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President Obama Orders Justice Department to No Longer Defend Marriage Comments

Fifteen years ago Congress overwhelmingly passed the Defense of Marriage Act. It was signed into law by President Clinton in 1996. On February 23, 2011, President Barack Obama unilaterally ordered the US Justice Department to stop defending marriage. The Attorney General sent a five-page letter simply announcing the President's decision to the Congress. Government has long regulated marriage for the common good and the President's ... Continue Reading

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  1. audrey
    3 years ago

    God bless u, Davide

  2. Daniel
    3 years ago

    Once again, JohnSA, I disagree with you and the others in support of Davide. I do not believe that the "inclinations" you have are homosexual. I think you are being deceived by something to believe that they are homosexual, and that it is o.k. to have such feelings. In the end, you are leading others to believe that homosexuality is an "inherited" trait, something one is born with. Because if you do not believe that you are born with this "disease", then you would have to agree that as once it was part of your life, today it is no longer part of your life. Therefore, you, and Davide, would no longer have inclinations (which cannot be true because you keep telling us otherwise). So please, I will continue to defend the Church against your attempt to make light of homosexuality until; one, you admit that you no longer have those tendencies (which do you no good), or two, God tells me that one is born a homosexual. So let's be honest with one another. I am not attacking Davide or you. I am just telling you how I see it by how you present the information. It does not make sense what you both say.

  3. davide
    3 years ago

    Daniel is a alcoholic still an alcoholic even if he sobers up? Of course he is...I think you think that a person is only a person with same-sex inclinations if he or she is having sex...simply not the case. If you have noticed I have never used gay or homosexual to describe myself...why? because it is not who I am...I refuse to be put into that box. I am foremost a Catholic a child of God..second I am a son, a brother and friend. Sexuality is an important part of our being but is not us completely..your judgement on me is out of line and inaccurate..I think you need to read the CCC regarding persons with same-sex inclinations. You have not been charitable/loving towards me if you had you wouldn't even have to defend have been judgmental and this my friend is not your place. I am very stubborn hot blooded Italian man and I will fight you every step of the way until we can agree this is all silliness and foolishness....I am not a coward and I do have will find a foe that will continue to defend himself against your attacks on his person. Having said all this I am not your enemy and I wish that we move forward. Being a person with same-sex inclinations or as you say "homosexual" is not a sin..this is clearly stated in the CCC and Holy is the 'homosexual' sex act that is morally sinful.....

  4. JohnSA
    3 years ago

    @ Daniel: I refer you to what the Holy Catholic Church says in the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

    “2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. They do not choose their homosexual condition; for most of them it is a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.”

    I therefore implore you to consider what it is that the Church teaches, in that it is for most a trial, a cross which we must bear.

    I however do make a special note of the following as advised by the Catholic Medical Association:

    “Persons should not be identified with their emotional or developmental conflicts as though this were the essence of their identity. In the debate between essentialism and social constructionism, the believer in natural law would hold that human beings have an essential nature -- either male or female -- and that sinful inclinations (such as the desire to engage in homosexual acts) are constructed and can, therefore, be deconstructed. It is, therefore, probably wise to avoid wherever possible using the words "homosexual" and "heterosexual" as nouns since such usage implies a fixed state and an equivalence between the natural state of man and woman as created by God and persons experiencing same sex attractions or behaviors.” (

    Pax Christi

  5. JohnSA
    3 years ago

    @ Daniel: I think you're being very unreasonable with our brother in Christ davide. He is at the end of the day trying to make it quite clear that one can have homosexual tendencies and still live a chaste life as we are called to do by the Holy Catholic Church. I too am a man who suffers from these inclinations and I can tell you that we need more people like davide to make themselves a role model to those who are faced with the same challenges. I can concede to the fact that perhaps too much emphasis is placed on sexuality, instead of focusing on the fact that we are children of God, but the whole point of the article is to discuss just what the definition of marriage should be and how it should be defended. Naturally, sex is a part of sacramental marriage and therefore sex between a woman and a man must be defended as natural, where homosexual sex is defined as unnatural.

    @ davide: well done my brother in Christ and know that you are never alone. Thank you for your words of encouragement and for having the courage ( to say that which must be said.

    Pax Christi

  6. Daniel
    3 years ago

    Greg, I disagree with you. I have been very charitable/loving in other posts to Davide. One who lives a chaste life but continues to say he/she has same sex inclinations suggests lust or not being in control of those "inclinations" (i.e., they are still occurring). That is contrary to chastity. Am I still a drug addict if I have not smoked a cigarette in two years? If I have the urge to smoke a cigarette am I a smoker? Or is that urge something else? Is that urge something of the devil? Probably. What are Davide's inclinations? Are they really sexual? And how about your need to defend an issue that softens the idea of homosexuality? Davide's arguments do not make sense (to me), and if they do not make sense, they are likely not true (to me). In posts like these, don't kid yourself, many are here to change the idea of homosexuality - to make it morally o.k. And it begins with those claiming to be "gay" and chaste and Catholic. Before you ask Davide for forgiveness for me, let's do some more homework about the issue.

  7. Davide
    3 years ago

    Daniel I don't understand why you fail to notice why I have made it clear I am a Catholic with same-sex inclinations because this post is about gay "marriages". This post is not about Daniel and it certainly is not about me. You have decided to make it personal with me--you came after me--attack someone you don't even know. Not only do I think this is unfair I think it is dead wrong. Never would I talk to a fellow Catholic the way you have came after me. Wolf in sheeps clothing? Think I clearly see one now..this discussion is over. @Greg thank you for your kindness

  8. Daniel
    3 years ago

    Davide, I do not owe you anything more than what I have given you. You can choose to accept it in any way that pleases you. What I don't appreciate, and what others likely don't appreciate, is the continued focus on yourself. Yourself being a male that has same sex "inclinations". Until you move beyond yourself, your "homosexual" self, you will not little credibility in posts like these. Many Saints in the Catholic Church, many married Saints (with sexual tendencies at some point in their lives), were able to move beyond their marriage, to move beyond their sexual nature, and give Everything to God. I would bet that in those times of their lives they did not focus on their past "inclinations". And you too, my friend, I believe to be bigger than your sexual being. Big enough to move beyond it and be a leader not defined by anything more than your "service" to God. We must very careful these days to watch for the wolf in sheep's clothing.

  9. greg
    3 years ago

    Dear Daniel. It is a lack of charity what you wrote. We talk about very specific subject and thus Davide is making a very brave and clear point where he is at and to show (and also bring hope to many of us) that not all of the people think through their 'inbetween'. I admire Davide, for he shows an example how to live a chaste life and makes a clear point. Many people with inclinations toward opposite sex live sinful life and they think that they are okay. Dear Davide, please, forgive Daniel.

  10. ninek
    3 years ago

    I don't care on which side of the "traditional marriage / gay union" fence you find yourself, this so-called president has completely disregarded the democratic process. If same-sex unions did become an institution by popular vote or properly executed legislation, then we'd all have to accept it as part of democracy. But no, the so-called president is unwilling to let the people's voices be heard on this issue. This is not democracy; this is dictatorship.

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