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Catholics for Equality? Homosexual Equivalency Activists Foment Dissent Comments

Efforts to call homosexual acts morally acceptable and then force society to call relationships which are not capable of being marriages to be marriages is particularly egregious when engaged in by Catholics. Do not be deceived by "Catholics for Equality". Thomas Peters is correct, "Catholics for Equality has decided to take their fight against the Church into the very heart of our sacred worship spaces."  Continue Reading

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  1. justamom
    4 years ago

    I think part of what some Catholics struggle with is the 'peer pressure' from those who support Gay Equality. I know in my own conversations when i convey my opposition to gay unions i am viewed as 'hating gays' and being a bigot. I am reminded that interracial marriage was illegal in many states not that long ago. They see the opposition to gay marriage in the same way. I am asked how i am harmed by a gay couple who seeks to obtain survivor benefits or other benefits enjoyed by hetero couples. I am reminded that not all gays are Catholics who understand the Teachings on homosexual acts, nor do all gays have the same moral compass. They view us as imposing our morality on them by not supporting their right to the legal benefits and protections obtained by hetero couples. As a Catholic, i personally completely understand the Teachings of the Church in this matter, but perhaps there could be some compromise where those who are going to live in gay relationships have the same legal rights to benefits as hetero couples. The dilemma in my own heart is from the recent story of a gay couple who had been together 40+ years. When one of them died, there was no legal protection for the survivor. I believe that denying benefits to the survivor in this situation is kind of heartless.

  2. Rhonda
    4 years ago

    To Davide: "Ditto" and "Ditto"

    We were (some of us) convinced that we had only one Choice: to accept that we had no choice. More and more of us are turning away from that lie and embracing the Cross of Christ and the Truth of the Cross is setting us free.

  3. davide
    4 years ago

    Davide is not courageous. I am just a simple guy who tries to live the life Christ ask of him. There are many gay Catholics who do not support the gay agenda. But we are forced to remain silent, the progressive ideology has no room for faithful gay Catholics. This organisation is a extreme organization. It is evil to the core. Do not be fooled by the sheep in wolves clothing. Many of its founding members and board members are 'highly educated' people. One founding member who I don't think is still associated with it is man that goes by the name of "Father Tony". Who is an active homosexual. Has been in a gay relationship for 25 years and not married to a man. He claims to retire from the priesthood in 2008..yea right....more like kicked out. He freely admits on his website most of the seminaries at his seminary were active gay men. I do wonder if he attended the "Pink Palace" in Maryland. A well know homosexual seminary more known for being more like a 'bathhouse' than a place for the education, formation of future priest. My Catholic friends I can not warn you enough. You will be persecuted and hated. They will come after our faithful bishops and Catholic bloggers. We will be exposed on their website. This is a well funded political machine. This is nothing short of pure evil. Us gay Catholics are called to live a live of celibacy. We are told this because it is good and a virtue. So we try as hard as we can to live this life. Our burden is no greater than anyone else's burden. How many of you have children, you own trials? Us gay Catholics are no different..we only want to be different as if we are victims. I am not the victim of the Cross of Jesus Christ. If you go to this website you will not even see the name "Jesus Christ" mentioned. Please remain strong. Remember Christ was persecuted we will be too. It will happen. America is changing and not for the good. The anti-catholic hate in America is only at the beginning stages. You will be persecuted, your children will will be harassed made fun of, marginalized . Maybe in the future thrown into prison. Remember the early Christians were arrested and killed for 'political reasons' they were considered 'enemy of the state'. What I find most troubling is not the persecution but all those gay Catholics that are being mislead by people such as this. How many souls are in jeopardy of being lost forever? And these lost people who tell us gay Catholics to live a life contrary to Gods will. What happens to people such as this? Remember Christ words.

    "But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea" Matthew 18:6. These people who advocate that gay Catholics to abandoned truth for lust cloaked in the false notion of love and peace. They will have a terrible judgement on their head. Pope Benedict XVI reminded all Catholics that a "everlasting day of judgement awaits all Catholics". We can only pray. It is my desire that the American Bishops remain strong. They to are not above a terrible judgement. One famous saint once said "the floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops" Our American bishops must remain strong and courageous in the face of this evil. Those bishops who do not speak the truth regarding Catholic morality it will be a terrible day of judgment. thanks

  4. Sonja Corbitt
    4 years ago

    @davide and john - What a sign of contradiction you are, both to self-righteous Christians and to those in flaunted mortal sin. My heart received your comments as a gentle dew on parched ground, and they are an answer to prayer in a week bombarded with unfaithful Catholics proudly following their feelings of pity, as though their feelings could be more sympathetic than the clear voice of an all-merciful God through the Church. You have the heart of a lion. You inspire me. I pray most fervently for an abundance of grace and consolation for you as you carry this difficult cross, and that your reward will be great. God bless you and all of those with the heroic courage to be chaste in this day and age and to dissent from gay dissenters. I am so proud to call myself your virtual friend. Would you allow me to contact you?

  5. Edward
    4 years ago

    ALL those who are not married (defined as between one man and one woman) are required to be CELIBATE. All sexual acts outside of marriage are MORTAL Sins. For Catholics to form a good conscience - we are all REQUIRED to read the "CCC 2nd Ed". We have been given this gift from the Magesterium. It covers Adultary, Fornication, Homosexuality, Masturbation, Pornography, etc - and all require the Sacrament of Confession prior to receiving Holy Communion.

  6. anthony
    4 years ago

    @ Davide in one small column you have completely changed my somewhat biasd opinion about gay people in church. trying to force me to like or accept homosexuality is in itself wrong. but people like davide are a real source of pride to the church. trying to be celebate is very very courageous in a world where being gay is heavily publicized and somewhat preached even.... i dont belive though that people are born gay. people have used that same excuse to explain their paedophilial acts claimimg that they have always felt 'that way towards kids'. these dangerous connotations should never be allowed to creep into our DOCTRINE. you must not be catholic. do what you want to do but dont force others into it. as for anonoymous, you seem confused. i pray you find peace

  7. Pete Brady
    4 years ago

    Interestingly, the Manhattan Declaration has reported that their "app" was pulled by Apple from the iPhone/iPad (even though Apple had given it a 4+ for "no objectionable material") after an apparently successful protest of those favoring gay marriage and abortion.

  8. John
    4 years ago

    I for one am shocked that such a movement can exist in the Holy Catholic Church. I too am a man who suffers from homosexual inclinations but, like my brother davide, have decided to follow and obey the true teachings of the Catholic Church. This movement is dangerous and seeks to undermine and attempt to destroy the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church, teachings inspired by the Holy Spirit. The result of which may lead countless brothers and sisters with such afflictions to embrace false teachings and thus live immoral, sinful lives. I pray and hope that people will not fall victim to the lies propagated by this movement and always refer to the true teachings of the Holy Catholic Church. I also hope that the Church will take constructive steps in addressing the individuals who promote this movement, perhaps even considering excommunication to the individuals and clergy who assist in promoting it as well. This of course is left to the collective wisdom of the Bishops of the Church in whom I place my ultimate faith under God.

  9. Greg
    4 years ago

    It is not about feelings. It is about deliberate action. It is about spitting into Jesus face and telling Him "I deserve to receive you, and it is you who are not worthy to die for me."

    How hurtful, how sad, how selfish of these who lead these people straight to hell.
    Don't you have mercy! These people are caring heavy Cross, but you tell them that this Cross is not worth them? That they can live life of sin! Behind satan, for you think like humans do!

    Lord, forgive them for they don't know what they are doing! Have mercy on us!

    Davide - you have just shown you have ministry. Don't stop on posting. Pray to Lord to make you strong in your weakness! I'm sure He already says "Well done my good and faithful servant." Time to go and save others brothers who suffer like you. Go and tell them that they are worthy of Jesus love and that He died for them. Let them know that they can show the love for Jesus the way you show Him.

    May God bless you!

  10. vance
    4 years ago

    Again, the anti-Catholics are pressing for something that will never be accepted by the church. It doesn't matter how acceptable it is in Hollywood or the Democrat Party.

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