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Fr. Roy Bourgeois Openly Defies the Church: Are Laicization and Expulsion Next? Comments

We ask our readers around the world to pray for Fr. Roy Bourgeois. Ask the Lord who loves him to give him the grace to walk the same path of humility and honest fidelity to the truth as Mrs. Norma Jean Coons. This is a very serious moment for this priest and for the Church. He needs our prayer. Lent is a time for repentance, healing and reconciliation. Pray for the return of this prodigal son. Continue Reading

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  1. Emeka Bright
    3 years ago

    as he has learnt his disobedient of the church and already confesses, he is been forgiven by God and the churchu. Infant Jesus pray for us.

  2. serge
    3 years ago

    Freda, to compare our Lord Jesus to Fr. Bourgeois is shameful. Perhaps all the women that are upset at the fact that they cannot have there way in the church should consider Islam. Just because we cannot get what we want like spoiled children does not mean we are unloved or unworthy. God chose Mary to deliver the Savior to the world and as a man, I do not feel discriminated against just because she had such an important role in the salvation of the human race. Pray that Mary shows us the true meaning of humility.

    The Catholic Church is not a democracy and neither is the Kingdom of God.

    We should also examine the 7 deadly sins more closely. The deadliest sin is pride which is what kept Lucifer from obeying God in carrying out his true mission of serving humans. And now he uses this sin of pride to keep human beings focused on themselves and away from experiencing the true freedom within a life of obedience.

    We are all equal but we are not all called to the same vocation.

  3. Ken
    3 years ago

    Since the devil is committed to destroy Jesus' Church, what is better than leading priests away from the Church? Joint the Protestants! They follow their own conscience about truth and morals, like our first parents. But the Church wants them to turn back.

  4. Troy
    3 years ago

    Great article! The priesthood is not a job; it is a vocation. Something that God calls you toward. If Jesus thought women should be priests, he would have made a woman one of the apostles. Jesus was not afraid of doing what was right. He showed that for us by WILLFULLY dying on the cross. There were plenty of things that Jesus did that people had a problem with leaving no room for the argument that Jesus did not ordain a woman because it would not be accepted. He did not ordain women because it was not within God's design. A man cannot give birth to a child as it is not within God's design. I will always defer to the Church and 2000 years of teaching with the many brilliant theologians that have helped shape our understanding of Church teaching.

  5. Johnny
    3 years ago

    We must remember we are very much like a football team. The head coaches are the Bishops,the assistant coaches are priest and deacons and the players are the laity. And the most important day is "game day" (Obligated Holy Mass on Sundays). We need to study and practice our "play book" (Scriptures,Catechism,ect..) The "coaches" must go by the RULES and guidelines in order for us to "win" on Sundays;receive in a state of grace and understand the meaning of Mass.We should be at the "superbowl" (Easter Sunday Mass,Sunday masses,daily Masses), all the time with all "tools" (Sacraments,Sacramentals,Fullness of truth) we've been given. I will pray much for Fr. Bourgeois and other leaders in our Church to really want to win by the rules.God bless.

  6. Diane
    3 years ago

    I first heard of this priest in the late"90's so I wrote to him. I was shocked at his level of anger about many things and an attitude which was like a call to rebellion against authority. It smacked of "power to the people" but he didn't say what people.The tone of his letter reminded me of some of the angry writings of Martin Luther. I never wrote him again. I formed the impression that he had forgotten that the priesthood means to serve, not lead revolts in order to change things. I think he's finally gone off the rails. Also his words were unrelentingly strident, not a shred of humor in them. I always veer away from people like that. A sense of humor keeps us a little humble. I think I'll pray that he doesn't take himself so seriously.

  7. John
    3 years ago

    Fr. Ray is playing church, like we did when we were very young.. Is there anything else that Father is not pickitting or disagree with??. I don't think so!!!.

  8. Freda ganiel
    3 years ago

    Hmmm, Father Roy's behavior is reminiscent of Jesus facing the Pharisees. He is a man of courage and integrity and a TRUE peacemaker. What are the "powers that be" afraid of? I would so love an answer to that question.....

  9. Edward
    3 years ago

    To Sabrina Clark. I love freedom of speech also but true freedom is found within the Church's Teachings. Women will never be priests. That teaching can not change. Sure they can play dress up and pretend that they have the faculties of the priesthood but they will be deceiving themselves and others. No we should not celebrate heresy. If you truly want to be a rebel soul try following the Church. Speak out against same sex marriage, abortion, birth contol. If you do that you will see true persecution-then you can rejoice in the Truth.

  10. Peter
    3 years ago

    "This article is pathetic." If one wishes to have others seriously consider intelligent discussion, Sabina, this is not a good way to encourage further reading. "Father Roy Bourgeois has the courage of his convictions." Obviously he has convictions, but that does not make him right. Convictions grounded in a poorly-formed conscience can also make one stubborn and prideful. He took an oath of obedience. "Would that we had more priests like this in the Catholic Church." Oh, they're there, trust me. But fortunately for us all they are aging and dying out. "Look around you, the Catholic Church is in shambles and losing members in droves." Not sure which sitcom you're getting all your news from, Sabina, but the Catholic Church is growing in this country and by leaps and bounds in many others where they do not have "priests like this". "And with the current pedophile scandal, it is incomprehensible that the Church is trying to defrock a man of peace and faith." How about some cogency here! Let's see, we'll trade you one pedophile for a heretic. Doesn't sound like a fair trade. (And incidentally, the vast majority of those very few priests convicted in recent years were predatory homosexuals, not pedophiles.) "What a poor call by the Vatican!" May they can start using an instant replay camera? That his will "call even more attention to the rights of women to be ordained to the priesthood..." Again with the rights. If people only knew how many men were turned away from seminaries because after careful and serious review it was decided they did not have a vocation to the priesthood. "Bourgois knows what it means to follow the teachings of Christ..." The ones that he agrees with, anyway. "It is the Catholic hierarchy that is so out of touch..." Yeah, let's all get together and vote on what we believe every few years, like the Methodists and Episcopalians; that's working out so well for them. "The Catholic hierarchy--the Pope, the Vatican, the timorous priests and the pedophile priests that need our prayers-not Father Roy Bourgeois." The first thing you've said I mostly agree with! But personally, I'll pray for Fr. Bourgeois, too. And you. God Bless.

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