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Mark Wahlberg: 'The first thing I do each day is pray' Comments

In the modern world, we are told, religion is being pushed to the side. Church-going is down, cynicism is up, and old-fashioned Christianity is not so slowly going the way of the penny-farthing bicycle. And nowhere, we are told, is this more apparent than in Hollywood, land of the superficial, the catch-a-passing-trend, the every-man-for-himself. And then there is Mark Wahlberg. Continue Reading

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  1. TJ
    4 years ago

    Wow seem to be acting as the judge of a lot of people on this site! Nobody here is judging Mr. Wahlberg's soul or where he is on his faith journey... That is for God alone. What we are judging is that it is not right to portray some of his actions as okay, when they are clearly immoral, especially on a Catholic website. People like you always come out of the woodwork spouting about "casting stones"...Jesus was talking about judging people's souls. We make judgements about people's actions all the time, such as when we send a person to prison for something he did wrong. Are we not to judge a murderer or a rapist? According to your logic, apparently not. I'm glad Mr. Wahlberg is proud and open about his faith, but pretending sin is okay leads to scandal and leads others astray.

  2. David
    4 years ago

    Let's not judge please

  3. Michael
    4 years ago

    While not of the readers would condone the type of roles he has taken on, or some of his choices, He has come out courageously put it out their for orthodox Christians to bat about. I don't know many Sunday pew-warmers who show their kids that to walk into God's sanctuary to pray thanks and forgiveness every day is the real '#1 movie' in life. And I also think of the Parable of the Tax Collector and Pharisee. Frankly, none of us could imagine the scrutinzing a Hollywood star lives under. I would say he is trying to get it all together, ducks in a row - in spite of Hollywood - for a good accounting when all is said and done. He appears to be well-spoken and kind. Given his start, never underestimate the power of daily prayer. Good for him! Good for us! The more we encourge Mr Wahlberg, the harder he will work at eliminating the scandal from his life. And, finally, what if he helps turn one lost soul - one lost sheep - in Hollywood while the rest of us 99 are sitting safe. No brothers & sisters, encourage the good behavior so we get more, for the bad stuff, vote with our feet & wallets.
    (Betty, I to like the Sunday scene in Blue Bloods with his brother Donnie)

    Peace & Happy New Year!

  4. Dave
    4 years ago

    Wow...quite a number of us are acting as Mr. Wahlberg's judge. Faith is a continuous journey, and God teaches each of us to speak to our individual "audiences" according to the gifts He has bestowed upon us. Who are we to judge where Mark is on his journey? Who are we to proclaim what milestones he should have reached by now? I seem to remember reading something somewhere about "casting stones"... Mark Wahlberg is proudly voicing his Catholicism in the midst of an incredibly secular (and hostile) arena. I, for one, am proud of him and pray for his (and my own) continued growth in faith and devotion.

  5. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago

    Look Im not condoning anyone's lifestyle but how many Catholic out there do you know who decided to live with their significant other and practice the same lifestyle he did above?

    Many bought into the living together before marriage fad and still do so today. I dont like it and almost bought into this lifestyle myself before I educated myself on my poorly brought up Catholicism of the 1970's, 80' and 90's.

    Now that said maybe Mark will be reading us here and maybe the Lord will take the time set him straight in the years ahead on that 10 minutes he does.

    Im trying to be humble like were supposed to be and I dont condone the show he produces either but maybe more Catholics will meet him and support him to go in another direction beneficial to his career and that of his soul which is more important.

    I hope so. I pray for all of us. I am a sinner and hope to improve on the road to salvation in our coming years as long as I live.

  6. Betty Anderson
    4 years ago

    I don't read anything in this article that makes me think Mark Wahlberg is a devoted Christian, Catholic or otherwise. His films are vulgar and/or violent. Are we to believe that there is a difference in what one IS and what one ACTS? What kind of example is he to his family and to others? He couldn't get married to his pregnant girlfriend because she wouldn't look good in her gown? That certainly puts things in the proper perspective, right? I actually see more Catholic teachings on Friday nights in Blue Bloods, starring someone who may be his brother. They do bow their heads and pray and show concern for family members. Maybe someone watching will be touched by this. Anyway, I will pray that no one will emulate him or think of him as an exemplary Catholic, but I will also pray for him and his family because, as a Christian, I know that God created him in his image and I am to love him.

  7. April
    4 years ago

    This is not good. I think the devil works in ways like this. He takes something that seems good and weaves evil all through it. There is no repentance, and the whole marriage issue is handled way too casually. He is worried about what is going to get him to heaven, but not enough to abstain from sex before marriage, not enough to make it a priority to marry in the Church no matter logistics, not enough to set boundries on the type of projects he does. These types of articles bring scandel to our Faith, written differently it could have been great, but as is it is dangerous, showing you can still do immoral things knowingly and willfully and if you stop by the Church on the way it makes your bad choices ok.

  8. TJ
    4 years ago

    Rob, don't misunderstand me, I think it's great that he loves his faith and is open about it and obviously wants to be a good husband and father. I don't expect him to have reached the heights of sainthood yet. We are all on that path of working toward sanctity. I don't pretend to know his heart or judge soul. I guess my problem is more with the article and the writer, presenting pre-marital relations and trashy movies as okay. Maybe he is sorry for these things, but the article did not present it that way.

  9. c
    4 years ago

    This is a man who had 4 children before he married their mother. Also he is an executive producer of the show "Boardwalk Empire" which according to Catholic League has a scene with a nun having sex. Is he really Catholic or picking and choosing what about the Church he likes.

  10. Rob
    4 years ago

    TJ, I didn't get that sense at all. I don't believe this website would ever promote anything of the sort (bad movies). I love our church and it's tradition and I love stories about saints. But I have to be honest that sometimes it's difficult for me to relate to a saint that's a religious because they don't have the same life I do. While I don't have the life Mark Wahlberg has by any means, I do find his story inspiring and it gave me encouragment to keep on pressing forward and upward. My own life has been far from perfect and at times so has my practice of the faith. Sometimes I wish my conversion was as complete as St. Paul's, but I guess that's not my path. I am very thankful however that our God is the God of second chances for sure. As I'm sure Mr. Walberg can attest to, his patience and mercy endures forever.

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