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Just in time for Advent - Another War on Christmas? Comments

American Atheists disagree with those who say this is a war against Christmas. "Rather," they say, "it's a war on intolerance and ignorance." In fact, they state that Christianity stole Christmas; we are the Grinch! No informed Christian debates the fact that Christmas was placed on the same date as other pagan festivals. The winter solstice, with the sun having an ever-increasing presence in the sky, stood for a re-birth; a new ... Continue Reading

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  1. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    I agree that just because Christmas incorporates a rich variety of traditions and cultures does not mean that Christmas in not Christian. And celebrating a Christian Christmas is certainly not intolerant. I also doubt that "American Atheists" represents a majority of atheists in America, at least on this issue. We all know about intolerant atheists, but most are just fine with others celebrating Christmas in a religious way.

  2. Mark
    4 years ago

    Chem, thank you for visiting this page, I will pray for you, God bless you. You mentioned Dionysus, but there are no proofs of his resurrection, or that he even existed as an historical human being. For those seeking proofs that Jesus of Nazareth suffered, died, and was raised from the dead, there are ample proofs, along with the testimony of changed lives, and those who gave their lives in imitation of Jesus. This comes down to a heart open to the truth. You argue that it is wrong to judge in broad strokes that atheists are evil, and you would be correct in that I cannot judge you, and neither can anyone on this forum. It is God who judges. But we can discern the motives of those who attack Christ the same way that historically Herod sought to kill Jesus, and fashionable atheists today week to attack Christianity and mock God. If I get into an argument with God, there is someone that is right and someone that is wrong. Atheism, objectively speaking, is itself an obstinate sin because he who is a mere creature thinks ultimately that he knows better than his creator.

  3. True Freethinker
    4 years ago

    I would like like to address Chem. You state that this campaign by the Atheists is just something for the better good. GUESS AGAIN!!! Atheists go crazy at the idea of any religious symbols on public ground. While our constitution endorses no one religion, it is well with in our freedom of religion to celebrate our religion publicly. The majority of americans are religious and they pay taxes that support public lands, so religious people have every right to have their religion represented on public property, but organizations like American Atheists attack this important right. It's basically a militant minority attacking the basic rights of the majority. It is also pure hypocracy because they say they're just defending their rights but then they turn around and put up billboards comparing important religious faith to children's myths. Dismiss it all you want,but I'll call it what it really is. Discrimination, and intolerance. So I respect your right to free speech Chem, but you need to check you and your billboard buddies need to check your facts. Oh, and I hereby ask you kindly not to write again on our website.

  4. Mervyn
    4 years ago

    Herod died, Pilot died and so many who did not believe in Jesus have dead and gone. But Jesus is alive and with us, he is definitely with us and one can very easily know through simple faith in Jesus in one's life and this is manifested in the Catholic church for over 2000 years and with over a billion Catholics and another close upon a billion of Christians. Western culture was enriched with Christian principles and today we talk about and propagate fair play (which is very Christian) in the western society. These atheist should be thankful to Christian values in our society that tolerate such blasphemous acts. Jesus said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do”

  5. John
    4 years ago

    Readers should search for Father Robert Barron's comments on the New Atheist Movement on Youtube. Look for him on WordOnFire.Org

  6. Erick peter
    4 years ago

    Spread the truth to those who donot know may the lord bless u abudantly

  7. Victoria
    4 years ago

    Excellent article. The devil works in many tricky ways but God rules over all. Indeed we should feel sorry and pray for these people.

  8. maryanne
    4 years ago

    Pray unceasingly for the conversion of all sinners to the Holy Roman Catholic Faith. Some demons are only sent to the foot of the cross & cast into hell through fasting. The Fatima Prayer asks us to pray for those who are most in need of the Lord's mercy. God bless you & happy Advent!

  9. Chem
    4 years ago

    Oh dear.. Perhaps you should also read the story of Osiris, or even Dionysus who was born of a virgin and miraculously resurrected as well! Both predate Jesus but that's ok we can all agree to be atheist about the first two - a great start!

    What concerns me more is the comment about atheists loving evil! What a shocking statement! This would make an ever increasing amount of good people in this world evil just from a difference in opinion! Besides it's awful hard to hate something for getting in your way when you don't even believe it's there.

    Perhaps, instead of seeing this as a war and a battleground to be fought maybe we could just see it for what it is, which is people just trying to live without having something they don't personally believe in everywhere. I'd be surprised to find an atheist who would try to make you take down your tree in your own house!

    So instead of drawing battle lines perhaps we should see the mutual good in all of us that comes from being human

  10. David
    4 years ago

    Jesus said, "I AM HE" (GOD). The first time the Jews heard this profession they (the Jews) wanted to stone Jesus in that HE made Himself to be GOD. IN THE GARDEN WHEN THE SOLDIERS CAME TO ARREST CHRIST THEY FELL BACKWARDS TO THE GROUND, AT THIS VERY PROCLAMATION.

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