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Fr. Roy Bourgeois Openly Defies the Church: Are Laicization and Expulsion Next? Comments

We ask our readers around the world to pray for Fr. Roy Bourgeois. Ask the Lord who loves him to give him the grace to walk the same path of humility and honest fidelity to the truth as Mrs. Norma Jean Coons. This is a very serious moment for this priest and for the Church. He needs our prayer. Lent is a time for repentance, healing and reconciliation. Pray for the return of this prodigal son. Continue Reading

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  1. Elaine
    3 years ago

    This priest must be removed from his priestly duties. He blatently went against Church Law. fr Corapi is " accused of misconduct and is immediately placed on administrative leave. This priest must be placed at least on administative leave. Not doing this is confusing to the Catholic people and damages the Church. I will pray for him but the action must be swift. Hesitation is wrong,.

  2. Edward
    3 years ago


    This has no similarity to Jesus and the Pharisees except that FR Roy is playing the part of the Pharisee., Father Roy's behavior is disobediant reminiscent of the Pharisees. He is a man making his own rules reminiscent of the Pharisees. You call that integrity and making peace? The "powers that be" are not afraid. The power comes from the teaching of Christ. And that power is the Truth. Truth can not be changed. Please read up on the role of the Church in salvation. Honestly, you are not thinking straight if you consider yourself a Catholic.

  3. MDownie
    3 years ago

    I always say: Anyone who claims women are not valued in the Catholic Church needs to go volunteer your time and talent in your parish. Then you will see there is plenty to do!

  4. Greg
    3 years ago

    If Jesus Christ is not God then He is not 99% right or even 50%. He is an evil person.
    If Catholic Church is not what She claims to be - the body of Jesus Christ - then She is not 99% or 50% right, but rather the most evil and blaspheming institution in the World. THINK - if you don't believe the Catholic Church is who She says She is, then why do you even bother staying here? You can go somewhere else and teach Catholic Church. But if you believe that She is who She says She is then I ask - WHY DO YOU QUESTION HER? Stop persecuting Catholic Church is you call yourself Catholic. Stop persecuting Jesus Christ. You want your knowledge and your intellect and not the Truth? Please leave. The door will be always opened when you see that your truths are leading you away from the Truth. Do you want to teach or do you want to be Taught?

  5. Moni
    3 years ago

    There is a reason Jesus gave the Keys to Peter- and as much as I love our Mother Mary- the fact still remains He did not give the Keys to her... or any other woman. The magisterium is there to protect us from our selves. Jesus knew what a stiff necked and stupid people we are and that we would need the guidance of Holy Mother Church. Let's not act as our ancestors did in the wilderness- thinking we knew more than God's anointed one. I will pray for this priest to come back to the Truth and Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church!

  6. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    Keep in mind to that Satan tempted Eve and it means much in the bible the Genesis story so forgive me if Im a little awkward trying to get my point acrossed.

    Question: How different was the temptation of Eve in the bible compared to the temptation that women covet/want the Priesthood? Could there yet still be something to the original story and what is going on in modern society?

    Could evil be using women even yet to attack the Priesthood? Makes sense to me considering that everything in the Old Testament was the foreshadowing of the true Messiah in the New Testament to come.

    Why wouldnt "scratch" and just one of of many names want to use the old angle of tempation of woman to achieve a means to end again. New plot same old story? I thinks so. The "thing" after all is clever is Satan. Keep in mind folks that our Lord chose a male priesthood why wouldnt evil find a new spin today on an old story,

    How different are these women than Eve of yesterday? They are blind to what? Knowledge of good and evil which came into the world from the temptation.

    Is it not a type of pride/coveting to have the Priesthood. Wouldnt Satan be pleased that he has tempted woman and man again with its lies as stated above in an old story new byline? I think so again.with I hope humble and contrite heart.

    Women come back to Christ and a true authentic meaning of the Priesthood. Give this up please. Evil is tricking us again as it did with Eve and Adam.

  7. Liz
    3 years ago

    why is it that everytime there is a brouhaha in the Church the child abuse scandal is brought up? And while we are at it, when is it going to be called what 85% of it was - homosexual behavior - grown men preying on teen boys. However, back to the topic - women cannot be priests. this is rites vs rights. The Church does not have the authority to change this. I say, get over it and grow up.

  8. jeff brig
    3 years ago

    sanbina, i must tell you, as all Catholics know..the men in the vatican do not rule over us. they were handed the faith from Jesus Christ.himself its His word you fight against. not theirs..they merely see that it is taught and followed faithfully. they make "nothing up" they change nothing the Lord said. nothing. Now its plain (by your statement) you"ve never read the catechism or studied the bible. maybe some actual study in the Holy things of God might help to make your statements more credible as they stand now,,,they are just sad.

  9. Fredrick
    3 years ago

    Love conquers all. Light over darkness! 9day novena to the Blessed Sacrament, ,nd include the Divine Mercy chaplet and the holy Rosary, with fasting, . . .guess what, hear and see the goodness of the Lord! watch miracles happen. he needs our prayers obviously. ....lets stay firm, run the race! this poor soul will never know what hit him! I'm worried our Catholic Elders failing once again to implement excommunication. This is a grand scandal taking into consideration he is an ordained priest, just like they failed to excommunicate Fr. Jenkins of Notre Dame.

  10. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    Sabina Clarke

    God Bless and the church has weathered this and yes she will weather more and she will suffer more in the future.

    I pray for all of us but in the end I accept what the church teaches. Father is wrong. I hope Father sees the error of his ways and comes back to us all.

    You forget we are not of this world but in it. What cannot be change because of Christ cannot be changed and has nothing to do with the world. It is all about Jesus Christ no matter what in the end.

    I pray you will understand as well. I feel no slight that I cannot be a priest and on the contrary I feel very respected by the Catholic Church in all ways. Sometimes better than the world treats women today. As I said above He did not allow the Priesthood for women otherwise His Mother would have been first in line to accept or decline. This tells me enough until He returns and He doesnt have to explain to me on that day unless He wants to either.

    Unfortunately this is a disobediant and desperate world which wants to get rid of God altogether if it can and will stop at nothing and any angle it can use to rid itself of the Catholic Church.

    The Catholic Church stands in the way of the "prince of this world" and that prince knows it. It hates all of us and will use us anyway it can if it can.

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