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Catholics for Equality? Homosexual Equivalency Activists Foment Dissent Comments

Efforts to call homosexual acts morally acceptable and then force society to call relationships which are not capable of being marriages to be marriages is particularly egregious when engaged in by Catholics. Do not be deceived by "Catholics for Equality". Thomas Peters is correct, "Catholics for Equality has decided to take their fight against the Church into the very heart of our sacred worship spaces."  Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    4 years ago

    davide, thank you for your comments that are very enlightening. Keep up the good work.

  2. Anonygrl
    4 years ago


    I disagree with you on the issue of a priest and gay man being similar. A priest, through his own convictions CHOOSES to be celibate and become a priest, or chooses not and marries and he lives a happy life either way, . But the Catholic Church does not give that option to a gay person. A gay person MUST choose celibacy, whether he has a calling to the priesthood or not, whether he wants to be celibate or not, or he is considered a sinner and is doomed to hell for acting on his emotional and sexual feelings, and is never given the option to choose marriage.

    There is no similarity there. The man considering the priesthood has two happy options open to him, the gay man must choose between a life lived alone, void of love, partnership and a family of his own, or eternal damnation.

    And if your priest is right, and both his and the gay man's situations are "callings" then the God he is proposing is, by definition, evil, for having done this to the gay man.

    I certainly hope that is not the case, because it would be fairly awful if it were.

  3. Joseph Palacios
    4 years ago

    For the record:
    Catholics for Equality is NOT a sponsor of this event. As a faculty member at Georgetown I assisted the Georgetown College Democrats and College Republicans in creating the event-- as I have done over the years with a variety of student groups. They are the co-sponsors of the event. This is a non-partisan event allowing a variety of voices in the Catholic community to engage in a civil discussion of social and public issues in American public life. Catholics for Equality has been advertising the event, just as you are doing in making the event known and creating your Facebook page. Any one is free to advertise this event.

    Catholics for Equality and the Catholics for Equality Foundation have not received any funding from any Soros-related organization. To put this out without verifying the facts has created the impression that the organizations are well funded. In fact, the organizations are wholly volunteer-operated.

    We would appreciate clarification of both of these issues.

    Joseph Palacios
    Catholics for Equality Foundation

  4. Oscar
    4 years ago

    Mike, no one is telling gays what to do in the privacy of their own homes, or who they should live with, or who they should name in their wills. They each have a free will and can chose heaven or hell. But when they "legalize" their actions they can take away our freedom of speech and freedom of religion under the law. Further, the USCCB's CCHD gave ACORN over $7 million dollars over the past several years - so if recent history means anything as a bench mark, their batting average isn't too good.

  5. Candice
    4 years ago

    Mike M - the USCCB is NOT the Magesterium of the Church, and no one is required to follow them. Why do you think so many Catholics are refusing to donate to them, and 10 Bishops will not give a penny to their CCHD?" However, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Nuns and all the rest of us are REQUIRED to adhere to the "Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition". This may be why so many Diocese do not promote the CCC keeping lay people in the dark. # 2245 The Church, because of her commission and competence, is NOT to be confused in any way with the political community. ...". " 2246 It is a part of the Church's mission "to pass moral judgments even in matters related to politics, whenever the fundamental rights of man or the salvation of souls requires it. The means, the ONLY means, she may use are those which are in accord with the Gospel and the welfare of ALL men according to the diversity of times and circumstances." -"Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition". When was the last time your Parish told everyone from the pulpit to read the "CCC 2nd Ed" or promoted it on your Diocese and all Parish web sites ???

  6. Maria in San Francisco
    4 years ago

    Hate the sin but Love the sinner. Forgive those who seek forgiveness. Sex before marriage is wrong. Chastity is difficult but possible with prayer.

  7. Steven
    4 years ago

    Haven't these people heard of protestantism? Why don't they leave the Catholic church and go somewhere else? Shouldn't they be appalled by Catholic church teaching? Good reporting on this--it's time people took the mask off their REAL agenda which is subversion of the faith, not the practice of it.

  8. Maria
    4 years ago

    Do you think that Catholics for Equality know how to spell "HERETICS"? CCC - #2089 - "Heresy is the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith, or it is likewise an obstinate doubt concerning the same". This threat is what the Bishops need to be concerned about - not politics that have nothing to do with "saving souls".

  9. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago


    I disagree the Church has every right on the social level to watch the proceedings by any government and what it is doing and if if is ethical to our world.

  10. Smoses, Uganda
    4 years ago

    I really thank the almighty God who has revealed this secret plan of the devil to attack His Church. Now that the church is aware of it, it is now the time to get ready to fight the enemy. My beloved fellow Catholics let us stick on the truth and let us not follow the pressure from the world. For Jesus said His kingdom does not belong to this world and so we His followers must not be obstructed from this immoral world.
    I pray for all who were driven into such acts to change so that they can enjoy the fullness of the love of God. God bless.

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