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Town of Medjugorje Site of Alleged Apparitions of the Virgin Mary Comments

Medjugorje or "Between the Hills" is a village in the southern part of Herzegovina in the present-day state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The area is famous due to a series of reported visions of the Virgin Mary that began in 1981 and continues today. Although the apparitions have not been validated by the Catholic Church, the Shrine of the Queen of Peace at Medjugorje attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists each year. Continue Reading

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  1. John from Nebraska
    3 years ago

    Thank you Vance for your Kindness. I was referring specifically to the predictions made by the seers at Medjugorje however, not in the book of Revelations. Had you read or heard anything about those predictions? Also, despite the obvious faith benefits to many pilgrims, there is big money to be made in promoting events like these by companies that run the Tours and those at the site that benefit from the tourists. I've lived long enough to know that just saying or believing our intentions are pure is not necessarily the truth. When people's livelihoods depend on your motivation to spend money on/at a tour there is more than one agenda at work. It would be reasonable to assume that some degree of sensationalism is present in order to motivate people. I'm not being critical of the Apparitions or their validity... just an honest assessment of how people around such events promote them for their own benefit. Even Jesus had to throw a few money changers out of the temple. :)

  2. vance
    3 years ago

    Nebraska, Yes I have heard of the three days of darkness. It is for all to read in the book of Revelation. I am sorry that your faith or enthusiasm dimmed because of second hand information.

  3. John from Nebraska
    3 years ago

    In 1989 our Covenant Community was told by a nun who had been to Medjugorje that one of the seers had told her that "three days of darkness" were coming upon the world. The sister had worked out an agreement with the seer that she would contact the sister as soon as the Blessed Virgin disclosed the onset of this tribulation. I had been a founding member of that Community, but that evening all sense of "belonging" I had felt for 12 years suddenly left me. I was never the same afterwards and left the Community in 1990. As far as I know, no "three days of darkness" were ever reported by the seers though I have honestly never kept track. Did anyone else ever hear this sort of thing?

  4. Jane Said
    3 years ago

    I have been to medjugorje ,four years ago.I revived my catholic believe.Tell you what,I passed hours kneeling down or on foot in the church with so many young people,,all kneeling or on the floor since there was no place,only adoring the blessed sacrament,and we were not tired, we returned every day for the adoration,,,,,,,,adoring our savior,who died for us...This world is going to ruins,since it is saying to God,we do not believe in you,we want to do it our way,,,,This is the result,hatred ,envy,corruption,sex,wars, governments maltreating people, abortions,divorce and so many sins against God's wishes.....Every comandment even if you are not catholic,you feel it in your conscience what is right or is here we went wrong ,and in medjugorje you feel Mary's presence,when hundreds of people from all over the world going to confession,who ever goes there , returns to God,because Mary takes us to her son,who is the healer of our spiritual sicknesses.I wish that all the world experience God's mercy and love to all sinners,because we all are infront of his majesty..........I pray for all the world....

  5. Peter Anthony
    3 years ago

    There is sanity in insanity. Most times we cannot understand beyond the physical world. We live in a 3D world; however, we know that other dimensions exists but not proven. We know spirits exists, and many have experienced good ones and bad ones. When we hear these stories we feel that these people could be insane and yet there have been real life stories that can be related especially cures and life changing experiences. For these people it is real. For those of us listening we cannot comprehend. Beyond the physical experiences there is definitely something out there maybe from different dimensions. There are entitites reaching out from these dimensions. Some are good some are not so good. Lines have been drawn and maybe some are permitted to cross these lines to come over to our side or some find ways to cross over. Only science can one day open up these worlds to us. Until then it is a matter of faith. If the appearence of Mary in many different places appear to be strange I would look for supposed messages given. If they are positive for strengthening my faith in a loving God I will accept it with an open heart other wise I will reject it. I do not understand how saying the rosary can save my life when I die. This is insanity. However the message that is being promoted by Mary in her appearences is good for God is loving and forgiving. This for me is sanity.

  6. anthony UK
    3 years ago

    What a brillant piece of common sense from DANA PK. Well done whoever you are, fantastic comment.

    Anthony UK

  7. Gabriella
    3 years ago

    It is very simple: the Lord said , "By their fruit you will know them!" - the visionaries have profited materially and financially from this hoax and none of them had been influenced enough to devote his/her life to the Lord. They gave me no reason to believe them.

  8. Angela
    3 years ago

    A year or so ago, this very website published an article on how the Pope had said people should take this Medjugorje business with a fait bit of salt. The priest in charge of this parish was laicized. This whole affair seems to have been a sham, which is a pity since so many people had /still have faith in the story.

  9. vance
    3 years ago

    People need to remember that Christ promised that he will be with his church until the end of time. He said he would not leave us orphans. This means he is in continuous contact with mankind in a variety of ways. Throughout history God has sent angels as messengers. The Blessed Mother has made many visits to various people in various countries. This is all for the purpose of reminding mankind that God is still there with us and he asks us to keep our faith and live on the straight and narrow according to his commandments. The Blessed Mother's visit to Medjugorje is very consistant with all of her visits. The messages are consistantly asking us to pray the Rosary for peace and God's mercy. She reminds us to worship God, love, and serve him so that we might have salvation. Sometimes there is no verbal message. Many people have seen, including me, crying statues of the Blessed Mother. No words are necessary. We get the message. How do I know whether or not the crying statue was not a hoax? Science! The stop of origin of the Blood Tears and the trail defied gravity. No, the church has made no comment on the event but it made TV news in Northern California in 2004. I took a number of digital photos of the statue.

  10. Paul Christian
    3 years ago

    Paul ChristianMarch 19th, 2011 9:52 pm
    Dear Readers. I've been hearing about our Blessed Mother's Apparition in Medjugorgie for the past 20 years and being so blessed with the profound graces of Our Blessed Mother. I also visited Medjugorgie twice in the last two years and experienced somthing very profound and supernatural. I dont want to argue about the Authenticity and Veracity of our Blessed Mother's Apparition , but nevetheless, I have accept with profound humility that it is a "GREAT PLACE OF WORSHIP". Secondly, when you do your "Stations of the Cross" one can really undestand the Great Pain endured by our loving LORD JESUS CHRIST for the atonmemt of our SINS. Thirdly, when we see people flocking in huge numbers and reciting the ROSARY unceasingly in the Apparition HILL , one can surely say that "OUR BLESSED LADY" is surely there in their midst in Spirit. In fact, Our Blessed Mother is appearing in various places these days and many apparitions still do not come to the lime light. Whatever people may think about this apparitions, I still beleive that OUR BLESSED MOTHER is warning this world and the entire humanity in various places and in various ways to reconcile ourselves with GOD and escape from GOD's Wrath and punishment to come. Today , the world is full of Violence , Hatred and all kinds of vices , let us all accept our sinfulness and go to our Blessed Mother, very certainly she will lead us all to her Loving and Divine Son. Only A profound Change of Heart is required, that is what she has propogated in "Lourdes and Fatima" and propogating everywhere in the world now.

    With Love Paul Christian. Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.

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