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Rick Santorum Takes on Jihadism, Showing Moral Coherence and Political Courage Comments

Santorum does not separate social and economic issues. He is comfortable in his skin and has the communications skills and intelligence required of a leader. Any candidate for the Presidency who hopes to win in 2012 must be an effective communicator. He or she will be contending with President Barack Obama, whose oratory in the last election seemed to mesmerize people. His opponent must be articulate, inspiring and unafraid. Continue Reading

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  1. Anthony
    3 years ago

    Is even aware that the Catholic Church led a huge protest today to oppose the proposed cuts in the Continuing Resolution? Why isn't there a story on this? Do the editors not agree with it? Please see the following link: "Imagine: Congress is considering slashing funding to assist the people of Haiti who are still reeling from a devastating January 2010 earthquake. A program that provides health and nutrition to 19,000 pregnant and lactating women and their children is in serious jeopardy. In southern Sudan, scheduled to become the world’s newest nation later this year, Congress is considering cutting assistance to small farmers that helps them grow more food and products they can sell for income.

    Catholics confronting global poverty are uniting on March 15 to call on their members of Congress to stop balancing the budget on the backs of our brothers and sisters in Haiti, Sudan and around the world. Proposed cuts to poverty-focused international assistance will cost lives.

    Please join Catholics Confront Global Poverty, CRS and USCCB, on March 15 for a national day of action to stop careless cuts to poverty-focused international assistance that cost lives. On this day, we are asking Catholics in the United States to:

    • Call their members of Congress: Dial 1-866-596-7030 for talking points and to be connected to the Capitol Switchboard
    • Email members of Congress (choose email and/or fax)
    • Visit members of Congress in DC or district offices
    • Post information about this call to action online including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs, websites, and other media. Sample messages are provided below:"

  2. AvantiBev
    3 years ago

    Everett Mann writes: " All one need to is read any newspaper and see the American Public believes the current round of Republican/ Tea Party members are not who they say they are."

    Mr. Mann, it's now the 21st century and newspapers are dying fast. Any member of the American Public relying on newspapers for "truth" or "news" will get precious little of either. If I depended on newspapers for my information, I would probably think Osama bin Laden was a moderate muslim. Puleeez. We get our news online now and often precisely for the failings of the lame stream, main stream media.

    Even Egyptians knew how to muster their "revolution" using online resources. Obama knew this as a candidate and made good use of the internet. I suggest Mr. Santorum or any challenger of this prez get his thumbs ready to tweet and text.

  3. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    Jennifer Hartline

    God Bless and chuckle, chuckle---I second that and I raise you a second in agreement.

  4. Robert
    3 years ago

    Vote Conservative! Vote Republican! If you care about the life of an unborn child. Rick Santorum has my support any day. Now, will majority of catholic bishops support a pro-life conservative Republican or continue their blind suppot for the "party of death"? Vote informed!

  5. Everett Mann
    3 years ago

    With all due respect, the American Public is not ready for Santorum. Yes he is too conservative. All one need to is read any newspaper and see the American Public believes the current round of Republican/ Tea Party members are not who they say they are.

    Emma, you are correct. It is refreshing to hear a young person say they need to do their research first. I am tired of hearing from people who automatically pick all D's or all R's when they vote. I am tired of hearing from people who say My parents were this Party "X" and that is how I vote. I personally come from a long line of socially liberal republicans (we have gay family, as well as interacial mixes) and find myself voting for the candidate I feel that can do the job I want him to; sometimes it is a democrat, sometimes a republican.

    All too often candidates are elected because of what they say they will or will not do. Some promise to do things that are not within their constitutional power. Other give things that are not theirs to give. I urge you to keep up the fight.

    Ms Hartline, really? I expect better from you. You did not read past Mr Grimes first couple of words did you? If you had there is no way you could have gotten to your conclusion.

  6. Rob
    3 years ago

    I have not listened or read Kennedy's speech that discussed the privation of faith. But as I read this I was struck with just how much power we people of faith have ceded to politicians. If one man can give a speech and cause every person of faith to stop outwardly living their faith, that is pretty impressive. But sadly it says something really terrible about the level of our faith. As I read this article I have come away with the sense that we are still waiting around hoping that we'll get some rock star catholic politician in office so faith can be practiced in public again. There isn't anything preventing us from living that faith in public now. We have the fullness of truth but yet we seem to be no different than the public at large in our voting habits. For whatever reason, the truth isn't sinking in, isn't being taught properly or people just don't want to hear it. I think our Church would be well advised to get back to basics. Start teaching the faith with zeal so we are united, catholic. And maybe the church should consider forgoing this ridiculous tax exemption status if this is keeping us from being absolutely clear on the truth regarding faith and morals. Honestly, it seems like we teach this life issue in secret because we can't be up front about it. Or worse, I've heard comments to the tune of, well I do this ministry, this pro-life stuff isn't my thing. And this comes from well meaning Catholics. It's no wonder we have the voting results in our church that we do. Jennifer, I would love to see someone with actual principles be elected, but these days it's more of a popularity contest than anything else. Unless Santorum starts toting the party line, he doesn't have a chance. And sadly, life issues appeared to have disappeared from that line. What always seems to happen is that we just settle. Both candidates stink, and we settle. Why aren't we choosing our own candidate? Why are we letting the political establishment and pundits pick our candidates?

  7. Nino Baldino
    3 years ago

    Since I am for a small centralized gov.that wont stick its big nose into my private life I am a right -winger. those who like to insult folks like me I hope will enjoy paying those blank checks the last two presidents signed,we are in horrible debt and its all because of the left-wingers running our nation..also we are in another no win war that only the left wing military-industrial complex benefits from, and our public school system is a failure for that also is run by left wingers,the kids cant read,write nor do rithmetic..much less dress in even a modest way...Lets pray for the poor souls lost and in a state of despair in Japan..amen and amen....Nino

  8. Jennifer Hartline
    3 years ago

    Mr. Grimes, how nice of you to stop by today. You continue to amaze me with your infinite and keen knowledge of men you know not. How dull life must be for you on the days when Catholic Online doesn't provide adequate material for you to sneer at. Whether the American electorate is savvy enough to support Senator Santorum remains to be seen. Nevertheless, President Santorum would be the best thing to happen to this country in decades.

  9. ed nestor
    3 years ago

    The Names of God

    God is called by many names throughout the Scriptures. Many of His names emphasize His great love for the poor:

    Defender of the fatherless and widows (Deut. 10:18; Psalm 10:16-18; 40:17, 68:5; Jeremiah 22:16)
    Protector of the poor (Psalm 12:5)
    Rescuer of the poor (I Sam 2:8, Psalm 35:10, 72:4, 12-14, Isaiah 19:20, Jeremiah 20:13)
    Provider of the poor (Psalm 68:10, 146:7, Isaiah 41:17)
    Savior of the poor (Psalm 34:6, 109:31)
    Refuge of the poor (Psalm 14:6, Isaiah 25:4).

  10. Diane
    3 years ago

    I'll vote for Santorum. I've been following his career now for several years and I like what I see. I've been hoping he would run. Although he is smart he is first of all good and authentic, cohesive and whole in what he thinks, says and does.

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