europe.
    We were in Amersterdam and you caught me with a prostitute.
    If I blamed the liberal laws of the Netherlands and how sexy the woman
    may have been dressed, would you buy that argument?

    Women pressured to have abortion? It may be true, but what about
    G-R-A-C-E? How is the Christian life lived? By grace.

    Either God supplies all the grace we need to overcome sin, or
    God is not that powerful.
    It seems the more temptation a person has, the more grace God
    will give to overcome.

  7. Richard
    3 years ago

    Rick Santorum's comment that John McCain doesn't know a thing about torture is an automatic disqualification for any office in this country. John McCain withstood YEARS of torture at the hands of the North Vietnamese, and is very well acquainted with what it is and how it works. He gets a thumbs down from veterans.

    Aside from being a tremendous insult to John McCain, it also demonstrates that Mr. Santorum is ignorant, callous and willing to make dumb statements that contribute nothing to the debate. That makes his judgement and knowledge in other areas suspect.

  8. Peaceable 60
    3 years ago

    Rick Santorum is a man I can get excited about when it comes to politics. I trust him. He is a good and decent man with his head on straight about who he is and who God is and what our country is founded upon. I pray that he does very well. who knows? He may win the nomination, and he may win the election for president. Stranger things have happened. God speed Mr. Santorum.

  9. Bill
    3 years ago

    I met Rick Santorum 15 years ago and was impressed with is presence and candor. Through the years he has maintained his positions on defense, right to life, and helping those who can't help themselves. Whether you are liberal or conservative you have to respect someone who does not waiver on his beliefs and principles. He is worth the time to look hard at all of his positions to see if he is a candidate worthy of your support. I believe that he is very worthy of mine.

  10. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago


    Keep in my these women dont necessarily choose an abortion they are pressured to get the abortion because they feel they have no other choice.

    Also watch for Abby Johnson who left Planned Parenthood and see what she says on the subject. She is the latest person to speak on the subject

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