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They Say Marriage is a Dying Institution: What's Really Dying is Love Comments

The pronouncement came from actress Cameron Diaz and psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow last week:  marriage is a dying institution. Dr. Ablow blames its demise on government, contraception, disappearing passion and the mockery of divorce. What he never mentions is Love. Marriage will only die if we give up the struggle of love. Continue Reading

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  1. Onegaishimasu
    3 years ago

    Been married for twenty two years this July and I loved the way you said it. I would only add that it's hard to be "free spirited" with some one you just met and don't know. The joy of submission to a loving husband is hard to explain to a feminist because it's not submission in the sense of slavishly catering to his whims, and it's not slavery because it's mutual consent to take up different and complementary roles. Kind of like surrendering to the love of God. I wish I was better at expressing it but some part of it is ineffable and beyond words.

  2. Stephanie
    3 years ago

    This is not a surprise. This is the "me" age; many people are narcissists and seek pleasure at the expense of others, even their spouse and their child(ren), who are supposed to come first. If marriage becomes difficult or boring, there is always divorce.

    I agree, this didn't just start with contraception. It started in the Protestant Revolution when Henry VIII, along with other men of his time, wanted to divorce his wife and was willing to do anything to get his way. Divorce was the beginning of the end. Now, I'm not saying divorce isn't necessary in extreme circumstances (i.e. abuse), but most of the time abuse isn't a factor. Marriage becomes difficult, boring, one of the spouses wants to "marry" someone else and so they are allowed to break up their home and their family and get a divorce.

  3. Norm
    3 years ago

    Thank you for such a wonderful article in defense of Marriage. God bless you!

  4. philip
    3 years ago

    what a world of lust without love. these two arrogant are definitely calling themselves the bests of this generation. knowledge without God is useless. they believe their opinion is always correct. they think their stand is true and strong. but surely this manifests their natural weakness. they only want an easy way out, they are irresponsible, they cannot accept their human frailties, they cannot afford to reconcile things or situations, and yes, they CANNOT and DO NOT LOVE at all. thanks Jennifer!

  5. Mary F.
    3 years ago

    Misguided people like Dr. Keith Ablow & Ms. Diaz and other misguided people like Ms. Diaz in the entertainment industry are dangerous to the institution of marriage. Love is the key to a marriage between a man and a woman and always will be. A beautiful and well written article by Ms. Jennifer Hartline. Thank you and God bless.

  6. Andy Holland
    3 years ago

    "I'm gonna have to learn how to love, and it'll be painful at times, because Love will entreat me down off my throne and smash my selfishness to bits. But only little by little, day by day." - BRAVO! I think that is a wonderful key. We have to learn to love because love is eternal, transcendant and as such something that is learned more and more day by day. Love is not something one can reduce into a box - it is something that is irreducible and eternal. God is love. If love is nothing more than teenage hormones then the passion becomes the reduced object of a self love - " It has everything to do with people being slaves to sexual desire and desecrating the beautiful gift of sexual love that brings forth new life."

  7. Jerzy Gawor
    3 years ago

    Like Cameron Diaz is an expert on marriage?! As for Dr Ablow - would you pay this guy to be your shrink? What possible help can he be to any troubled individual married or not - he is utterly clueless, about as useful as a chocolate tea-pot..

    So the tabloids, glossy magazines and media in general dish out this and similar drivel and the public lap it up believing it all to be true. So sad - that people can be so easily manipulated and misled.

    Why not read Pope John Paul 11's Veritatis Splendour and Familiaris Consortio for the Truth on who we are as Human Beings and the beauty of allowing Love to work in our lives. My wife and i celebrate our 35th Wedding Anniversary this year. This will be a great family 'feast day' with our six children and two grand children.

    Hard work - suffering - tears - YES! All that and more - but with that comes the deepest joy imaginable and laughter 'till your sides ache.

    In our books marriage is alive and well! LONG LIVE MARRIAGE!

  8. Tim Muse
    3 years ago

  9. Wendy
    3 years ago

    Thank you so much for this inspiring and uplifting article. I believe that those who cannot celebrate the importance of love, and recognize how vital it is, are also those who lack faith, and we must pray for them.

  10. R
    3 years ago

    Thank you for this article. I am a teenaged girl, and when I read about the twisted ideas and direction of our modern society I am almost scared to think of what the future will hold. But, I am so thankful for those people (like Mrs. Hartline) who speak up, who defend the Truth. I only wish more people shared these beliefs of Love and the beautiful gift of marriage and our sexuality. Thank you again.

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