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Catholics for Equality? Homosexual Equivalency Activists Foment Dissent Comments

Efforts to call homosexual acts morally acceptable and then force society to call relationships which are not capable of being marriages to be marriages is particularly egregious when engaged in by Catholics. Do not be deceived by "Catholics for Equality". Thomas Peters is correct, "Catholics for Equality has decided to take their fight against the Church into the very heart of our sacred worship spaces."  Continue Reading

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  1. albert f. maas
    4 years ago


    Homosexuality has been around a lot longer than the church and will continue to exist. Your inability to deal with it on an intellectual level is your problem. As for the church gaining in all the categories you suggest is simply wishful thinking. People, especially the 20-30 year olds are leaving the church in droves. As society advances the church retreats into irrelevance. As science progresses your anachronistic dogma will be dismissed out of hand. Your moral high ground is neither moral or high.You can stick your head in the sand but all you will get is sand in your ears and a lack of oxygen to your brain.

    Why is it that preists, bishops, cardinals an popes all dress up in womens clothes, funny hats and red slippers? Mass is singing and theatre. Oh, the irony. And you worry about homosexuals in the church. They are already there.

  2. Chris
    4 years ago

    Davide, You rock! I'll pray for you.

    For those that say this is Ok, let's consider: if this isn't wrong then what is? When do we stop reinterpreting the doctrine and Tradition of the Church.

    This is adultery.

    For those dragging around questionable statistics as empirical evidence, do not confuse causation with correlation. Their is an indirect correlation between the alleged decrease in aforementioned suicides and World Series victories by New England/N.Y. teams over the same time period. However, I do not suspect a causal relationship.

  3. Mike M.
    4 years ago

    Ed.: Our Church should not be involved in Immigration issues? Wow. Better go tell the bishop's conference they are wrong and you are right.

  4. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    Davide, I get your point. I still believe that at least a significant number of gays with substance abuse problems owe their problems to unfair discrimination, and that this unfair discrimination (by which I mean more than just religious objections to homosexuality, but hate-filled discrimination) has always made up much of society's views of gays. But you are right, the pride parades and the like are disgusting. As our good friend JeanCatherine would say... check out Courage Apostolate.

  5. Sonja Corbitt
    4 years ago

    davide, I swear I am standing to applaud you in my heart. You need a megaphone, my friend.

  6. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago

    God Bless to everyone and I know the Catholic Church loves our brothers and sisters of same sex. We all know its evil in the background trying to get the church to let her guard down on her teaching--on our Lord's teaching.

    He never changed anything about this law but He did say love the sinner not the sin which applies here.

    We do this but the world makes the mistake that we have to give in and we dont.

    Write your Representatives peacefully and send them this article if you can.

  7. Dennis
    4 years ago

    Dear Albert F. Maas,

    Wow, you think that The Church has no authority! That would mean, by your declaration, that Christ had no authority, since it was He that said "...what you hold bound on eath is held bound in heaven and what you hold loosed on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

    It is sad that when someone speaks truth, all the ankle biters come out. I suppose that when Cardinal George is perfect, when the USCCB is perfect and when lions graze with lambs, then we can finally speak of truth: The Curch loves gay people, but not Sodomy.

    Myself, I will praise every attempt at truth, every step toward the light, every utterance that praises God. I lived through the seventies, the falling standards. The fallen away Catholics have always done these things. It was worse when it was rampant in the clergy.

    We are now in an amazing rebirth, yet birth has its pangs. More priests then ever before. More Catholics then ever before. More adherance by the bishops to the Catechism then even a decade before. John Paul II!!! Bendict XVI!!! Arch Bishop Dolan!!! No more Arch Bishop Weakland! The winds have shifted!

    My God, I love being Catholic!!!! Receiving the Eucharist on Sunday is the apex of my week. Why not spend more time with the daily readings and the saint of the day, and less time defending Sodomy?

  8. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago


    Your behind the times humbly speaking, the church already has a group called Courage.

    I recommend you look it up on the web at Courage Apostolate. You will find out what the Church has done and teaches regarding this subject. Peace.

    You also might want to read the Pastoral Letter called:



    See Link below.

  9. lily
    4 years ago

    This group of people are misguided and oppressed by the evil one. The homosexual movement needs delivered from the father of lies. How sad and wrong.

  10. davide
    4 years ago

    Bulbajar that is nonsense....the reason why so many gays suffer from drugs and alcohol is because of their lifestyle. I am a gay man I know fully well what I am talking about. To blame all the woes on heterosexuals is silly. Of course some gays are harassed, bullied, ect but so are others. Gays love to play the part of the victim 24/7. I am a gay man tell me when have I been discriminated against? I seemed to missed it. The reason why so many gays feel isolated is their own doing. They look at the world as everyone against them. They only see the world through the eyes of a homosexual. They set themselves up for failure and such. (some of us gay men do not play this game).The truth is many gays want their lifestyle to be condoned. It has very little to do with marriage. They want something that is vile and mortal sin to be celebrated and adored. One thing as a gay man I find totally hypocritical in the gay community is this thing called "pride parades" since when is it prideful for men to be nude, urinating on each other, having simulated sex acts, and rare occasions sodomy on public streets in front of children? Their bodies adored with oil and glitter. Don't tell me it doesn't happen I seen it happening. Many cities across the United States have changed laws to force this vulgarity to stop. Not that many gays wanted it to stop but city officials had no choice there was a huge public outcry. Of course many gays do not participate in these events. The more we look at our present we see our past. How can we deny Sodom and Gomorrah was fiction??, It is now...all around us. I am a gay man and I can give solemn oath to the very destructive force of homosexuality . Look at STDS...the CDC came out with a report syphilis and HIV/AIDS is rampant in the homosexual community. All other 'high risk' groups the numbers of infection is dropping only among active gay men is the numbers rising. To say all gays are discriminated against is false. To say all the woes of homosexuals is because of heterosexual is is gays...gays are their worst enemies....another example that how destructive homosexuality can be is the child abuse scandal in the Church...most of the victims were teenage boys..being molested by gay priests.many of these priest were sexually active with other men....we can not deny these facts. I am talking about this because there is truth and their is hope for gays..their hope and only hope is Jesus Christ...not the subculture homosexual movement...It only seeks to destroy lives...This is TRUTH. Homosexuals must turn from sin and turn towards the face of God.

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