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9th Circuit Court Holds Soledad Cross Unconstitutional Comments

This 9th Circuit opinion is an example of a growing governmental hostility toward religious faith, religious symbols, and, in particular, Christian faith and Christian symbols, in the public square. The effort to scrub the public square of such religious expression and symbols is a threat to religious freedom and represents an incorrect application of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution.  Continue Reading

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  1. Matt
    4 years ago

    I appreciate the comments above, but just as you have your beliefs (and are pretty well 'set' in them), so do I. I know I'll be atheist for the rest of my life because it goes to the core of my personality. I'm scientific in nature, always looking at evidence and making judgements about the validity of things based on the evidence at hand. Faith has no place for me--it just seems illogical and nonsensical. Anyway, I didn't come here to bash you all--this is a catholic forum after all. I just wanted to weigh in on the Soledad Cross question. Best wishes to all, whatever your path may be.

  2. Theresa
    4 years ago

    Rob, thank you for re-iterating the point about the need for those of us us who believe to live our faith--Indeed, so that those who see us can say: "See how they love one another!" (Tertullien) LIkewise, we must be ready and able to refute error, as St. Peter advised us: "Always be prepared to make a defense to anyone for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and reverence...." 1Pet 3:15)

  3. Clara Vande-guma
    4 years ago

    If your worried about this ruling, wait until 'God' is replaced with 'man' in your nations motto, 'In God we trust'. The worst is yet to come, from these free masons.

  4. Rob
    4 years ago

    Guys, it is precisely for the "Matt's" of the world that we have to do a better job at living our faith. Sometimes we need to be very careful about what we are evangelizing about our faith. Our all of our actions leading people to Christ? Is it obvious in my day to day life that I am a disciple of Christ? It saddens me that Matt would say "I am a better Christian than most of the Christian's I know." That is a pretty remarkable statement.

  5. vance
    4 years ago

    Matt, Yes, I have had many conversations and arguments with atheists in years gone by. They all say the same thing, "you can't prove there is a God". I always say Jesus Christ is the proof. He revealed himself as God and performed many creations (miracles) in front of hundreds and on two occassions thousands of people. There were no video cameras to capture the events but even some witnesses refused to believe. Those were the spys for the Pharasees. When they witnessed Lazarus rising from the dead, their response was, "We need to kill this man". Another event occurred in Fatema, Portugal. There "the miracle of the Sun" occurred in 1917 in front of a crowd of 70,000 witnesses and many of them were non-believers such as yourself. They were there as journalists and Portugal's Socialist Party rulers. They were there for the expected 'Laugh" they thought they would have on all those "Gullible" people. The journalists thought they would capture the "Hoax" on their cameras. But what a huge surprise they witnessed. You have convinced yourself that when you die, you just become humus on Mother Earth. All those atheists who have gone before us had the tragic experience of the big "Whoops" I made a mistake and there is no going back to do it over again. Again I encourage you to embrace God who loves us all and cares for us all. He is all love and justice.

  6. Theresa
    4 years ago

    Matt: I often wonder why atheists say they don't believe there is credible evidence that God exists, that faith makes no sense because it is believing in something without evidence. St. Paul never saw Jesus while He was alive on this earth, so he says, precisely this: "Faith is the assurance of things hoped for. the conviction [or "evidence"] of things not seen," (Heb 11:1) Ultimately, science cannot prove how the universe was made without recourse to the (yes) insane "idea" that it (for all intents and purposes) just popped out of nothingness! There is a "cause" for everything that exists in nature, in the universe, however momentarily. There is only one "cause" that is not caused--and that is the One whom we call "God"--the "Creator," par excellence. Jesus Christ proved the power of God. No scientist (or unbeliever) has proven anything that makes the point for God's NON-existence, like Jesus did FOR God's existence!

  7. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    Matt, just because there isn't any solid evidence for God's existance deosn't mean that he doesn't exist. I can see why you distrust belief in God because so many who profess to believe do and say horrible things. But God does love you, just acknowledging that, and maybe talking to him a little, might seem absurd, but it brings hapiness to people. I'm not suggesting you join a religious establishment, at least not immediately; most are orientated towards firm believers. Just establish a personal connection with God, even if your heart isn't in it at first. Peace.

  8. Matt
    4 years ago

    "My previous conversations with atheists reveal that it isn't so much that they don't believe in God, it is that they hate God. He gets in the way of their sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. These things are more sacred than God. God still loves you and has his loving arms open to you to come to him."

    Vance, please keep in mind that your previous dealings with atheists probably involved some debate back and forth, and therefore the potential for animosity. My lack of belief in god is simply that I don't believe there is credible evidence that he exists. Faith makes no sense to me--it is believing in something without evidence, and if that is the case, you could be made to believe in anything.

    I'm a loving husband, a doting father, and successful businessman. Granted I like sex (with my wife) and rock and roll (the classic type), but not drugs. I'm the most 'Mr. Cleaver' of guys you'd probably meet. I don't have alot of male friends because I'm viewed as pretty much a 'square'. That's fine with me--I like my family life as it is.

    I'm often amazed at the behavior of those that claim to be christians. How could they not know that what they're doing isn't 'christian'??? At times it seems that I'm the most christian of those that I know, and it kind of baffles me.

    Anyway, I know that there are plenty of good christians out there, and I'm happy that they are out there, because they are responsible for alot of good in this world.

    Atheists aren't as organized and there are few groups out there for us to belong to that are charitable in nature. For us, charity is an individual thing, as evidenced by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett's efforts.

  9. vance
    4 years ago

    Matt, The words,"We are endowed by our Creator" is in the constitution. Separation of church and is not. The First Amendment tells government that it is not allowed to create its own religion. That's it! We the people have ceded artificial authority to the government to dictate whether or not crosses or Nativity Scenes will be in public places. It is up to we Christians to stand up and fight for our faith. You say you are an atheist. I am sorry for you because you are throwing away your eternal life for nothing. As I have said to many other atheists, it does not matter whether or not you believe in God. He is still there and not going anywhere. You can wish him away or bury your head in the sand and pretend he doesn't exist. It still doesn't make him go away. My previous conversations with atheists reveal that it isn't so much that they don't believe in God, it is that they hate God. He gets in the way of their sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. These things are more sacred than God. God still loves you and has his loving arms open to you to come to him.

  10. Matt
    4 years ago

    As an atheist I agree with the above comment that the cross is garish. I have no problem with a cross being there, but a 40 ft. tall cross is so large and dominant that it does give the impression that the government is giving the cross its 'stamp of official approval'.

    I also don't have a problem with the crosses at Arlington, although I wonder how many non-believers are buried there and had crosses erected over their dead bodies simply because they were brought up in the tradition, or their family didn't want their grave to stand out or be desecrated.

    One final point. Our coins didn't originally say "in god we trust' on them. Our national motto wasn't originally 'in god we trust'. The pledge of allegience didn't originally say 'under god' in it. Ten Commandments tablets were placed on courthouse grounds many years after the courthouses were erected.

    These things were all added later by religious people. Now that non-religious people want things restored to their original form, we are being called 'attackers of religion'. We simply want to restore the secular origins of this country--remember, the constitution has no single reference to God or Jesus in it. If this country were truly 'founded on religion' as lots of christians like to say, the constitution would say so.

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