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Arrest of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell Reveals House of Horrors Built by Roe Comments

There are times when the truth concerning what actually happens in every procured abortion becomes obvious and the Nation is shaken out of its complacency. Perhaps the House of Horrors found in Philadelphia will be one of those moments.  What was hidden is now being revealed. The truth is what "Doctor" Gosnell did is no different than what is done in every procured abortion. The only difference is that it is hidden from view. Continue Reading

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  1. TJ
    4 years ago

    @Lee: You are obviously completely ignorant of the fact that abortion in this country is completely legal through ALL NINE MONTHS of pregnancy UP UNTIL THE DAY OF BIRTH!!! The companion decision to Roe, called DOE v. BOLTON, was handed down by the Supreme Court on the same day, allowing abortion at any time "for the health of the mother" and defined "health" so broadly that there are virtually no restrictions.

  2. Stephany
    4 years ago

    Vance, your comments about the scanty attendance at a Pro Life Mass are sadly right on. Some Knights actually had yard signs supporting the most pro abortion candidate in our history. The discouragement at seeing this is like a punch in the gut and sends one reeling. Why???
    I've begun to think it's because the political connection is stronger than the spiritual connection. Does anyone think about the value of a soul anymore? When will we hear more than just some piddly comments from the clergy regarding the right to life? Why must we tiptoe around this issue in order to avoid "offending" someone?
    What about the offense to God? How about calling sin, SIN?
    How on earth does the truth get through?
    A recent pro life event on Church property was reduced in it's scope when all signs and banners were ordered removed by the pastor. It's almost unbelievable! Yes, I know the truth hurts, but like a infected organ, unless it is exposed, the infection continues to spread nd the body is weakened, and in some cases loses it's life.
    The signs and pictures may save the lives of babies, and the souls of mothers and fathers. What on earth would cause a pastor to block the truth?
    I guess people don't want to be jolted out of their comfort zone. Perhaps that is why there is such animosity towards those who work to promote life. I would venture that much of the blame lies in the promotion of the infectious "liberation theology" and those who subscribe to that idealogy.

  3. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago

    Let us pray for the conversion of all those who participate in the heinous business of abortion and pray for its peaceful ending.


  4. John from Nebraska
    4 years ago

    I want to thank Deacon Fournier and the folks at Catholic Online for allowing an open conversation on this very controversial subject. It may be helpful for those surprised by pro-choice comments on this particular site that the public is evenly divided on permitting abortion, with only about 25% believing that abortion should be restricted under all circumstances. That poll is here:

  5. Beth
    4 years ago

    James - I will pray for you, that you find once again the fullness of the Truth that exists in Catholic moral teaching. I was also a "lapsed" Catholic, lukewarm in my faith and steadfastly opposed to the Church's teachings on the sanctity of life. This was because I was trying to live life on my own terms and to justify my own sins. I knew deep down that, when it came to choosing an abortion, there but for the grace of God went I. I now thank God for the good people in my life who lovingly led me to a "reversion" to the fullness of the Catholic faith. Now I pray fort he unborn and their mothers outside a local abortion clinic - if you had told me 15 years ago that I'd be doing that one day, I would have laughed in your face. God does work in mysterious ways. As far as having "human attributes", I think a very scientific response to that is the fact that even a human zygote has "human attributes", because that is how a human being starts its process of growth - as a one-celled organism with human DNA. It may not have the warm, fuzzy "personal" attributes that we find so endearing and fascinating in more developed babies, but all growth is on a continuum - I look very different now than I did when I was a newborn, and have more abilities, but I am no more human, because a human newborn isn't supposed to be able to walk, talk, reason, etc. In the same way, a one-celled human isn't supposed to feel, move, etc. - but these things will happen over time, so long as nothing interferes. It's all there, in all its miraculous beauty. And that is the essence of what we're talking about. God bless.

  6. Mary42
    4 years ago

    Reading the defenders of abortion and their hollow arguments is horrifying. It displays an astounding sense of inhumanity and how callous they have become. I was a living human being the minute I was conceived and God decreed I be allowed to live until He decides otherwise. No one has authority to take away life especially that of an innocent defenceless baby in its mother's womb. This is Murder Most Foul committed by thoroughly evil people. No matter how loud you holler, you Merchants of Death, soon you will stand before your Maker and all those babies you have murdered will be there as your accusers. Thank you, Jennifer for your wonderful comments. But Satan's Agents cannot hear you but let us all have a heart. God is not amused by what is going on and He will soon act. America, and any other country that has sanctioned the holocaust of unborn babies and euthanasia will pay dearly. In the meantime,let us all pray very hard for these misguided proponents of the Hitler philosophy of annihilation of the "unwanted".

  7. vance
    4 years ago

    I'm glad James Miller showed up on this website. Thanks Jim. James is a friendly reminder that the Liberal Establishment has successfully created millions of James Miller's. James says that he is a Lapsed Catholic and that's ashame BUT there are millions of Catholics who think like James who attend Sunday Mass regularly. This evening of this writing, I attended a Pro-Life Mass offered by our Bishop. It was sparsely attended. I am a Knight of Columbus and there were only three of us out of a 150 members who attended. The Death Culture of the Liberal Establishment has made deep inroads in our own church. I know why many of our Knights didn't show up to the Pro-Life Mass. These are hard core Democrat party obedient followers. They are Democrats first and Catholics second. This is why we have Kermit Gosnells'

  8. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago

    Support Priests for Life and support the March for Life in Washington and the one on the West Coast any way you can. They all rock in my book.

  9. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago

    Do you ever here the term anymore---"Let Nature take its course"?

    Interesting? Makes you think where we have gone with the question of Natural Law.

  10. Lisa
    4 years ago

    James Miller - Scientists are near universal in their agreement that life begins at conception. Encoded DNA results in a human being breathing and feeding on its own. The problem with the logic of your meta-argument is that you attempt to value life based on intelligence, which is relatively arbitrary criteria. Based on what you say, should we work like heck to keep all the people whose IQ is above 140 alive and neglect those whose IQ falls below 90? I guess the people below 90 have nothing to contribute to society? It is a very slippery slope and one used by death panels to justify euthanasia as well as repugnant Princeton University professors who attempt to justify why severely disabled people don't have the right to live. If all of life is sacred and life does begin at conception, then, abortion is murder. Pure and simple. We pro-life people have been beaten into political submission by pro-abortionist spin doctors that forbid us from using the word murder and claim that abortion is really about the mother's health and well-being. Well, here is a news flash for them. I know alot of women and most of them would say that the antics of their teenage children have caused them far greater stress and physical ailment than any pregnancy or fetus did. Will those same pro-abortionists say it is justified to murder teenage children? I fear the answer.

    CommonSense - Deacon Fournier is discussing the climate that 38 years of Roe created, not conditions in other countries, so, let's not mix apples and oranges. Deacon Fournier is spot on in his opinion as the Roe enthusiasts have characterized abortion as both rare and necessary for the mother's health. Non-profit studies have shown that 41% of 2009 pregnancies in NYC ended in abortion. I fail to see how anyone can characterize that as rare. Further, NARAL and NOW won't budge on partial birth abortion even though the vast majority of the OB/Gyn community say that they are not necessary for women's health. Please, let's not give creedance to those tired lies anymore. The wide-reaching Roe decision is a moral disgrace with no legal or constitution basis. Gosnell is a predictable outgrowth of it.

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