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Catholic thinkers examine Tea Party movement and Church teaching Comments

CNA spoke about the movement with Dr. Steven Schneck, Director of the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at the Catholic University of America, and Fr. Robert Sirico, president of the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Acton Institute. Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    4 years ago

    Rob, If you and I keep more of our own money from our paychecks, THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT BORROWING! GOVERNMENT DEBT HAPPENS WHEN THEY OVER SPEND. Obama, Reid, Pelosi started this massive OVER SPENDING in 2007. Bush should have VETOED those OVER SPENDING BILLS but he did not. I do not want to give the government one cent more than what I am giving them now and neither should you. I would hope to think that you look at your paycheck and say "I wish it were a little bigger so I can buy more things for my family and house. Not do I want the Bush Tax Rates to continue but I also want a Tax CUT. I want a balanced budget made by BUDGET CUTS not by taking more out of my paycheck.

  2. Rob
    4 years ago

    Don't have the numbers to block anything? If that were the case, don't you think Obama's entire agenda would have passed with virtually no debate? There is nothing more than a technical majority otherwise healthcare wouldn't have taken a year to pass. I agree, these current rates have been in effect for the past 10 years, but we borrowed almost half a trillion dollars to plug the instant deficit they created and I have to suspect that the reason they were temporary so at some point we could pay back the borrowing that was done to finance them in the first place. All I want is for our government to begin paying for what we are spending. Cutting departments and spending is a nice idea, but until we get politicians who are capable of serving the people and not merely playing politics for the next election, fat chance of any real cuts coming our way. The GOP can't even agree to curtail earmarks! So in the meantime, I don't want to pass a bill on to my kids. The tax cut originally passed have only served to create more debt and larger deficits. And for a majority of Americans, they were not life changing. Until we can actually get cuts, we need to start paying our bills, period.

  3. Ted
    4 years ago

    Vance, during the last two years of the Bush administration (from Jan 2007) the Dems held huge majorities in the House and Senate. Don't blame Bush for actions of the big spending, porkers. It just kills the Dems to allow people to keep their own money, and they NEVER discuss government waste and their over-spending.

  4. vance
    4 years ago

    Rob, It sounds like you didn't know that Democrat Party President Obama has what no President has had in my life time- A SUPER MAJORITY IN BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS. The Republican Party DOES NOT HAVE THE NUMBERS TO BLOCK ANYTHING Reid and Pelosi want to do. The so-called 'Tax Cuts' are NOT TAX CUTS. They are TAX RATES that you and I have been paying for the last ten years. The Liberals in both parties set the rate temporarily. Eventhough Bush had two majorities in congress, he did not enjoy SUPER MAJORITIES. This is why the Tea Party happened. We want these TAX RATES made perminant. Obama, Reid, Pelosi could have resolved this months ago but chose not to. My paycheck and your paycheck does NOT belong to the government. If the government doesn't have enough money, then they WILL NEED TO CUT the size of their deparments and programs. Let's start with medicaid and SSI. Eliminate the Departments of Energy, Education, and Commerce. These are do nothing departments.

  5. Rob
    4 years ago

    As I've been following the news regarding the tax cut proposal currently being considered, I wonder where is the tea party outcry about a $800 billion tax give away that we'll have to borrow at a minimum $400 billion to fund. I thought the GOP promised to pay for the things that they wanted done. If I missed how this tax cut is being paid for, would someone please educate me. This plan is stimulus plan size and yet I don't hear any voice against it. I know we are all fallen people and nothing we do will be perfect. But if you say you are going to control the deficit and debt, can you at least try to deliver on that? We really are a bunch of suckers.

  6. Dan
    4 years ago

    Lily, there are those in the Church who SINFULLY do not follow the teachings of the Church - especially in regard to "subisdiarity", "excessive government interference" and against "socialism". All Catholics including Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Nuns, and the rest of us are REQUIRED to follow ALL the teachings in the "CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, Second Edition" - which is the ONLY catechism from the Magesterium, and has the copyright held by the Holy See. As the late Cardinal John O'Conner said: "The Catholic Church is not a salad bar. You can not pick and choose what you want to believe".

  7. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    Yay! Vance and I agree on something.

  8. Lily
    4 years ago

    Better question: How does many the current social teaching in the church line up with the Catholic Catechism?

  9. Lily
    4 years ago

    As a tea party patriot and a Catholic, I disagree with much of this article. I think it is time for the church to put its resources where its mouth is and freely work for the poor, the outcast and those on the fringe. Government is called to protect, not take from the people. Christianity calls us to freely give---not take---another's resources. That is liberation theology, or better known of as Marxism---totally condemned by the Church, by Pope John Paul and our current Pope. Christianity is shucking its job when it expects government to do what the church is called to do.
    As a tea party patriot, I want less government interference, including telling Christians how to spend their hard-earned money. I do not need moral teachings from the government.
    Just a question? What do you do with the poor, the street people, the hungry, the homeless, who come to your church's door? That is where the rubber hits the road. Catholic churches are setting empty. Halls fully equip with kitchens are setting empty most of the time. Class rooms and storage areas are setting empty most days in most Catholic churches. Why? Are we afraid we might get dirty?
    Wouldn't it be a wonderful Church if we stopped gripping at the government, rolled up our sleeves, gathered together and became church for those we yell at the government to help?
    This would be a real blessing and a lesson in separation of church and state.

    We need to rethink who and what we are as a Catholic people. We need to know who we are as Americans. We need to embrace our history and our faith.

    I am a faith Catholic and a loyal American. I am pro-active in both. I think many Catholics are confused about what the Church teaches about social issues. Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Don't confuse Social justice with government take-overs, communism and Marxism. There is a big, big difference. One lead to slavery, the other to freedom.

  10. Rob
    4 years ago

    Unfortunately vance, a fair system that you suggest would never have a chance in you know what of gaining any traction. First and foremost, those who would pay the most would fight it tooth and nail and since they own our legislature via their funding of elections. Second, all it does is start the whole mess over again. Armies of lobbyiest pressure whatever congressmen is on their payroll and they pass a deduction for this concern or that company. The tax consultants spend their time trying to toy with the definition of income and thus find ways around it. We end up right back where we are today. I have a copy of the orginal income tax code, regulations and forms published in 1913. It's the size of a small phamplet. Amazing what politics can do to something that was almost as you described it.

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