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President Obama Orders Justice Department to No Longer Defend Marriage Comments

Fifteen years ago Congress overwhelmingly passed the Defense of Marriage Act. It was signed into law by President Clinton in 1996. On February 23, 2011, President Barack Obama unilaterally ordered the US Justice Department to stop defending marriage. The Attorney General sent a five-page letter simply announcing the President's decision to the Congress. Government has long regulated marriage for the common good and the President's ... Continue Reading

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  1. Bruce Barron
    4 years ago

    Dear Emma:

    We will have these sexual inclinations and tendencies until the day we die.The only way to control them is avoid the occasions of sin,a prayer life and the sacraments, self discipline and restraint through using all the virtues and gifts God has given us.No where is there to be found a greater struggle than in the great mystery of our human sexuality. So I certainly agree with you.

  2. Dee Phelps
    4 years ago

    I think America is on a collision course with hell itself! The protection of the most vulnerable in society - the unborn - is gone. The sacred union of marriage is threatened. And many other immoralities are now being promulgated. These are all signs of a society gone mad and who have aligned themselves with darkness itself and that most vile and disgusting monster, Satan. God have mercy on America and any society that follows in its evil ways.

  3. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago


    God Bless and you hang in there. Will pray for you to brother.

  4. Bruce Barron
    4 years ago

    I would like to clarify and add to what I have said above.

    The reason commerce is a natural right is because man is a social and political rational being who has a right to life and therefore can use the legitimate means at his disposal to maintain his life.

    When I said that the "right to privacy" terminated in the "right to abortion it was accomplished by series of very bad rulings and unjust laws that eventually,over time,could not but help end in such a judgement.From beginning to end the laws slowly but surely could not end in any other decision.

    When I mentioned the 14 Amendment,an Amendment that has never been ratified,I asked myself what was it specifically that was found in the 14th Amendment that eventually led to this decision for gay marriage? It was the so called politically incorrect word "DISCRIMINATION" and it this word that has led to all the erroneous decisions,one bad law framed from the preceding bad and unjust law.This is what has resulted in same sex marriage.Only a long series of unjust laws adding upon each other could have produced this in the final analysis.

  5. JustUs
    4 years ago

    Gay marriage has attempted to become a law here in California TWICE...and it was denied TWICE by the people. Some CA gov rep overturned it for a few days - as I recall but CA responded and that is when it was denied the second time. We here in CA have our reasons. Although we have a few areas that support the so called Gay Marriage the votes are in. The people have spoken and a majority of them know it is wrong. If gay people want all the rights that married people have I think the state or country should tax every individual person a FLAT TAX RATE, medical insurance is already individulized so that doesnt matter (this from my own experience). What else is there? Acknowledgement that it is OK? Don't let law bend the rules to make the gay community or their supporters feel its OK and the right thing to do. No truthful Body Of Christ will agree that marriage can exsist between the same sex. It is sad to see that some individuals allow their sexual preferences over take their whole persona. They have so much more they can be doing with their lives. Sex isn't everything. Turn your energy to something else besides the pleasures of the flesh...that goes for anyone gay or straight that also watches porn of any type also. Don't waste your valuable time!
    As for overturning the law of the land - We Are The People! We have the last say and I have Faith that we can overturn Gay Marriage in the country as we did here in CA. and the TRUTHFUL Body of Christ will always prevail. GOD Bless us all and please pray for the confused gay persons and all that support the gay communities and governments for their conversion away from their false lifestyle. Hopefully they will understand we dont hate the sinner we hate the sin. Please dont confuse the children of this nation or any other nation any longer into thinking Gay Marriage is acceptable. GOD please Bless us. In the name of The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (read the book of Jude and pray the Rosary)

  6. David
    4 years ago

    Davide - we have a lot more in common than our name. Back in the day, when I was held captive by the same alluring lie, I never could have imagined the blessings God has since bestowed upon me for having turned away from the darkness. Regarding Daniel's comments - whether our battle was born from nature or nurture...that's not really the point. The point is this: we suffer. Hang in there, brother. It's a good fight that we're fighting. God's peace to you.

  7. Rob
    4 years ago

    vance, to your point though, is the law constitutional? I cringe at the thought of the supreme court ruling that it's not, but he does not have an obligation to defend laws that are not constitutional.

  8. vance
    4 years ago

    I believe this article is not about Homosexuality. It is about Constitutionality. This President took an oath of office to Defend the Constitution and Laws of the nation. If a President says "I Refuse to Defend the Constitution and/or the Laws of the nation", then He Needs to Step Down. This is the Big Issue.

  9. Bruce Barron
    4 years ago

    Just as the so called "right to privacy" laws led eventually led to abortion so it holds true for the 14th Amendment.
    Under the literal meaning of this Amendment, which anyone of average intelligence can understand,there is no fundamental right to same sex marriage.
    What has happened is what happened with the "right to privacy".
    By distortion,invention,malinterpretation,and misinterpretation we arrive at the right to same sex marriage.A system obviously of bad laws have been framed which have led to this conclusion.They have been framed by an establishment with an agenda other than what the Constitution means and intends.
    The Governor is President of his State and doesn't take orders from the President of the US; and State Legislatures can declare SC decisions null and void.The States have inherently within their very nature such authority from the nature of the compact.And the State determines what marriage is, for right or wrong,not the courts or federal government.
    Futhermore the so called Fundamental Rights found in the 10th Amendment and to be determined or discovered by the States is not to be tampered with by the Courts unless such rights interfered with the General Welfare,for instance.The Court claims there are certain fundamental rights and are confused between these and natural rights.Fundamental rights to the courts may or may not have anything to do with natural righs.The right to commerce is a natural right but it can be regulated and it is not conferred on us by the Constitution.And the Constitution in its wording treats of it as a necessary and natural right [Art1 Sec8]
    Finally something about the General Welfare.This can only refer to ensuring that peace and order is kept and maintained through just laws.It is not "WELFARISM".

  10. Bruce Barron
    4 years ago

    I didn't know that there was a rational basis for sodomy and lesbianism in nature or in such rational concepts and interpretations as the President and AG inform us exist so I am most grateful to have my ignorance corrected by them.

    Words have rights and no one can change the definiton of marriage as if "yes means no and no means yes."

    The gays are the most wealthy and powerful political party in the country for their size and obviously have not gone unheard.Look at how many States have sanctioned this so called union as a marriage.These civil contracts can never be considered as marriage.

    Actually marriage is a natural contract whereas unions between gays is an unnatural contract.This is self evident in the very nature of the sexual powers and the end to which they are directed.

    Tom Woods has just written a book called "Nullification". The remaining Governors and their State Legislatures who have not approved of same sex marriage can nullify this ruling of Obama on its irrational basis.

    It is absolutely impossible to propose that there are rational arguments to defend an irrational act.The only heightened scrutiny needed is for the American Public to be aware of what is going on.The problem is that they think and feel that it is pointless to oppose this--and little wonder.Look at the legal system and the Judges.However the States do not have to accept Obama's nullification for he has no say in this matter where States are concerned and Obama's nullification can be ignored as irrational and non applicable since the States can choose to follow DOMA until further clarification of a matter that needs no clarification at all.If Obama can nullify a Congressional Law the States can nullify his nullification because it is irrational or to use their term it is not reasonable.

    The States determine what marriage is and some have committed a grave moral evil by allowing same sex unions to be marriage or marriage equivalency.

    It is unfortunate that DOMA defined marriage as a "legal" union and Congress now has the opportunity to define marriage as a "natural union" that can only exist between a man and woman.Marriage is instituted by nature not by the State to which it owes its existence.This is just another one of those instances intended to undermine the moral and religious foundation of the country and cause it's collapse. It is a Corruption of Nature and the State sanctions something that adds absolutely nothing to the good of the State or in reaching its end.

    "The Standard of Review" in the AG'S for heightened scrutiny is absurd. Heightened Scrutiny doesn't apply because there is no fundamental right to homosexual marriage in the Constitution and the 14th Amendment doesn't even apply.Since there is no "right" to homosexual marriage,if it is claimed that there is one,then it must be a fabrication of something that does not exist in the Constitution and incapable of becoming law.

    No one denies that the homosexual as an individual may do great good but he or she doesn't do it by undermining the State.

    In the long run this is just another in the long list of insanities this President has produced.

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