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Fr. Roy Bourgeois Openly Defies the Church: Are Laicization and Expulsion Next? Comments

We ask our readers around the world to pray for Fr. Roy Bourgeois. Ask the Lord who loves him to give him the grace to walk the same path of humility and honest fidelity to the truth as Mrs. Norma Jean Coons. This is a very serious moment for this priest and for the Church. He needs our prayer. Lent is a time for repentance, healing and reconciliation. Pray for the return of this prodigal son. Continue Reading

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  1. Flo Murphy
    3 years ago

    How many of us have the courage of our convictions as demonstrated by Father Roy Bourgeois? It is so easy to criticize him-------why not love him and pray that the will of the Lord be acomplished --------and it will be--------either now or in the future.

    3 years ago

    From the days of old,the Church has never missed people like Father Roy.Its on us
    to pray for them more so during this lent period,so that they may realise their
    mistakes.A priest always have some laid down channels to express his views but that
    does not allow him to cast away the rules of the Holy Church.Let him come back to the fold
    where His Father is waiting for him.For us lets ask the Good Lord to enlighten him and give him confidence so as to retract.

  3. eithena
    3 years ago

    Mother Mary is the example we women need to follow SHE WAS THE HANDMAID,so we as HER children should copy MUM we are handmaids and whats good for MAMMY is good enough for me FATHER while you think you are being good i think you should learn we have ONE POPE and that ain,t you in saying that i,m praying for you please sit with JESUS and if you listen HE will tell you what to do THIS IS HIS CHURCH and when you hurt the church you hurt HIM please stop hurting the church it is going through some rough times but you know the d----l is using you to take you away from the prize and that is christian unity and the end to abortion and life to the full for all and that can only happen with you with us ,so please think we need you :ask not what your church can do for you ,but what you can do for the church; ok GOD LOVES YOU

  4. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    On another note once one uses the faith and reason which has been established by the church and instituted by the teaching body of the Magisterium it is not hard to understand what is going on here.

    If one is true to the Church in this regard you have to see one common thread here and there are probably more to be reasoned out on this subject: We have received a body of information from our Lord which has been taught from the time of the Apostles. I believe if there was any slight toward women in general I believe our Lord would have passed on through His Mother our roles. I dont believe that it has ever been taken from us because I dont believe that what the church received has ever had the right to bestow the priesthood upon us. We forget that they to are under obligation to our Lord as well in regard to a defiance against His teaching on the Judgment Day. I believe the Priesthood is in this world as well but not bestowed by anything of the earthly, secular and wordly world.

    Therefore its a no-brainer to say unless our Lord comes back and says, "Ladies you have the right to the Priesthood" then its time we all---men and women dropped this subject. It is not up for discussion any longer in regard to the true teaching of Jesus Christ.

    I have more respect in the Catholic world than the secular world. I do not need to be a priest to achieve this goal. It is a goal that is taught to us in the documents and massive treasure we have in the Catholic Church. Its time we adherred to this.

    Its time we supported each other in what is true both laymen, laywomen and religious. Its time we realized we are not a water down version of the teachings of Christ. It is not easy make no mistake. This is just an encouragement as is taught in the Bible. The Lord asked us to watch over each other.

    It is quite obvious that is what many of us still do and I hope it is until the end of time. May our church be protected from evil until the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Support your good priest, sister/nuns, brothers, laymen and laywomen etc. in their journey of faith.

    Again I with all of you appeal to these womenpriests and others who sanctify this wrong to let it go and come back to the Catholic Church under Holy Father and his Bishops and priests.

  5. Cecilia
    3 years ago

    As a woman who at one time believed that the church was denying a woman's 'right' to be a priest, I now see that the priesthood is not a 'right'. It is a Holy calling and covenant that can only be made with men. Just like motherhood is a calling and covenant that can only be made with women.
    There is a reason why the Holy Mother and Mary Magdalene were not made Deacons or Priests, and they were the most loyal to Christ. They did not abandon Him while he was being crucified like Peter and the other male disciples did. Yet did Christ reward them by making them members of the clergy? No.

    I will pray for Father Roy becuase he is leading people away from the church and Her teachings.

  6. andrew
    3 years ago

    And they reported to Jesus that there were many who were casting out the devil in His name and yet, if one of your limbs causes you to sin and leads the innocent to go astray, it is better to reach your eventual goal without that limb. Fr. Bourgeois must understand that the Church is the body of Christ and any shameful act against it will never be tolerated. Repentance is never a sign of weakness but just the opposite and real men know it. However, Lord, if it is in your plan to help Fr. Bourgeois reform in your unique way, who are we that we should judge him.

  7. Carl
    3 years ago

    It is not a long trip from being righteous to being self righteous. He can leave the church, just like every other heretic and become a protestant. Then he can ordain cats into the ministry if he chooses.

    The Magestirium is not a joke, the Catechism is for real. If a priest cannot conform to these things then he need not be a priest.

    The Church did not arrive at this point in history by caving in to every fad, and trend that catches the eye of the secular world.

    We have our traditions, they identify us. If we abandon those then we stop being Catholic

  8. Bill
    3 years ago

    Thanks JeanCatherine for your insight on the temptation in the Garden of Eden and what is happening with the movement to ordain women. Once you have eaten the fruit offered by Satan you believe you are able to define good and evil apart from God. This priest is full of pride and that always comes before the fall.

  9. K.C.Thomas
    3 years ago

    Sabina, as a catholic one should talk with some maturity. You are right when you become angry with homosexualty among some. But realise that the Church is not for divorce, infidelity,homosexuality, gay marriage women priests etc. But if some one goes against the teachings of the Church publicly, they should be removed Of course we can and should pray for their converssion. Catholic Church is not a zoo for saints but a hospital for the sinners. Sinners have to abide by the ( Advices and prescriptions of the physician ), that is by the teachings of Jesus the divine healer.

  10. vance
    3 years ago

    The readers of this article should be aware that there many Bourgeois's among the ranks of the priests and Bishops. He is not a "Lone Ranger". These are radical leftist with an anti-Church agenda. Mike Pflager of Chicago and Jenkins of Notre Dame are two examples. The Holy Father and the Magisterium would do the church a huge favor if they kicked these Leftist Wolves in sheep's clothing out of the priesthood and Office of Bishops and/or out of the church. These snakes have wrecked havoc on our church over the last 60 years when these vipers infested the church following WWII. I pray they get kicked out.

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