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Kmiec Comes Home: Ambassador Resigns Position in the Obama Administration Comments

To this day, I am flabbergasted by Doug's position during the last presidential campaign and his decision to support Barack Obama. However, I still consider Doug to be a friend. Friends can make wrong decisions. If we care about them at all, we pray for their conversion. If being deceived by a Presidential candidate is Doug's major fault, we have all made the same mistake. Welcome home Doug, give me a call. Continue Reading

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  1. roman
    3 years ago

    I am a Catholic who voted for Obama and I deeply repent of it. My rational was that since republicans give only lip service to the pro life movement and that abortions would not stop no matter who was in office I would vote for Obama on the odd chance that he would end the war in Iraq and stop America's penchant for overseas military intervention and thus save lives.(so much for that vain hope) Had I known that Obama would actually increase the number of abortions worldwide and promote legislation that would stop religious hospitals from refusing to perform abortions I would not have voted for him. Shame on me, I should have dug deeper and researched more. It is a mistake I will not make again. Iwill vote niether democrat or republican ever again
    I think part of the problem for many like me is the false dichotomy in which it seems we must sacrifice caring for the poor in order to support the pro life position. Why does it have to be either /or? Why can't we do both? Republicans support many policies that also go against Catholic teaching. Thus Catholics have a dilema. What we need is a new political party that stands up for all moral values, including help for the poor and middle class.

  2. Troy
    3 years ago

    Great article! I see comments that have suggested that just because someone was not in support of elected President Obama that they must have been in full support of Senator McCain to be President. We must remember that there is always more than 2 choices, so making such suggestions are unfounded. Neither the Democrats or the Republicans fully embrace all of Catholic teaching. I do not know if there is a political party that does, but I consider myself Catholic and do not have any ties to a political party. There are more than 2 sides to politics.

  3. Jennifer
    3 years ago

    Jamie, stop comparing the war in Iraq with the war on the womb and the unborn. It never has been and never will be a valid comparison. Do not equate our soldiers with abortionists. It's beyond insulting and incredibly dishonest.

  4. troisnyx*
    3 years ago

    Jamie, to add on to what my friends have had to say, I was in Mass this morning and the Gospel today speaks about Judas telling Jesus that the ointment used by Mary Magdalene was a waste of money. But Jesus tossed that remark aside, saying that glory to God should be given first. My parish priest, Fr Mark Vickers, said in his homily that if parishioners are going to say that "this money could be used for better purposes, like giving to the poor rather than doing this or that", just how many people would ACTUALLY use their money for the poor? So it is with the pro-life situation. Glory to God must be given first. And we would truly glorify God if we defended the lives that haven't yet had a chance to speak. Because if we think about it, if people say that effort can be put elsewhere, just how many poeple would practise what they speak? God bless you, bro.

  5. Jamie
    3 years ago

    @Margaretta @sue

    A pro-life stance cannot end at delivery. If you are pro-life when it comes to the unborn, but you are pro-death when it comes to killing over a million Iraqis and thousands of Americans in an unnecessary war you should not be considered Pro-life. McCain was in favor of invading Iraq. Obama was against it. Which one had more blood on their hands in November of 2008?

  6. David Cortens
    3 years ago

    Phil Cooper "Mr. Kmiec is probably regretting having supported Obama now"
    Give me a break. Mr Kmiec was probably the major cause of millions of Catholics, including Clergy,supporting, financing and voting for Obama and many of his fellow travelers in the Democratic Party. He has made Judas look like a penny pincher. I was not surprised that he was offered the Ambassador to the Vatican. I would bet it was part of the deal.
    Now we have an administration that is actively supporting abortion in the U.S. and promoting and enabling the abortion of over 43 million babies in the world.
    He single handedly destroyed the financial investment and work of millions of hours of those of us working to protect the unborn. And he maybe regrets it?
    Yes we should pray for him but we should not shrink from throwing a spotlight on the disastrous results of his activities.
    I shudder to think that he presumes to continue speak for a Church, which the evidence shows, he does not believe. He is part of the "Fifth Column" that is causing such havoc in our ranks.
    For the sake of his own soul, Mr Kmiec needs to remove himself from all positions teaching and seek guidance and counsel to reconnect to the Truth.
    Mr Kmiec please do not call me until you have straightened out your life and made retribution to the extent possible.

  7. Diane
    3 years ago

    Excellent and clear article. Jamie, you are using a diversionary tactic(care of the born poor) in order to minimize the need to end abortion. From the unborn human child a river of blood is flowing as they are murdered worldwide by the millions, one and a half million a year in this country alone. No diversionary rhetoric can minimize that outrageous number. Your politician(Obama) has guaranteed taxpayer funding to set it in stone, also he overturned the Mexico City policy on his 3rd day in office and began using taxpayer funding to spread abortion on demand to other nations, poor 3rd world nations. Those would be the children of the poor. You say you and your candidate love the poor so much, tell me, don't you love their unborn children too. The worst hatred of the poor is gov't sponsored destuction of their future generations(abortion). Guess whose children then get to inherit the earth and its resources.

  8. mike
    3 years ago

    To Jamie and other Obama supporters, scripture and church doctrine call for people to help the poor, not governments. No where in the bible does God call for governments to heavily tax people, create goverment dependent citizens and provide disincentive for people to be members of a productive society. Christ wants individual people to sacrifice and give to the poor. Christ wants people to give their money, to give their time, to give their love. Not the government. Most governemnt programs are wasteful and often hurt the people they are trying to help. Supporting a president who is on the side of the culture of death goes against what it means to be A Catholic. I am ashamed that so many Catholics voted for Obama.

  9. anthony
    3 years ago

    If Doug Kemic was a Racist and wrote a polemic to rationalize his support of a Bigoted Presidential Canidate, do you think that the America People would have supported him? This retorical question can be eqivocal to the issue of the Unborn! There must be a great need to educate the America voter to the reality of the Unborn, having like minds, hearts and souls, only lacking a fully developed body.

  10. vance
    3 years ago

    I really don't know much about Mr. Kmeic but he sounds like a typical individual who I saw allow themselves to duped by the slick talking Marxist we have in the White House. The scary scenario was how people made Obama in their minds into who they wanted him to be but completely ignoring who he really is. Obama was and still is an empty suit. His whole background is that he was and still is a hardcore Marxist street activist. The 2008 election should go down in history as the greatest pyschological con game that was ever ran on a nation. John McCain repeatedly stated in his many TV interviews that he is Pro-Life and against abortion. We Catholics did have a choice.

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