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President Obama Orders Justice Department to No Longer Defend Marriage Comments

Fifteen years ago Congress overwhelmingly passed the Defense of Marriage Act. It was signed into law by President Clinton in 1996. On February 23, 2011, President Barack Obama unilaterally ordered the US Justice Department to stop defending marriage. The Attorney General sent a five-page letter simply announcing the President's decision to the Congress. Government has long regulated marriage for the common good and the President's ... Continue Reading

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  1. MarkM
    3 years ago

    I want you all to call me Mr. Universe, buts not going to happen.

    I am one of those (perhaps) bizaare Catholics who supports equal rights for everyone. I do, however, feel that homosexuals are desparately seeking the word MARRIAGE to apply to their 'civil unions, because of the validation they feel it will give them. That is why in several states, ballot proposals have passed overwhelmingly to support civil unions and NOT legalize marriages for homosexuals. It revealed the democratic will of the people and the ulterior motiv of gay-activists. So its really the word they are after.

    Marriage is not weakened or strengthened, divorce rates arent increased or decreased, or any of the other non-issue 'straw-man' arguments put forth by gay activists. Marriage is between a man and a woman (only one of each), and thats the definition, thats the end of the discussion.

  2. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    Many say the Lord didnt speak about homosexuality. I say He did through His apostles.

    Check out the New Testament. Remember our Lord did not come to change the law. He came to fulfil it. He never changed the homosexuality law in the old Testament. His apostles spoke of it in the new testament.

    So I recommend to that you read about it there. In the end the Lord will have the last say on this subject Im sure.

  3. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    As the Catholic Church was right about we having only one set of parents when Science theorized about having several sets of parents around the world so shall be right in her pastoral care of homosexual persons.

    What proved the Catholic Church right in the end about having one set of parents was DNA and that is why the Catholic Church understands that science will prove her right in many areas. It will take time but she will be right about homosexuality as well.

    Wisdom takes time.

  4. Mary42
    3 years ago

    Deacon Keith Fournier, why are you surprised. Again and again, I have stated many times before in this Website that Obama is the High Priest of Satan. If anyone doubts that statement, let them explain to us what will be the consequences in the US Nation/State when the Family, as established by our Creator's Divine Law and is consonant with the Natural Law, is destroyed by this latest Obama,s Edict.

    America has placed its finger on the self-destruct button. And as truly as the Holy Book tells us, the fate of Sodom and Gommorah will befall America as the sun rises from the East and sets in the West. God is watching and the clock ticks as the Day of His Wrath against this Nation which has thrown Him out of the window and enthroned Satan approaches.

  5. K.C.Thomas
    3 years ago

    I do not know how many percentage of American adults will uphold the definition of marriage as one between a man and a woman. However I am sure it will be more than 75 percent. Should the definition of marriage be changed as between two males or between two females or even with an animal companion or a piece of furniture ? Madness has taken over the thinking capacity of the so called progressive West When the definition is changed, why polygamy, polyandry, marriage between siblings or even with parents are not considered right and legal ? What we in Asia is afraid of is this cultural invasion. Only catholic Church strongly oppose all these perverted thinking. We hope Muslims and Hindus who agree with us should fight against this culture, the culture of pleasures and death.

  6. jzk
    3 years ago

    I was just reading to my 6 yo, the story of St. Valentine, and how Ceasar Claudius abolished marriage for his own agenda. Now marriage is being threatened yet again. God, have mercy on those who do not know you, or believe that the Marriage and Family, has been part of the plan of salvation from the very beginning.

  7. Jim
    3 years ago

    I'm sorry, but this kind of hysteria and dogmatic thinking on the divine, exalted definition of marriage as only being between a man and a women will ultimately serve to alienate a new generation of young,educated,people against mainstream Catholic teachings. I have been married to my beautiful wife for 25 years and strongly defend the institution of marriage, and the few Gay men I know who live together as a couple will in no way threaten this sacred union if they are allowed to join the ranks of the married.

    Now I can't speak for the Creator on this issue, but only base it on my positive inter-actions with a wide variety of articulate, compassionate free thinkers who find it strange that a religion that does not allow their clergy to marry can be so fixated on this ''moral'' issue. The author's claim as a matter of fact to speak for Jesus, when it would be more effective to quote scripture.

    If the Catholic faith is to prosper in the 21st century and not become an anachronism it must evolve and be sensitive to a more culturally sophisticated generation of critical thinking young people who can and should be suspicious of arrogant, dogmatic, and self righteous proclamations that are actually rather silly and trivial. Marriage doesn't need federal protections, but human dignity and equal rights certainly does.

  8. John Moll
    3 years ago

    "Homosexual equivalency activists insist that all Americans recognize a legal equivalency between true marriages and cohabitating practicing homosexuals or face legal punitive consequences. They are social and cultural revolutionaries."

    This is a distortion of who gay people are and what we seek. Patriotic, tax-paying, hard-working gay Americans only seek the same legal rights that their straight neighbors have - no more no less. We want equality for our families under US law, and the right to be married is one of those fundamental rights.

  9. Greg
    3 years ago

    There are 60 mln Catholics in the US. 30 mln ex-Catholics.
    Can someone explain me how come WE chose a person who does not see life in the womb?
    So if we cannot be united and choose a person who is pro-God and instead we choose a person who is pro-GIMME then, I am sorry, but I have to say that - we have who we deserve.
    Time to turn back to God!

  10. Margherita Lagan
    3 years ago

    I don't not understand how Pres. Obama, can call himself a Christian.

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