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Pro-Life Liberal Sargent Shriver Dies; Democratic Challenger to Obama Emerges Comments

Eunice and Sargent Shriver were Pro-Life Democrats. There was another interesting news story on the same day of the sad news of the passing of Sargent Shriver which has implications for the Democratic Primaries for President. Because I would still like to see Pro-Life people in both parties, I believe it is time to shake them both up.The first challenger to President Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination has ... Continue Reading

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  1. Bill
    4 years ago

    Mr Mann I cannot let your statements go unchallenged. First, you choose to politicize every issue that this site highlights even when these issues involve the moral underpinnings of society and deserve an apolitical discussion. Ideologues, as you appear to be, do not contibute to the rational dialogue on this topic. Instead you introduce red herrings to confuse and divert the argument. You talk about personal responsibility as if it starts and ends with the decision on whether or not to abort a child. Personal responsibility in the context of abortion starts with the decision to enter into sexual intercourse which could lead to the creation of life. The first act has consequences and if it was a bad decision why would a just society allow a second bad decision destroy human life? The act of sexual intercourse has second order effects some good (creation of human life) or bad (destruction of human life). The act of abortion has no good effect second order effects (the destruction of human life and the inevitable guilt felt by the mother who consented to her child's execution). This is a Catholic website and instead of framing political arguments to rationalize blind and mindless ideology lets try to contribute intellectual and lucid ideas.

  2. John Flavin
    4 years ago

    I am concerned about the political flavor on this website. It is left of center and that is a distraction for the conservative readers within the faith. If you read between the lines, one would come to the conclusion that Christ is a democrat.
    The site has value if the news is reported unvarnished. I come to this site for the daily readings and not the daily indoctrination. To send this message home, consult the 2nd reading for today, COR 1:10-13. I am sure Paul would have objected to your polarized political view.

  3. Everett Mann
    4 years ago

    Pete, or is it Rip Van Winkle? Were you so afraid of the Muslim Boogeymen you slept through the Bush Presidency? It was that president that SQUANDERED a surplus and left a deficit with his "new math".

    If the departments you list are Unconstitutional, why only cut them in half? Why not eliminate them altogether?

    Where are the Reagan Republican promises 30 years later? Better Schools? Reduced Poverty? Where is it? Trickle down did not/ does not work!
    Or hey! What about the personal responsibility you espouse? Why does the government need to be involved in what is a VERY personal decision. Also, when did corporations become people? Seems that decision was made by conservative justices. I would be willing to concede a fetus is a human if someone would legally strip corporations of their personhood.

  4. Everett Mann
    4 years ago

    Paul- it is not Obamacare it is the Affordable Care Act. Please get that straight.

    I stand by what I have said before. Republicans have held the two houses and the presidency and did NOTHING regarding abortion. I have no doubt that even with the current majority, they will do nothing. Leopards, afterall, cannot change their spots. And the Republicans need the abortion issue otherwise they are truly all about big business and helping CEO while shipping working people's jobs overseas.

    As far as abortion goes, does anyone here really believe it is an elitist plot to eliminate the less desirables? If you do, please explain why a third of all abortions are by Catholic women? Who sees Catholic Women as less desirable?

    I am not pro-choice but I am not about to tell someone what they should believe. I do not like evangelists and do not wish to be one.

  5. Anne
    4 years ago

    I knew Sargent Shriver, Eunice, Ethel and Robert and their families when I lived in northern VA outside of DC. By today's standards Sargent would be considered a moderate rather than a liberal. He never wanted anyone to become dependent on Government - just lend a hand to those in serious need for short periods of time.

  6. Pete
    4 years ago

    John Grimes, 100% of the GOP HOUSE along with 3 Conservative Democrats voted to repeal the pro-abortion, and anti-conscience OBAMACARE as passed by the Democrats in 2010. Further late next week House Members will introduce legislation to stop all ABORTION taxpayer funding. Since Obama with the power of veto, and the Senate (including Catholic Senators) are pro-murderers of unborn babies it might not pass, but at least they are trying. Obama is power hungry and wants everyone to be DEPENDENT on the GOVERNMENT. He did not care that his bill is unconstitutional, or that his out of control spending is destroying our Government with much of the debt owed to Communist China. In his two years of Office (along with his Congress), the US went from 3 to 14 TRILLION dollars. Now he wants us to raise the debt ceiling to pay our bills. The US needs to cut in half the Dept of Education, Labor, Environment, Agriculture, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development for starters by cutting their functions (which are unconstitutional).

  7. vance
    4 years ago

    Paul, many dittos to your post. Grimes, if you would quit voting for the Socialist Democrat Party, maybe we could be rid of Roe vs Wade. It is your Party and its judicial appointments that keep Roe vs Wade alive and well. Catholic Speaker Boehner is leading the House Vote to defund abortion as we of this writing. Your Party is opposing it.

  8. Rob
    4 years ago

    Whether you love or hate the healthcare bill that was passed, I commend the President for trying to tackle it. Healthcare, like many of our problems, need to be addressed at some point. You can't kick the can down the road forever. But wouldn't it be nice if our pro-life politicians would have a vote on illegalizing abortion in the same fashion as repeal of the healthcare vote. Maybe both our symbolic (and I would argue we don't have the time for any of this nonsense but since we seem to I'll continue), but doesn't the pro-life issue deserve the same symbolic vote? It's very hard to argue with John's assessment of the victories here and there when this issue is one of those we refuse to fight head on. I do agree that we have to use and all means necessary to continue to fight the evil of abortion, but it may be high time to do an honest assessment of where we are at? Are we satisfied with the progress and what can we do differently to save lives?

  9. Johnny
    4 years ago

    All I know is we need to lift up all OUR enemies,inside the Church and outside the Church if we are to truly love our enemies as Christ loved them.The problem with most Catholics is we do not want to truly do this.As you can see as Rob points out the finger pointing.Liberals,Conservatives,ect....As great speaker Matthew Kelly has said what if Fr. or Bishop came into Church and said Im gonna offer Mass for Osama Bin Laden? Sad to say most Catholics would compain.Did Christ die on the Cross for Osama,Obama,Pelosi,The Pope? Yes! St.Faustina said in her diary that they(Horrible sinners) have a greater right to his Mercy than those who are Merciful.Thats not a verbatim qoute,but basically thats what she said.We need to read about the Saints and how they acted towards others.

  10. John Grimes
    4 years ago

    Rob is quite right: the politicization of this issue has done exactly nothing to put an end to abortions. One can preach the truth about abortion as Deacon Fournier does here but today in America few but the already converted will listen. And the notion that the GOP will do anything effective to end the practice, as Paul implies, is simply too silly to bother criticizing. The image of supposedly pro-life Ronald Reagan talking to freezing demonstrators outside the White House ON THE PHONE instead of inviting some of them in, really says it all. The party of Lincoln will make grand speeches, include anti-abortion "planks" in its soon-to-be-forgotten platforms, call hopeless votes occasionally in legislatures, and court the politically pro-life crowd till it has their votes, maybe even make some minor executive restriction on funding here or there to please the latter. But an honest attempt to end the practice? Out of the question for the party that always has a more important constituency to please, i.e. the rich and powerful. My point is that, when we attach ourselves to one of the officially permitted American political parties in hopes that it will end the nauseous plague called abortion, we end up with those hopes and little else. Our only hope is to convert the hearts and minds of the people and to convince them to demand just laws, laws that no longer protect abortionists or their practice.

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