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US Bishops Denounce New Ways Ministry, Condemn 'Marriage Equality' Book Comments

New Ways Ministry has have actively and aggressively opposed efforts to defend marriage in direct opposition to the formal support of the defense of marriage by the Catholic Church and the crystal clarity of the teaching of the Church. The Bishops of the US state 'in no manner is this organization authorized to speak on behalf of the Catholic Church or to identify itself as a Catholic organization'. Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    3 years ago

    Rob, This is part of a Large agenda by the Liberal Establishment to "Transform" our society into a secular hedonistic nation. This is what the Liberal Establishment is all about. They hate Catholicism and all things Christian and want to do away with it. The latest Fox Channel has this new program called Glee. This program casts gay and lesbian characters who are projected in a 'Positive' socially acceptable manner. The examples go on and on. The entire American Bishops and clergy need to publically denounce all this homosexual perversion.

  2. Rob
    3 years ago

    vance, our government will advance whatever agenda is paid for. If the right invested half the money they do for financial affiairs, none of these social issues that plague society would be around anymore. It's pretty simple when you follow the money. Is there clearly a radical homosexual agenda, you bet. And do they lobby, absolutely. But the money they thrown at politicians is nothing compared to the lobbyist who represent financial institutions or business interest. I appluad our Bishops for speaking out against this. And I hope that this is followed up by increased efforts to strengthen families in parishes and teaching the faith to all Catholics. But as far as a small majority being allowed to hold the country hostage, I'm sorry if I just think it's a distraction. Our politicians need these wedge issues so we stop paying attention to what they are really doing. For them it's all about their own self interest and keeping their jobs. And whoever brings the most money to the table drives policy. These guys could care less about the social issues we know are helping to destroy this country.

  3. vance
    3 years ago

    Liz, the reason the 2-4% minority is holding our country and church hostage is that they are well represented by the Super Rich like George Soros, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, CEO Immelt, Hollywood and the Marxist Democrat Party.

  4. Diane
    3 years ago

    Good and clear article. Our Good Bishops are Our Good Shepherds. Also to call active homosexuals perverts is not bashing. They pervert the good and sacred marital act into what scripture calls an abomination and then aggressively demand that the rest of us join them in calling such evil things good. Nonsense. Those with same-sex attraction are carrying a particular cross but then everyone has some kind of cross to carry. Pick up your cross and follow Christ. Ask Him to help you carry it without letting you fall into sin because of it, no matter what that cross is.

  5. John D
    3 years ago

    I feel so sorry for those folks struggling with a same sex attaraction. Our secular society has made every effort to encourage this behavior through a politically correct propaganda machine. What this machine does not tell you is that the average life span for a male homosexual is only 38!!! Even before AIDS it was only 48. This is true even in communities that openly accept this lifestyle. Homosexuals tend to live short, troubled lives filled with emotional problems and, yes, physical diseases rarely found in heterosexuals. Why does the Bible speak out against this behavior? Because it's bad for your health. If you have a child suffering with a same sex attarction, the right move would to do eveything you could to stop him from indulging in that life style, unless you don't mind seeing him cut his life very short. Here is a fascinating article on this issue:

  6. angel
    3 years ago

    A non-issue, Andrew? And yet you bothered to comment? In what century do you think we are in that this is not a significant contemporary issue? Your disingenuity suggests that you're the one who's been dancing with the devil too long. The successors of the apostles are speaking authoritatively and giving warning on a grave matter, but you'd rather have us follow the world's siren call as though its tranquilizing trance were the reality. Know that you are deceived; repent while you can.

  7. Phil
    3 years ago

    I get confused as to how those who call themselves by the name of Christ can insist upon defining the faith according to their own desire and interpretation. Did not Jesus cry out to the Father, "NOT my will, THINE be done.?" Yet, those within the Church insist upon their own will being done and refuse to capitulate.

    For decades my Protestant background could not fathom the reason for celibacy, yet now I comprehend the immense impact it has in exemplifying the sacrificial call to the denial of all we are and want in exchange for the will of the Father being done in us. St. Paul refers to himself as the slave of Christ; he says over and over that it is God within him that compels him to proclaim the gospel, and that gospel is not one of freedom to pursue our own agenda but to deny ourselves, to take up our cross, that is to die rather than to give our flesh one inch toward the reclamation of self-rule.

    What kind of Christianity are these men and women proclaiming. Perhaps calling them "perverts" is not politically correct, but that they pervert the gospel message and the truth of God is clear. God certainly loves them. Jesus certainly died for them, but there is a condition to that grace; it is called repentance, a turning from self-will, a submission to God regardless the cost, an assuming of the cross which is our own instrument of sacrifice, a surrendering of the self to God, and that especially includes our sexuality.

    My beloved friends...we are clearly on the eve of destruction.

  8. eithena
    3 years ago

    Why be surprised at MR O not protecting marriage , You did read the small print when voting him in ???, HE WILL SPEAK FOR YOU ??? reap what you sow ,reap what you sow

  9. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    The Magisterium of the Catholic Church always. Stand by your Bishops and priests when they teach on this subject. If we dont the Catholic voice will be silenced as it has been practically until now on the Right to Life issue.

    We have brave souls speaking out on these subjects. We see it in these articles. God Bless.

  10. Liz
    3 years ago

    It still amazes me that such a minority group (2-4% of the population) can hold a society hostage. And, good Catholics do get confused about this issue because enough is not said from the pulpit. We are to love all but not necessarily their actions. Love the sinner hate the sin. Too many people, including church-going Roman Catholics, think homosexuals are being discriminated against. I have this discussion almost daily. We welcome all into our church but our church as rules and guidelines that must be adhered to. One of our rule is that no one but married people are allowed to have sex.... when was the last time you heard that one from the pulpit? God does not teach us "new things" as that would be against God's nature. And, when was the last time you heard that one from the pulpit? Our priests need to be pro-active. We have the Ten Commandments. It wouldn't hurt to be reminded about them once in a while.

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