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Just in time for Advent - Another War on Christmas? Comments

American Atheists disagree with those who say this is a war against Christmas. "Rather," they say, "it's a war on intolerance and ignorance." In fact, they state that Christianity stole Christmas; we are the Grinch! No informed Christian debates the fact that Christmas was placed on the same date as other pagan festivals. The winter solstice, with the sun having an ever-increasing presence in the sky, stood for a re-birth; a new ... Continue Reading

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  1. roger
    4 years ago

    Dear Albert (former catholic), what do you then say about the Orthodox celebrating Christmas on January 7. Who invented your Calendar by the way...the pre-Christian pagans?

  2. anomynous
    4 years ago

    I would say I hold closer to atheistic beliefs than religious beliefs. that being said, this American Atheist campaign is shameful! It is totally disrespectful and unnacceptable to try to knock down such a central concept to so many people's belief systems, especially in such a disgusting manner. i am surrounded by religious people, and i suppose i am 'in the closet' of sorts. They claim that this ad is supposed to encourage people like me to 'come out'. Their actions suggest I am supposed to take up some sort of ill-mannered crusade with my religious peers. Screw that, that's not encouraging at all. Also, any atheist worth his or her salt would come to understand that we have evolved to be in society and to try to bring a more harmonious, healthy society. But this ad is purely divisive. It doesn't serve our species a beneficial common good. What purpose would there be for everyone to not believe in God? That is a weak unity, a strong one is one where we can value the dignity of all our brothers and sisters, and value their belief system as part of who they are. So on behalf of any atheist who seeks the good of our fellow human beings, I apologize to those who have been offended by this terrible ad. Please know that the majority of us do not embrace the hatred and disrespect that the so called American Atheists wear on their sleeves.

    End divisions, multiply dignity! Peace out everybody, and merry CHRISTmas!

  3. albert f. maas
    4 years ago

    From a former Catholic,

    The birth of Jesus was not celebrated on Dec. 25th at first. His birthday was moved to the 25th to coincide with the celebrations already going on by others. The church wouldn't miss an opportunity like that.

  4. Maria
    4 years ago

    Fantastic article!

  5. Andy
    4 years ago

    Christ = Christ mas = Christ ians

  6. Okey
    4 years ago

    it is quite amazing how some enlightened minds work hard to celebrate the dictatorship of is only the fool that says there is no God, since he or she lacks wisdom that comes from God. Lord, may you enwisdomise your creatures.

  7. kim
    4 years ago

    in regards to this part of the artical

    ( No informed Christian debates the fact that Christmas was placed on the same date as other pagan festivals. The winter solstice, with the sun now having an ever-increasing presence in the sky, always stood for a birth or re-birth; it was a time of new beginning. How fitting for our feast when we celebrate the Birth of the One who is the Light of the new world! )

    my understanding is that Christmas was not placed on the same day as the winter solstice

    The following are the winter solstice mid point dates and times for the years 2001 to 2010 from the U.S. Naval Observatory. The time zone used is "Greenwich Mean Time" (GMT) or "Universal Time" (UT). GMT or UT is time kept on the Greenwich meridian in London, England at longitude zero.

    2001 - 21st December 19:21 GMT / UT
    2002 - 22nd December 01:14 GMT / UT
    2003 - 22nd December 07:04 GMT / UT
    2004 - 21st December 12:42 GMT / UT
    2005 - 21st December 18:35 GMT / UT
    2006 - 22nd December 00:22 GMT / UT
    2007 - 22nd December 06:08 GMT / UT
    2008 - 21st December 12:04 GMT / UT
    2009 - 21st December 17:47 GMT / UT
    2010 - 21st December 23:38 GMT / UT
    2011 - 22nd December 05:30 GMT / UT
    2012 - 21st December 11:12 GMT / UT

  8. Jo
    4 years ago

    The devil is hard at work here because he hates Christ and knows he's losing the battle. So, the desperate devil - a sore loser - takes desperate measures. What does he do?

    He manipulates these poor souls into propogating the lie that God does not exist and that Christ is a myth.

    Jesus has a natural birthday and an official birthday (think of it in terms of the Queen of the United Kingdom who has her natural birthday - 21st April 1926 - and an official birthday in June where dates vary).

    Eminent scientists, archaeologists, theologians and the man and woman in the street know Christ was not born on December 25th. In the early church, one of the popes placed the celebration of the birth of Christ on the date we know today. Christ's natural date of birth occurred earlier in the year but the actual date is still not set in stone.

    Christ was born - HISTORICAL FACT, NOT MYTH, NOT FICTION!!! To say otherwise is to insult the greatest minds that have given us so much down the centuries.

    The very fact of the birth of our salvation is a cause for celebration every day of our lives.

    Christmas is a variation of two words from the old English - Christ's Mass.

    How many people will pay more attention to the Nativity scene on the poster than to the slogans - er, bull - that's defiling it?

  9. Sue Jording
    4 years ago

    So atheists and New Agers are the only ones allowed to celebrate around the solstice? I did not know that they felt hijacked. By all means celebrate and please celebrate with us also. We welcome all to our Christmas Masses. God Bless.

  10. Bob
    4 years ago

    The athiests did the billboard thing in England several years ago in order to get converts to their anti-God Religion which is a faith in itself. If atheists tried treating Muslims this way, they might be dead.

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