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Fr. Roy Bourgeois Openly Defies the Church: Are Laicization and Expulsion Next? Comments

We ask our readers around the world to pray for Fr. Roy Bourgeois. Ask the Lord who loves him to give him the grace to walk the same path of humility and honest fidelity to the truth as Mrs. Norma Jean Coons. This is a very serious moment for this priest and for the Church. He needs our prayer. Lent is a time for repentance, healing and reconciliation. Pray for the return of this prodigal son. Continue Reading

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  1. techwreck
    3 years ago

    Gabriel and Sabrina, our God is both loving and just. That is clear from the Scriptures. If the Church fails to discipline those who refuse to conform to the rules and teachings of the Church, there is no justice in Christ's Church, only misguided love.

    Who would advocate that loving parents abandon the disciplining their children out of a misguided sense of love?

    For too long the church has failed to discipline errant priests. (You can decide if the failure was due to misguided attempts to give people a second chance or if it was due to Church officials trying to escape responsibility for supervising their subordinates.)

    But, it is now time for the Church to begin to swiftly discipline the "bad apples" in the clergy. (Swiftly because justice delayed is justice denied.) Otherwise, the confusion of the laity will only grow, and the scandal by members of the clergy, like Fr. Bourgeois, will only continue to mislead the faithful to the point that they no longer know what to believe.

  2. Theresa
    3 years ago

    Sabrina, you freely made your "speech" and it was posted; the rest of us are exercising our "freedom of speech," too. There are times when "silence is golden."

  3. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    Dear Father

    I hope you see this letter and that many of us who are true to Catholic Magisterium write to implore you that we love you and want you to please come back to the teaching of the Church.

    I am a woman and have thought this out with the utmost care and I understand one word that is so difficult today--obey. Our Lord asked us to obey His commands. He left us what He had until His return. He never asked any of us women to be a priest. If He had Im sure His first choice would have been the women in His life and one most particular---The Blessed Virgin. He did not for whatever reason I respect His decision until such time He returns and changes whatever He wants to. There is a reason Im sure for this but He never left these instructions for us. I dont feel it necessary to be equal in the eyes of the Church.

    I do know I have the respect in the eyes of the Church and I know Im not of this defiant world but of the world. It is difficult to keep to these precepts when we have peer pressure all around us. Still we must try in the most painful and suffering way to put up with this world and obey what our Lord has left and taught us. It is not easy and never has been easy.

    Its time we all obeyed the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and stopped being the wayward children of the world. Its time to educate ourselves in the faith and to listen to our Lord and go where He leads us. To salvation. The hard road to Calvary which is mystery and never easy as I have stated. We belong to Him and He needs us even now. Take the time to talk to Him for a little while in the Blessed Sacrament. Follow Him as He has asked and obey what Holy Father has asked who serves the Lord. Come Home Father were all waiting for you. Make the right decision in contemplation. You do have a choice and may you make the right one in Christ.

    Love in Christ


  4. Stefano Genovese
    3 years ago

    Well, if you want more men in the Priesthood, do not chase men away. There are more women today in vocation and taking the lead than men. It is good more women are working in the Church. That does not create a definition that following Jesus is only for women. What may be keeping men away...hmmm?
    This may be a shock to this secular world, but men have human rights too!and fall under John 3:16 as well. If you unsure of what John 3:16 is, John was a disciple of Jesus. Jesus, ya that guy. John wrote a Gospel. His true account of the ministry of Jesus. It is a Holy Spirit inspired text. It is found in the Holy Bible. No, not the kitchen cookbook. In the Holy Bible in the New Testament section. Who this Holy Spirit, you ask?-!!-?? Ohi vey!--? Just be a nice person!

  5. jh
    3 years ago

    Deacon, I appreciate your leading by example in charity.

  6. terry john
    3 years ago

    May the Good Lord who called him to his Service have mercy on him and bring him back under his wing.Infant Jesus have mercy on him.will pray for him and for the church
    be blessed

  7. vance
    3 years ago

    My comments come with mixed feelings. First, this news article is a partial answer to my prayers. I prayed that God would kick out all Liberal Leftist priests and Bishops. These individuals are a party to the rot of our society. This Bourgeois character is a typical radical leftist that I have been so familiar with. These guys did not become priests because they had a burning desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To the contrary, they hate the church, its teachings and traditions. They became priests to change the church to what they believe it should be. These are the guys that Pope Paul VI referred to as his "Crown of Thorns". The Maryknolls were and most likely still are the notorious left wing activitists. These are the characters who coined the term "Revolution Theology". We can thank these creeps for emptying out the churches and being the best friend to Protestant Evangelicals especially in the Latin American Societies. We can thank these characters for the sex abuse litigations that has cost our church hundreds of millions of dollars in court settlements. These were the source of the Homosexual perverts who were allowed to enter the seminaries. Thank you God for kicking him out. One down and hundreds to go. Yes, I pray that they will repent and make a 180 degree turn but that will only happen when they are finally kicked out like Norma Jean Coons.

  8. Gabriel P
    3 years ago

    Fr Bourgeois, has dedicated his life defending the poor, the weak, the rejected. as you can watch here:

    I think that we should avoid excluding Catholic Priests who speak bold about justice. Indeed we should support more priests and people like him. Yes, we should pray for Fr. Roy Bourgeois, pray for the unity of our Church, but also we should pray for the members of The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith who should be open to embrace different opinions that are in tune with the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  9. sabina clarke
    3 years ago

    where are the comments? I sent a post-is there no freedom of speech?

  10. Sabina Clarke
    3 years ago

    This article is pathetic. Father Roy Bourgeois has the courage of his convictions. Would that we had more priests like this in the Catholic Church. Look around you, the Catholic Church is in shambles and losing members in droves. And with the current pedophile scandal, it is incomprehensible that the Church is trying to defrock a man of peace and faith. What a poor call by the Vatican! This decision will make Roy Bourgeois even more of a 'cause celebre' and call even more attention to the rights of women to be ordained to the priesthood. Bourgois knows what it means to follow the teachings of Christ-do you? It is the Catholic hierarchy that is so out of touch with the times and the people. The Catholic hierarchy--the Pope, the Vatican, the timorous priests and the pedophile priests that need our prayers-not Father Roy Bourgeois.

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