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Mark Wahlberg: 'The first thing I do each day is pray' Comments

In the modern world, we are told, religion is being pushed to the side. Church-going is down, cynicism is up, and old-fashioned Christianity is not so slowly going the way of the penny-farthing bicycle. And nowhere, we are told, is this more apparent than in Hollywood, land of the superficial, the catch-a-passing-trend, the every-man-for-himself. And then there is Mark Wahlberg. Continue Reading

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  1. Viktor
    4 years ago

    "That which is Ceasar's is Ceasar's. That which is the Lord's is the Lord's..". Don't criticize his Hollywood work and discredit his spiritality. I'm sure the Lord is working on that, but in the meantime his message is positve; and an A-List actor vocalizing that "being a Catholic is the most important aspect" of his life. That is truly encouraging and I only hope the message makes it to the younger audience who look highly on celebrity life...

  2. Troy
    4 years ago

    I don't appreciate the sinful acts (playing a porn star and premarital sex) that are accepted in this article. They should have been omitted, criticized, or at least explained as against Church teaching. Yes, we are all sinners, but our sins should not be accepted as if they are nothing to worry about. Mark is not an ideal Catholic and neither am I. He doesn't appear to acknowledge or understand that those are sinful acts not accepted by the Church. I'm concerned that he doesn't know the Faith or only accepts the parts that he wants to accept. This is very common now-a-days.

  3. Ken
    4 years ago


    Of course, you're right. And one of God's children is as equally worthy as another, as far as that goes. I think the question here is more along the line, though, of what kind of lesson, or teaching, comes from each one's "particular pulpit", as you put it.

    It doesn't take much of a taste for Catholic/Christian history to soon discover that many who have proclaimed their faith in Jesus, under the name of Catholic, were soon found to have been proclaiming that which was not truly handed down from Jesus and not truly Catholic in substance, but of some other origin.

    I like Mark Walhberg. From what I read and hear he seems to be an agreeable and well-meaning type of man. It doesn't appear, though, that his Catholic faith has impacted his personal life enough for him to give up a few connections to the worldly things that it is clear Jesus has intended for us to part with.

    Still, as it has been said here many times over, we are all sinners and there is hope for us all to become saints. In fact, I think that's really the whole point of being a Catholic — to become a saint. As much as possible in this life, and the rest to be dealt with in purgatory.

    Still, there is a big different between a Catholic who falls into sin from time to time and sincerely repents and makes a firm purpose of amendment, and another who doesn't seem to think that certain sinful behaviors such as impurity, immodesty, etc. etc. aren't really a problem, and sees no need to change lifestyles.

  4. TJ
    4 years ago

    No Way: Question for you...Are you CHASTISING us for chastising Mr. Wahlberg? Are you JUDGING us for judging him? Let's see, you called us penny-farthings, dinosaurs, hypocrites, Pharisees, jackamos, mastadons, holier-than-thous, Judases and hypocrites...who's being judgmental here? You apparently can't read very well because I explained several times that I don't judge Mr. Wahlberg, I simply think that there is something wrong with posting an article on a Catholic website that shrugs at sin.

  5. Dave
    4 years ago

    I can promise you all this: there is a certain (and certainly worthy!) demographic in our society who will be more intrigued by our Church because of Mark Walhberg's proclaiming his faith from his particular pulpit than they will be by a host of priests speaking from theirs (with all due respect to these worthy men). Our Father is casting a wide net; who are we to argue with the type of fish found therein?

  6. Ken
    4 years ago

    God bless Mark and his family. May Our Lady teach them regarding matters of purity, immodesty, and help them through all of that.

    I'm curious, and I suppose this may seem a little off topic to some, but I'm wondering how many of those who have responded here to this article are in favor of artificial contraception for practicing Catholics? And should a couple that uses that type of contraception be receiving Holy Communion?

    Peace be with you and may Our Lady guide and protect you.

  7. Stephanie
    4 years ago

    I think it is great that he has come back to the faith and I agree that it is a process and none of us are perfect. I agree that we should pray for him and I hope that he remains strong. It seems like he has had a recent conversion although conversion is an ongoing process, as we know ,and perhaps he has not yet realized the severity of certain things and the example you are setting for others. Lets pray for him so that he continues on and gains greater understanding of what it is to be a true Christian as we all hope for ourselves.

  8. Ramoma
    4 years ago

    I was so happy to see the head line; I was intrigued to find this big time Hollywood actor/produce was Catholic and started off each day in prayer like all "good"catholics do. I had just finished reading the Happy priest article about the Epiphany, and felt chastised for going to communion despite not going to confession and taking the Holy Eucharist (article excellent). So why are we glorifiying this young man for his un-christian / Catholic behaviour??? Yikes..have you editors seen Entourage, and the lasted, Boardwalk Empire! Both gloriying ungodly acts. You ask, "how do know this Ramona?" Because I am a sinner just like Mr. Walberg. We all need to be reminded to keep our eyes focused on God. This article didn't portray him in a good "Catholic" light...Nor, in self-reflection, my self. Eliminate "glorifying" articles.

  9. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago

    No Way

    God Bless but arent you also being a little judgmental? By the way Mother Angelica once said to a person like yourself who said Im not going into the Catholic Church who are a bunch of hypocrites. Her reply: "Well common' in there is always room for one more". Love that line tells us exactly who we are in front of the Lord.

    No Way, common' on in there is always room for one more. We love yah, friend!

  10. No Way
    4 years ago

    To all the penny-farthings and dinosaurs on this board; get over it. A man is feeding his children by playing make-believe roles and you're chastising him?? Grow up! you guys are such hypocrites; nothing more than a bunch of Pharisees!
    I'm so glad this man knows where home is because those who realize how far we've run from home at least realize it.

    You jackamos are probably still not over the John Scopes trial; bunch of mastodons you are! God Bless Mark Wahlberg for showing his kids what reality is and being a man of faith. The holier-than-thou people on this board would secretly take 30 pieces of silver to gain a day of salvation; hypocrites.

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