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They Say Marriage is a Dying Institution: What's Really Dying is Love Comments

The pronouncement came from actress Cameron Diaz and psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow last week:  marriage is a dying institution. Dr. Ablow blames its demise on government, contraception, disappearing passion and the mockery of divorce. What he never mentions is Love. Marriage will only die if we give up the struggle of love. Continue Reading

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  1. allison hinde
    1 year ago

    it is sad that marriage has come to that.

  2. Fran
    3 years ago

    Well said!!! My husband and I have been married 42 years. Love has everything to do with it!Thank you for another great article.

  3. Melissa
    3 years ago

    Jennifer, YOU ROCK! I'm going to put this article on my facebook page. Thank you.

  4. Corrie
    3 years ago

    RIGHT ON!!!!!

  5. Raynus
    3 years ago

    Marriage is not a do or die affairs, but depends on how well one can handle it. If a person run away from the story of marriage that should to own his or her reasoning. There will no procreation as the bible said. The basis of chosen a partner equally depends on you man or women. No need for expatiation, If you know you can live to the doctrines Christ, i believe that is a step at the right direction.

  6. Bat Melekh
    3 years ago

    For the answer why wasn't Jesus married... do not fall in the mistake of limiting yourself to the given options in the article "marriage" or "lust".....
    Lust is a Sin, good marriage is a virtue, but according to the Bible, there is even a greater choice, Celibacy, which is a way to glorify God! As such, being Single, Jesus did not pick the other choice, which is Lustful Celibacy where he would go meet as many girls as he wanted. NO, he picked an even greater choice, with is PURE Celibacy... that is even greater than marriage! this is what Priests, Monks, and Nuns live in... they do not get married, true, but they don't sleep with their "boyfriend" or "girlfriend", with 3 children from 2 different fathers, and not married to any of them! NO, ON THE CONTRARY, like Jesus, they live in a Pure Celibacy, where they are not married, but not lustful as well... they practice even more self control and loyalty than a married couple does! they rid themselves completely of sexual pleasures, and being tied to human and earthly things! this is why they are said to be "married to God", or "Christ's spouse", etc.... they are married to only Heaven, nothing Earthly... this is why Jesus was celibate, because, being the human he was, he took on, BY HIS OWN WILL, his complete divinity as well, and attached himself only to heavenly things and His Father!

  7. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    I like the sensible answer "There is not pro-creation in Heaven." If I didnt know any better I would say its our Lord speaking the truth through his fellow brethern. Thanks Greg and the other commentators who have explained useful answers to a difficult question. Sounds like the Holy Spirit is kicking but again. Let us pray it is so in these trying times.

  8. Roy
    3 years ago

    Great article Jennifer and well written! May I add just a few comments.From my observation, and my wife and I will have been married 36 years this year, there are two types of marriages- Christian Marriage and non-Christian marriage. The former is based on the solid foundation of the Trinity ( Father, Son and Holy Spirit) ie GOD who is the origin and essence of LOVE with the qualities so beautifully described by St. Paul in (1 Cor 13:4). and therefore,despite the highs and lows of marital life,will succeed no matter what. The latter excludes the Trinity and therefore God and is Not LOVE but self-serving egotistical LUST and is best likened to "building a house on qucksand" and,of necessity,doomed to failure. Let us all pray for Cameron Diaz and DR Ablow and all others who espouse their views that their eyes will be opened and that they will find God in their lives.

  9. greg
    3 years ago

    The answer why Jesus did not get married - There is no procreation in Heaven. We got dignity of cooperation with God in bringing His children to life. We give an egg and seamen. He gives a soul. Marriage has a different meaning. It is a tool to help us to learn what love of the other is all about and to help teaching us to be obedient for higher good. Jesus Christ is a High Priest. A man has a choice to become either a priest after Jesus, and get married to the Church becoming our spiritual father while the Church is our Mother. But if the man is not called for this kind of marriage, he can marry a woman. In both cases the man has to be like Christ and ready to die for his wife. Priest for the Church, lay man for his wife. Jesus Christ is an example to follow in both cases. I hope it brought some light into the subject. Blessings, Greg.

  10. eithena
    3 years ago

    SORRY, But am i dead? i must be cause why would ms diaz & friends opinion be of interest Sorry an actress? and anyone can put DR to their name opinion don,t merit an interest YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH GO LISTEN TO PAPA,S OPINION NOW THERE IS AN OPINION TO PUT IN PRINT ; O AND IF YOU BELIEVE all you read you will EAT all you see; maybe that whats wrong with the world

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