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Arrest of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell Reveals House of Horrors Built by Roe Comments

There are times when the truth concerning what actually happens in every procured abortion becomes obvious and the Nation is shaken out of its complacency. Perhaps the House of Horrors found in Philadelphia will be one of those moments.  What was hidden is now being revealed. The truth is what "Doctor" Gosnell did is no different than what is done in every procured abortion. The only difference is that it is hidden from view. Continue Reading

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  1. Lee
    4 years ago

    "The truth is what Gosnell did is no different than what is done in every procured abortion."

    Actually, the truth is that you are dead wrong. Abortions at such a late stage are illegal for very good reasons:

    1) They are very risky to the mother's health.
    2) The fetus has a well-developed brain by this point, so one could safely argue that some semblance of emotion and consciousness exists, rendering the act immoral for quantifiable reasons instead of vague "sanctity of life" and "eternal soul" arguments that only hold water if viewed from a narrow religious perspective.

    Simply put, this doctor was profiting from the fact that the law only allows abortions before the time at which one could make a scientifically sound argument that the fetus has developed far enough to be called human (an egg is not a chicken. Deal with it.) and yet some women are still desperate to have an abortion after that point, and are willing to pay for the privilege. This is not a moral issue having to do with the legitimacy of abortion, it's a legal issue having to do with the doctor's flouting of federal and state laws in the interests of personal profit. Harold Shipman killed at least 218 people in the course of being a general practitioner - Should we paint all other general practitioners with the same brush?

    You can have a legitimate beef with abortion from your point of view because your religion dictates that you must, and that is as it should be. When given the opportunity, it is your responsibility to hold fast to your beliefs and vote accordingly. Trying, however, to equate this abomination with abortion as it is condoned in Roe vs. Wade and codified in federal and state law is comparing apples to oranges.

  2. David44
    4 years ago

    Your dishonesty is disgusting. I understand that you and the Church oppose the law, but this butcher was operating (way) outside the law. To say this is the fault of Roe V. Wade is patently ridiculous. Even if abortion were completely illegal this kind of thing could still happen. Blame this "doctor" and the regulators who failed to investigate the numerous complaints, not the law. Grow up and start telling the truth instead of putting out propaganda.

  3. William J. Houston
    4 years ago

    Would like to reemphasize that we have ahuman being at the moment of conception. The only thing remaining in the process is time.

  4. James Miller
    4 years ago

    I think many proponents of Row v Wade do not argue that it is ok to abort fetuses with human attributes. The problem for many of us is the All or Nothing attitude taken by the Pro-Life camp. The insistence that terminating a 1 day old zygote is morally equivalent to murdering a fully functional human being is idiotic, and helps no one. If the pro-life group would admit that young embryos, say 2 months or less, are in a different category than an 8 month fetus, perhaps some progress would be made.

  5. Oswald
    4 years ago

    Thank you Deacon Fournier for your brave article about this, and I look forward to more on the subject or similar ones.

  6. CommonSense
    4 years ago

    This sort of action is not caused by abortion rights.

    But without abortion rights, you would have more of this in back alley abortions across the nation. You already do in nations that have outlawed abortion.

    You should be truly ashamed of writing and hosting this article.
    May God forgive your hypocrisy.

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