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9th Circuit Court Holds Soledad Cross Unconstitutional Comments

This 9th Circuit opinion is an example of a growing governmental hostility toward religious faith, religious symbols, and, in particular, Christian faith and Christian symbols, in the public square. The effort to scrub the public square of such religious expression and symbols is a threat to religious freedom and represents an incorrect application of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution.  Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    4 years ago

    This goes to the heart of the matter. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. If we keep electing Liberals into office, they will appoint anti-Christs everytime as judges to the bench. Just look at Obama's two appointments to the supreme court.

  2. Rob
    4 years ago

    Again, I think this trend is yet another shining example of Christian's failure to properly live their faith. It's our fault that the general society has become Godless. It seems like faith for so many is only something done at mass. Too many Catholic's embrace the world exactly in the same manner as non-believers. I think when we begin to give a shining example of our faith, all this nonsense goes away. Until then, it's just a big fight where I believe we lack credibility.

  3. montymoose
    4 years ago

    What the world ( Satan and his servants) is trying to do is to remove God from everything. It isn't a Cross or a Menorah or a church...
    They dont want people to think about God...Period!!
    Read your Bible, its says Seek Ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness!
    Our Lord told us that the days will come that these things will happen, WELL they are and today is the day.
    A pastor I knew told this story ( and there are many variations of this)
    It says the devil goes around like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour,
    But Jesus pulled the devil teeth at the cross and all the devil can really do
    is to try to "gum" you to death.
    If you stay in the word of God, the Bible, you will have the ammunition to fight off the temptations of the world, IF YOU CHOOSE TO.
    CARMEN, THE BIBLE SAYS WE HAVE OUR ADVOCATE... that is sufficient for me

  4. Theresa
    4 years ago

    I wonder when these "godless men" will start scraping the walls of the government buildings in Washington, D.C., inside and outside, of all the verses taken from sacred scripture, and/or other tributes to God...?

    It is insane! It is also true that "secularism" is a form of, albeit. "godless" religion. These "secularists" judges, et al, can (and do) erect their own symbols, But, we, too, have just as much "right" to speak up and challenge these anti-Christian rulings. These judges are quite obviously biased in their decision, to say the least. Moreover, they are not following the "precedence" of the Declaration of Independence, neither the Constitution and the First Amendment. This ruling must be overturned and wemust support the legal endeavors to do so. There is no reason, at all, why we should be silent. If the Christians all through the centuries would have been silent under persecution there wouldn't be any of us here today. Are we going to be the first to let the Christian religion be hidden "under a bushel-basket," most especially in a country where there is supposed to be freedom to express our religion in public? These secularist judges are also removing the Ten Comandments in many cities--and "so help me God" when taking the "oath" in the courtroom....What makes us think they are going to stop--especially if we are silent?

    "Onward Christian soldiers..;" speak up! And pray: "Our Father, who art in Heaven....deliver us from [this] evil. Amen!"

  5. LarryLinn
    4 years ago

    Why should my tax dollors be spent on religious sybols? My grandparents had to flee Northern Ireland after death threats because of conflicts between Catholics and Protestants. She was Protestant, and he was Catholic. When I became of age, I volunteered and joined the Army, and I served as an 11B Infantryman. Most of my time in the field was in squad or platoon size operations. We would have discussions about what we were fighting for. It always came back to the “Bill of Rights”. To me the most important was “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”
    What did our Founding Fathers have to say about religion:
    "Question with boldness even the existence of a god." - Thomas Jefferson (letter to Peter Carr, 10 August 1787):
    "All natural institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit." Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason;
    "Religion and government will both exist in greater purity, the less they are mixed together.", John Madison;
    “Lighthouses are more helpful than Churches”, Benjamin Franklin

  6. Michael
    4 years ago

    "Trunk v. City of SAN DIEGO"? If you move to a city named after a Catholic saint, you should expect a few Christian symbols. If the cross is found unconstitutional, then they will have to change the names of San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, etc.

  7. Diane
    4 years ago

    Religious symbals must first be villified then destroyed when a government is moving into a complete totalitarian state because religion and religious people resist the totalitarian state more than any other group. The Nazi's first mocked the Star of David, then forbid it to be publicly shown, then ordered all Jews and only Jews to wear them at all times in order to cut them off from the rest of society, then target them for murder. In Russia the Bolsheviks did the same thing to the Cross and ended turning Orthodox Churches into secular museums and murdering over 6,000 Orthodox priests, most of them nailed to the wooden doors of their Churches. If religious people don't want a repeat of such atrocities then defend the symbals of Religion while the attack is still at the verbal stage.

  8. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    Wow. This is not just silly, it is wrong. I say, any religious symbols should be allowed, since those who serve belong to all different faiths (or don't have one). This is not an issue of respect for minorities. The people who will be affected by this are the dead and their families; and I think they deserve special consideration. It would do more harm than good do remove crosses from memorials. What next? Are they going to remove the crosses from sites of fatal accidents?

  9. No Way
    4 years ago

    As a Christian, my first instinct is to be offended, but this large cross does overshadow everything underneath it. If I were a Jew or Muslim or of any other faith, I don't think I would like my decoration to be overshadowed by another faith. It was erected in 1913; times change and so do viewpoints. There were also probably less non-Christians back then who would have taken offence.

  10. Andy Holland
    4 years ago

    "Why do the nations so furiously rage together, and why do the People imagine a vain thing?" You cannot live separate from God, there is no such thing as Secularism. The Courts meet in neo pagan temples adorned with pagan goddess statues to "justice", and "liberty" and "freedom." They wearing priestly robes and sit on raised Dias. The Holy Cross has no secular meaning; it is the cross of Jesus. The gods of the pagans are demons and the courts serve demons - the rebels - in their "secular" established religion. But as the 37th Psalm says, they aren't worth fretting over.

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