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Mark Wahlberg: 'The first thing I do each day is pray' Comments

In the modern world, we are told, religion is being pushed to the side. Church-going is down, cynicism is up, and old-fashioned Christianity is not so slowly going the way of the penny-farthing bicycle. And nowhere, we are told, is this more apparent than in Hollywood, land of the superficial, the catch-a-passing-trend, the every-man-for-himself. And then there is Mark Wahlberg. Continue Reading

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  1. Val Vegas
    4 years ago

    I think some of us are missing the point. He made mistakes. He found God again and this is when his journey home began. Many times we all have to meet Satan in order to find God. God forgave him and called him home and he answered. He has been blessed with good fortune. Who are we to judge his pass. I feel another Catholic has come home and that's all that matters. Look beyound the mistakes just as you would want someone else to do the same for you. Why does something positive have to be negative. Because of his past doesn't mean he's a bad example of a Catholic. His story is about how he found the church again. Coming home is better than not coming at all. He could have gone to another church and maybe had a better welcoming. Are we judged by our mistakes or how we try to live a Catholic life and change for the good. Be honest, we know many Catholics who lived together before they got married. We know many Catholics who have children before they married. To me a church that prays together should stand by each other. In reading this article I don't read that he is an example but that he found his way home.

  2. Autumn
    4 years ago

    We must remember that all this is taking place in CA (with the exception of the Boston priest) where it seems that the church has almost lost it's moorings. The priest may be sanctioning all this. What a crazy idea that it's more important to have a certain priest at your wedding than obey God. I understand from the article that he is trying to put God first in his lilfe. The problem is he seems to have no idea what that really means. There is a book out called Fatherless that describes what happens when priests stop calling people into account for their immorality and instead put rotten salve on them that allows them to stay in their sin and "think" it's okay. I'm not against him and I hope he does find his way to Biblical Truth, but I do not believe he should be held up as an example here. He's no different that Catholic politicians that are pro abortion. The church in America seems to be sinking to the level of the time of the Judges in Israel where "every man does what is right in his own eyes."

  3. Rob123
    4 years ago

    I can identify with many people about being skeptical, but never the less, reading this story gives me hope. With the exception of being a rich Hollywood star, my own life has been just as checkered with sin, troubles, triumph and most importantly God's mercy.
    With all that being said, my own story might be deemed ""inappropriate" for this site too.

    I'm glad this story is here (and the comments too).

  4. LRoy
    4 years ago

    I know several characters in the movie in real life and they've all told me that he is a very nice person. Also very rich...and handsome.

  5. Aimi
    4 years ago

    Yes his life was not perfect, but so happy to hear that someone is saying I am Catholic and i love my family
    . So different than hey I am gay or i am pro choice or getting divorced and having affairs.

  6. Trimelda
    4 years ago

    I am a pastor in a liturgically based Recovery Church. That means our members are all people in recovery from something not very nice-fornication, drug addiction, alcoholism, violence, homosexuality, sexual abuse. I can tell you that it takes time to go from being an unsaved mess to being a messy Christian. Many of our people were living in sin when they started becoming clean and sober. But you can't just thunder "Get Married" at them. It doesn't work. Let me explain why.

    First of all, you need to be sure they are supposed to stay together in the first place. Just because a couple are living together and have kids doesn't mean they should get married! Many times we have counseled people to break up because their relationships were terminally abusive. Marriage doesn't solve that. For example, one couple had a child together but then realized that they were NOT meant for each other at all because they were too young at the time and they fought like cats and dogs. They broke up and ended up happily married to someone else. The child was raised by the new father and turned out well. The biological father kept tabs with him and they are close friends. What if we had told them that God demanded that they marry?

    Secondly, it takes time and counseling to move a couple from living together mentality to being a joined couple in the sacrament of Matrimony. During that time we advise the couple to stay apart and court each other so that the marriage commitment means something more than just a license to ill. We talk about faith, finances, sex, family, children-it all takes a while. How do you know Mark's pastor didn't do the same thing with them?

    Thirdly, for those who are upset about Mark not living a fully Christian life right away, what do you think about the CANONIZED saints who were less than holy in modern ways? Many saints who were of royal blood were certainly not holy to our modern way of thinking, but they still made it into heaven. Saint Olga of Russia comes to mind, for instance. Has Mark ever buried people alive? Olga did and she never said she was sorry about it either, yet there she is on the calendar of several churches, including the Roman Catholic calendar, bloody hands and all.

    This should teach us that the beginning or middle of a person's life is not as important as his or her end. GK Chesterton comes to mind on that one. We should not lie and gloss over wrong doing. But we should be encouraging when people do the right thing, instead of beating them up.

    It's like our guy who did meth, smoked pot, drank, slept around and smoked cigarettes. He found Christ, stopped the drugs, quit getting drunk, became chaste and gave up pot. Now he still smokes like crazy. Someone was ragging on him for that and he asked me if God could accept him as a three pack a day smoker. I said, If God could forgive you for all the other stuff, do you think tobacco is a deal breaker? I suggested that he cut down and ask the same God who saved him from drink, drugs and fornication to help him stop committing slow suicide. He's down to half a pack a day now. What if I had told him he had to be "perfect" before God could work with him?

    I'll let Saint Mose the Black have the last word:

    Moses was zealous in all he did, but became discouraged when he concluded he was not perfect enough. Early one morning, Saint Isidore, abbot of the monastery, took Moses to the roof and together they watched the first rays of dawn come over the horizon. Isidore told Moses, "Only slowly do the rays of the sun drive away the night and usher in a new day, and thus, only slowly does one become a perfect contemplative."

  7. Kate
    4 years ago

    Geez people...what is wrong with being an underwear model ? Is this a sin ?

  8. Michelle
    4 years ago

    Who are you to judge others? We are ALL sinners. We all make mistakes, and for others it takes to longer to realize those mistakes. It does not mean we are supposed to 'idolize' Mark Wahlberg or put him in a special platform for all to see and worship. He is human, just like the rest of us. The author is just showing how not all celebrities are the same. Hollywood is not as stereotypical as others may think.

  9. Ad
    4 years ago

    I feel as though this is a bit contradictory. He is this devout Catholic that goes to church everyday and prays but he got his girlfriend pregnant and was living with her before marriage? This article doesn't distinguish the good things and the bad.

  10. LAS
    4 years ago

    I too was intrigued by this article's headline, and was happy to read that Mark Wahlberg rediscovered his faith. It was a constant stumble on our walk with God, but let us thank Him for not leaving us when we fall! I know that I am a sinner and am imperfect, but I am looking to God everyday to lead me the right way. I commend him for speaking out about his faith. I do admit, when I read about his children, I thought I had read somewhere that he and his wife had recently married. Is it ideal that he had children out of wedlock? No, but let us pray that he has asked God for forgiveness and to bless him and his family. We all need the blessings of the Lord and need to praise and glorify Him.

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