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Japanese quake's epicenter located near Marian apparition site Comments

The epicenter of the earthquake is located near the site of an apparition in which Mary warned about a worldwide disaster that could afflict humanity. In 1973, the Virgin Mary was said to have predicted a number of future events - including natural disasters even more serious than Friday's earthquake and tsunami - during three appearances to a Japanese religious sister, Sr. Agnes Sasagawa. Continue Reading

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  1. Barb K
    3 years ago

    This is a perfect example from the Divine Mercy Chaplet. "Your seas die...Your crops and forests burn...And yet you still stand in defiance before the Lord! Do you think that you are greater than he who created thee? So Now you will thirst and your thirst shall not be quenched..Your buildings will crumble and shelter you shall not find... And You shall then cry for God's mercy but he will say, "Where were you when I called your name? When I invited you to enjoy my home, my food and my water...why did you not come home? The seat was open at my table, but yet you scorned my invitation. And now that you have nothing--You cry out my name..and wonder why I do not answer? I hear your cries, but I am attending to my children who did come home, those who thanked me for my food and drink...and shared their lies with me. I am protecting them..while everyting you once held sacred is now destroyed!" Go all of you and read the last apparation our Blessed Mother of Medjugorje she is very sad. Didn't Pope John Paul II embrace every one of all faiths? His best childhood friend was Jewish. He never said you are a bad person because of your faith. He prayed for all of us! We all need to pray to Our Heavenly Mother, who loves all her unconditionally, that she will continue to pray for all of us. Let us all remember the people of Japan in hearts and prayers. This is a good time for reflection during Lent.

  2. Mari Ayotte
    3 years ago

    Why doesn't our world get down on its knees and ask forgiveness for all we have done wrong. We have taken the world that our lord gave us and tried to take all of the credit for its success. but, in reality, we have failed as a nation. Pride, as human beings has gotten in the way. We mark success as the type of college degree we may have. We have taken our lord out of the classroom and for many out of the homes. So many people cannot ever achieve what the wealthy can. You cannot attend college if you don't have the means to do it. Its about time that we as a world stop patting ourselves on the backs for what we think we have done. Our Lord is the only reason we were able to get this far and I think he is so hurt because so many individuals haven't yet learned the words" thank you Jesus for giving me everything". Sincerely, try saying those words. It may make a difference, if you say it enough times. have a good day.

    3 years ago

    People of the world,
    I urge you to go back to your old value that please GOD our FATHER! Leave the other little preoccupations aside (world economy, GDP, Hi tech...). As an african who had experienced war, genocide and so many hardships, the slvation is here for all of us to grab; live in Holy Love, praise Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, Queen of all nations and everything shall be fine.
    Peace be upon all Humanity!!!!

  4. Matt
    3 years ago

    We are hearing many sources linking the present disaster with the apparitions from Sister Agnes Sasagawa. If she is still alive today, has anyone interviewed her about the tragedy?

  5. moe1
    3 years ago

    No Way

    There is only one TRUTH and that is through the one True Church of Christ, in which HE alone established. Christ did not establish several faiths, all faiths other than the one true faith, the Catholic faith, were established by man not Christ. Sin blinds you from the truth. Salvation for ones sole can only be through the one true Church of Jesus Christ. Please people, wake up before it's too late......

  6. No Way
    3 years ago

    Info: English, please. Until you read my posts completely, then this is my only response to yours. You're spilling out the same tired rabble that you've heard your whole life. "The one and Holy....successors of Peter.....true, apostolic." Big deal! The fact is that our God is God and no other. Like I said, they have the same God with different avenues regarding faith. Let God decide. If we knew who would be saved and who wouldn't, then we would need no faith. These are people of matter where it comes from or what shape it is in. The God of Islam and Judaism is the same one in Christianity....once again, different avenues of getting there. We believe in Christ, they do not. It would be awful selfish and UN-Christian to tell people they are going to Hell....who am I to say that? Let God be God. If they want to listen, evangelize...but if not, then not. God be with Japan...we all own this catastrophe, you are not alone brothers.

  7. kent
    3 years ago

    I just heard that the Japan sea side of Japan did much better than the Pacific ocean side. Akita is on the Japan sea side of Japan. I also heard that the convent in Akita survived, that the statue of Our Lady was not damaged, and that the sisters were not hurt. Yes, Sister Agnes Sasagawa is doing well. I heard from a friend whose cousin lives near the convent in Akita. That person sent an email on Sunday with the update.

  8. Ann Lynch
    3 years ago

    Our Lady Queen of Peace Pray for us. Oh most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in thee. To the people of Japan, my prayers are with you.

    Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.

  9. Info
    3 years ago

    Dear No Way:
    Shame on you!... how does you DARE to compare OTHER IDOL'S to the Catholic God?... ITS NOT THE SAME GOD!... are you Catholic? Our God IS a Trinity one... and muslims and hebraic ones REJECT it!... also... Our God founded ONE CHURCH that Rest on Peter and suscessors... the ones that comes from Lutero, reject that... so... Is not the same God, that founded the One, Holy and Catholic Church, and this is the ONLY ARC for the salvation of the human kind.

  10. Neil
    3 years ago

    I believe it was warned to the Sister. God have mercy on us all.

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