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Couple Rejected: Will Christians Be Allowed to Provide Foster Care in England? Comments

What happened to Eunice and Owen Johns this past week concerning their participation in foster care is ominous. What is next for Catholics and other Christians if this trend continues?  We are in the throes of a Cultural Revolution involving two competing visions of the human person, human flourishing, the true nature of marriage - the family and society founded upon it - and the definition of the common good. These two visions of the ... Continue Reading

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  1. Diane
    4 years ago

    To Davide-Daniels right. Rob and Rose are "trolls". Do not "feed" the trolls. Ignore them.

  2. Sam Hill
    4 years ago

    We must weep for Europe. They have forgotten who they are. The west is in deep trouble. Only Divine intervention will stem this dark wave and abate disaster. We need to pray without ceasing. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy + Rosary + Eucharistic Adoration. . .we must be prepared for persecution, but, we must NEVER be silent in the face of EVIL. JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU!

  3. Daniel
    4 years ago

    Davide, welcome back. Glad to see you again. You know, I do love you like I love Rob and others I don't agree with. Sometimes my words may seem a little harsh, but at times they need to be. Look what happened in the last day in Germany. Two US military servicemen killed by a crazed gunman/Muslim. Peace and love will not stop militant Muslims, and in the same way peace and love will not necessarily stop the spread of ideologies misinformed and misplaced. Now, that does not mean that I stop praying for those destroying the Church, but it does mean that I will stand up and not be a pushover. A reading from today: "Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many. How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few." (Matt 7: 13-14)

  4. Jo
    4 years ago

    Shas, it's started already. The UK needs prayers.

    In the near future, I can see the majority of the UK population will get sick and tired of the state-sponsored gay agenda and other people's rights being trampled on to uphold theirs. It will cause trouble.

    Things will get bad before they get better...

  5. Steve Cooper
    4 years ago

    It is time the homosexuality community comes to grips with the catholic stance on there disorder (news flash it will never change).

  6. Mark
    4 years ago

    I just wanted to clear a couple of things up. The Article 9 referred to is Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights. This was enacted into UK law in the Human Rights Act 1998. It is not an absolute safeguard to rights, indeed some of them conflict (for example the right to private and family life vs Freedom of the press). And some can be limited. the problem here is that EU law (from which the regulations come) is supreme in the UK where it is 'directly effective' by virtue of s.2 of the European Communities Act 1972. EU legislation on discrimination can be a bit wacky in practice, even if it has the right intention. The problem here is NOT the court. The court is applying the law as the UK Parliament intends it. The problem is that the legislature panders to an EU agenda, often at the expense of Christian (and other faith) values. Theoretically, the UK could withdraw from the EU or refuse to implement EU laws (but this would cause a constitutional crisis). We must pray for all legislators, compassionately and with reason (as Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor did).

  7. Shas
    4 years ago

    I lived in Great Britain for several years and intolerance against Christians is nothing new, but I'm sad to see how far this country has regressed. This is absolutely despicable for a supposedly "tolerant" society. They will reap what they sow.

  8. Davide
    4 years ago

    Crap Daniel are you the blog Nazi? You will decide who have the right to comment? BTW regarding homosexuality might do you well to study Holy Scriputre and the CCC. You remind me of those Westboro Baptist Church folk. Think you need to chill. Does you go to insult others even those who disagree with you than when you bless them at the end of your statement you appear to be a hypocrite. Just an observation. BTW whomever is moderating these comments could do a better job
    Does no one any good to be verbally assaulted the way this Daniel guy does..

  9. ninek
    4 years ago

    Children need a safe place to live. What are the Brits afraid of, that they'll want to go to the school dance with a same sex partner? They can wait till they are 18 and get a job or go to college to entertain new girlfriends or boyfriends. Children's safety is more important than whether or not foster care teenagers are allowed to date same sex partners. This shows the Brits don't have their priorities in order. Shelter plus food first. School second. And dating is last in line, people. Basically this ruling says dating a same sex partner while you're a minor is more important that food and shelter.

    This is ridiculous!!

  10. MisterCee2m
    4 years ago

    You are stating a common misconception about the belief of Christians towards homosexuals. Christ teaches us to love everyone as a child of God, homosexuals included. Homosexual acts are a sin, no arguing that, but the sinner must still be loved. It is within God's power to redeem anyone who lives according to his will, so you can be gay or have same sex attraction but you cannot act on it. You might slip and fall, but you are not to be judged as a PERSON, only your ACTIONS are to be judged. I think this is what the real rub is for most people with this issue, everyone is so wrapped up in the idea that sex is a right, it's not. Sex is a gift from God to bring life into this world primarily, it also re-affirms the bond between husband and wife. But if sex did not serve to give life God would not have given this gift to us. So simply put if you have same sex attraction you are called to not act on it and possible live a life of celibacy. I know gay people who choose to be celibate because they want to follow God. Would that the maturity that they show be a little more common.....

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