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Fr. Dwight Longenecker on Encounters with Angels Comments

The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Sacred Scriptures remind us that angels have been part of our revealed religion from the beginning. It is an article of the Catholic faith that angels are real. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says, "The existence of the spiritual, non-corporeal beings that Sacred Scripture usually calls 'angels' is a truth of faith. The witness of Scripture is as clear as the unanimity of Tradition." (CCC para. 328) Continue Reading

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  1. Rita Hill
    3 years ago

    I first heard my Gurdian Angel while attending a retreat at St. Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside, California. During the Mass, we were praising God in song, I had my eyes closed and my arms raised, when I heard a young man singing next to me. I was in a pew by myself, and I thought, "that's strange I didn't see or hear anyone come and sit next to me." I opened my eyes and looked on my left where I heard the young man singing next to me. There was no one there. I closed my eyes and continued praising God in song, and once again I heard the voice of the young man singing next to me. Again I opened my eyes and looked next to me, no one there, I looked behind me, all around me and around the chapel, no young man anywhere. Mostly older people like me. When I looked up at the altar, the priest was looking all around the chapel and smiling. After the Mass ended, and we were outside, I shared with some of the people I'd met at the retreat, what I heard during the Mass. About that time, the priest came by, stopped and patted my hand and nodded his head, smiling.

    Later he told us that when we began to praise God, the chapel had filled with angels and they joined us in praising God. He probably thought I had seen them, as I was looking all around the chapel, trying to find the young man that I heard singing next to me.

    Months later, I was having a health problem, and one night just as I was falling asleep, I heard the voice of a young man say to me, "You already have the power within you to speak to the organs in your body, in the Name of Jesus, and command them to begin to function properly." I thought, "I don't believe what I'm hearing." Then the voice said to me, "You don't believe me. Presently you are having difficulty breathing. Command the mucus membranes in your nose, in the name of Jesus, to open up so you can breathe properly." I was having difficulty breathing through my nose, so I followed the instructions, and I was able to breathe properly through my nose, and immediately fell asleep and slept all night.

    The following morning, I thought about what I'd heard during the night. I spoke to Jesus, "I need to know who was speaking to me last night, if it was from you." Immediately recognition came, it ws the same voice I'd heard singing next to me during Mass at St. Luis Rey Misssion.

    I still wasn't sure, so at the next Scripture Class I was attending, I told the priest what had happend. All he said was "Praise God!" So, as instructed by my Guardian Angel, I began to speak to the organs in my body and commanded them, "In the Name of Jesus to function properly." In about 12 days, the health problem I was having, was gone." PRAISE GOD!

  2. jh
    3 years ago

    Enlightening, Father, and a good reminder to pray to St. Michael and our Guardian Angel throughout the day. Thank you.

  3. Dan Sullivan
    3 years ago

    Jim respectfully whenever i read comments like your it is clear it is directed at catholics. Unfortunaltly your argument that angels cannot do anything without God commanding it would suggests that lucifier fell at Gods command, I do not think so. St. Michael cried out "Who is like unto God and a great battle ensued and a third of the angels fell from Heaven", Revelation. To suggest that i cannot ask an angel, saint or the Blessed Mother of God (Who am i that the mother of my LORD should come to visit me) would make us all robotic. Angels have free will, lucifers fall is proof of it. Please pray for me Jim, Jesus and Christ alone makes it possible for you, anyone else including the angels and saints to intercede on my behalf before our Father in Heaven. That my friend is the bond of the one true Holy Catholic faith which is Universal.

  4. Medjugorje
    3 years ago

    opusangelorum dot org

  5. Jim
    3 years ago

    What is the Biblical basis of praying to angels??? Where is there an example in Holy Scripture of praying to angels? Are we not to make our requests known to God? If God chooses to use angels as the means of fulfilling His Will - fine. Angels are strictly under the control of God. They can not do anything He does not command them to do. So what is the point of praying to them. Focus your prayers on Jesus.

  6. John
    3 years ago

    Excellent article, Father Longenecker. But I'm a bit confused about one of your statements: "We do not ask the angels to help us 'affirm the God that is within us' like New Age religion does". As you know, we believe that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, does not GOD dwell within us? I usually explain the difference between new age and Christian philosophy as such: Christians believe that GOD is a part of us while New Agers believe that we are a part of GOD. Is that a correct way to simply explain the difference?

  7. prazim
    3 years ago

    Another excellent teaching by Fr. Longenecker.

    On a technological note, may I ask that you make it possible to view an entire article on a single page? Most news sources enable that feature and it would be immensely helpful.

    Thanks so very much in advance.

  8. Tina in Ashburn
    3 years ago

    Great article Father - succinct and to the point, your usual style.
    Movies and TV shows about angels also contribute to the confusion of the true nature of angels - popular media generates junk, making angels something they are not.
    I have been devoted to angels most of my life and have studied them in many writings and in prayer. My confirmation name is Angela - I couldn't pick just one of them, I wanted to honor all of them!
    Angels are very helpful: help in distress, distractions in prayer, finding lost articles, reminding, finding parking places - you name it. Always be aware of the angels and the help they want to offer. They love us so much!

  9. JanMarie
    3 years ago

    What edifying messages. It's only in later life that I have become personally aware of the treasury of resource we have in the Holy angels. In battling spiritual warfare, I had far too often left for battle alone. I always call upon them now. Pablo, peace to you. Your experiences are understandable. Many times I have been awakened in the nite (with a physical tapping on my shoulder) and hear a voice at the 3am hour saying "it is time to pray" There often follows an inspiration to say the Divine Mercy chaplet. Or, "it is time to kneel" Sadly, early on this was dismissed as nonsense because I had no understanding of the Holy angels. Sadly, I used to roll over and go back to sleep. Thankyou and Praise to God the Father for His Holy Angels.

  10. Joel
    3 years ago

    Although some discourage us to name our guardian angel, we have a closer relationship with someone we call by name. I pray to "Peter" everyday.

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